Dear friends, New here, offering my gratitude and service

  • Dear Friends,

    I am new to this community.

    I received a tarot deck for my birthday 6 few months back. ever since then, I have been enamored by its beauty and preciseness.

    Once I was contemplating ending a relationship with my abusive father and the tarot deck told me exactly what to do. i prefer to think of it as a beautiful and loving way of telling me what my ego doesn't always want me to see or acknowledge. The end result was to forgive and to let go and my dreams and guidance showed me this as well. The relationship healed and I now maintain significant

    I have used it for friends and for personal guidance and it has not let me down. Major decisions were made and I put my trust in the all-knowing presence and everything turned out very nicely.

    I am also an intuit (like everyone else) except that I spent a lot more time training and developing my skills. I typically connect with the guides of the folks im reading for (this is a different type of reading and requires a lot of preparation on my part)

    I hope to be of service to the members here and extend my gratitude to all here for this wonderful and very loving place.

    I also offer my free readings. 1 question per person and please be patient 🙂

    Please let me know if the feedback is accurate and I'll do my best to give you closure on an issue or guidance through my intuition.

    I cannot at the present moment offer personal intuitive sessions because of time constraints and because I'm a student.

    I hope I can be of service here to the community.

    God Bless

    And Love to all

  • I realize i may not have been as clear.

    There are 2 types of readings that I do.

    1. Tarot readings with 1 card pulled out or many cards if I have the time to intuit the cards

    2. Personal Intuitive counselling where i connect with the guides of the person.

    I can offer the first one at present to the community as a free service and am looking to offer the second one for free as well once my exams are over.

    All i ask is for some genuine sharing and if you could leave comments and words of encouragement and send some prayers my way 🙂

    God Bless

    love to all

  • Welcome Marcus!

    Thank you for sharing your time and gift with us. Goodness, be prepared to be very busy! You will certainly get a lot of practice here.

    Nice to meet you.

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hi Wenchie,

    Thank you for your kind comments 🙂

    Yup looking forward to it all 🙂

    love and light

  • Welcome to the forum Marcus, thank you for your kind and generous offer!

  • Welcome to the forum Marcus, and thank you for offering to share your gifts with us! I would love to know what you see for me. I will be happy to leave feedback as well as keep you in my prayers.

  • Hi Again Marcus,

    Ok, curiosity is getting the better of me! LOL!

    Could you please tell me if you see another child for me in future. I've been having these feelings and visions of me giving birth to a son in future.

    Thanks in advance

    Wenchie :-))

  • Hello Marcus ... Welcome aboard !! I hope you enjoy you time here at the Forum and thank you for offering your time and services . You mentioned in your above post that you work with Spirit Guide , I have tired numerous time to connect to my Spirit Guides , but without success . Could you possibly help me out with this .

    A while back , I had posted a question in the forum in regards to feeling a presents beside me one day while I was doing my chores around the house . I happened 3 times in a row and that last time , I was a bit annoyed , thinking someone in the house was playing a trick on my . When I went to ask who it was or what they wanted , there was no one there . Could this have been someone trying to contact me or even on of my Spirit Guides ?

    Best Regards


  • please can you tell me what the future is looking like for my career? My interview is in January and My dream come true is dependent on getting it.......I;m so nervous about it

    thanks so much.

  • Oops ..I am sorry Marcus ...., I guess you only are offering one card reading at the moment . I shouldn't speed read :O) If you can do a reading for me in general I would appreciate it as well and maybe work on my question in regards to my Spirit Guides when you have more time , that would be great .

    My question for the card reading is ... Do you see moving onto a new job anytime soon and if so what kind of work would that possibly be ?

    Thank You for your time .



  • Marcus,

    Welcome to the group !!!! Like everyone else has already said, you will find a very loving and supporting group here who will share a lot of their insights, and provide guidance and help when needed. I am also relatively new and loooveee it !!! You;ll also get plenty of practice, trust me !!

    My question for you is the following:

    I am 38 years old and I love children and while I would love to find my life partner, my heart is really begging for a child . Back in April I met someone who I felt was my soulmate, but as he was involved with someone, I did not pursue it. I have been told more than once, that he is my soulmate, and to wait without interfering as situations will unfold on their own that will allow us to eventually be together. My question I guess is twofold. Do you see this as true,and will we have children as a couple ?



  • Marcus, Thank You for helping us here on The Tarot Forum!

    What do you see for me concerning employment? What exactly will I be doing in my next job? I really need a job-I have been unemployed since January 26,2009.


  • Hi Marcus, thanks for being so gracious and offering readings. I know I can speak on behalf of many people on this forum by saying I appreciate it and think you're blessed to have such a gift. I hope you enjoy your time on this forum, there are many talented and kind people here! I did want to ask you a question if you have the time. I've been told by many people (mostly friends, some strangers/acquaintances on here) to let go of a love relationship that has been tumultuous and confusing for several months now. I want to, believe me, but every time I get the courage to do so and seem to be moving on, strong feelings come over me in which I feel I can't. I know this can be seen as someone who simply isn't ready to let go, but I'm not one to cling on to something or someone that isn't meant for me. Usually I am able to move on with a lesson learned, but with this situation I get such strong feelings and senses that it's becoming bothersome...I don't understand why this relationship was so different from others. Am I really afraid to move on or is there something meant to be here? So I guess my question for you is, is the relationship that I had or hoped would happen with this man completely over or is it meant to be in some way? I'd like to know what you think, and thank you so much in advance.

  • Hi marcus,

    please share what you can see for me in terms of my job, small partnership business that is not doing well for now and my career direction? Do you see me working abroad or working happily in another better Company? Thanks much!

  • Hello Marcus,

    I would like to know if you could do either reading for me when you have the time.

    My life has been a twisting turning path for a few years. I would like to know if you can see me on a clear path somewhere in the future.


    My prayers are with you, Peace.


  • welcome aboard and hope you enjoy your stay

  • Dear Marcus,

    thanks for your kind offer.It takes a lot of courage to break free as you did and I wish you luck for the future.

    Im trying to let go of a person and past ways.My question is do you see change happening any time soon?!Thanks!

  • Dear Marcus,

    Thank you for your kind offer. My date of birth is December 5, 1969. My question is - What is the future of my relationship with Aniket (DOB : September 5, 1978)

    Looking forward to your reply,


  • What a lovely offer. Perhaps we could trade? I'm professional, nice and quite accurate.

    Sooner would be great.




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