CharmedWitchBente Needs Psychic Help Thanx

  • Hey Stoneyeye

    yes i still live in denmark but im ready to relocate to a diff country n try something totally different- n no u didnt stereotyped at all. u did what many newbie readers do. ive done it so lol

    u learn n evolve ur gifts with time. so go get those cards guurrrrlll!!

  • He is agreeable to a friendly relationship for now.Take it slowly,continue to email him and do be inquisitve.I feel he not ready for you.His path is one of many goals,which are foremost in his mind.But do tell him of your interest and keep in mind that nothing is written in stone.He is hardheaded,and needs time to open his heart again.

  • words and single letters keep flying around in my brain.stay with the job you have for now.there is a change coming which will open doors for you in a very good way.Im not very good at this as i see so many jobs where you are typing and organizing.the feeling i am getting is of that of an office?more like a long established environment.whatever it is,librarian,sales,receptionist,or even secretary to a barrister,it seems a part of a long forgotten dream you once had because you take to it like a duck to does give one something to think about...

  • ive been reading tarot for many yrs.far less now than i used to...however,i will bring them out and see what they have to show me.i fear ive gotten rather lazy but more because i have been preoccuppied with a great deal of change should prove

  • i am here!!!

  • i'm here whenever needed!!!

  • i'm going through the same thing with a man for over 2 years that i don't think will go anywhere!!!

  • Well whitewitch ive never stopped hoping n wishing, n idont think nor should u, but its ur choise. im glad i didnt give up on him entirely.

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