CharmedWitchBente Needs Psychic Help Thanx

  • Hi and thank you for looking and maybe even helping me with insights and or an reading on this topic. And now onto the issue:

    which man is for me as life partner? my writer libra has profusely declined and made me realize what i initially asked when i reopened my door to him and all he brings, n that was is friendship and nada more. working to get my head around it.

    The image of my son to come spooks and wont let me go. So if any could yo please take some times off to aide me? I need as much as possible a feature faciacl description , height, possible past n present profression and sunsign. i know its a lot but im begging for my sanity right now.

    thank you all you are simply the best. nada describes it better.


  • Oh Dear Bente, I only wish I could be of assistance, but alas I have no insight in to such things for if I did, I wouldn't continue to question my confusion re: relationships and life companions. I was told to manifest what you want and it will come in due time when you least expect it.

    I feel helpless in your quest to find what many of us hope for, including myself. I am here regardless if I can assist in other ways.


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  • Funny I was actually being serious here. Geezzz

  • I know sweetie, I hope you get an answer soon. I haven't got one for you unfortunately. I still somehow think Mr Online is your future. But I'm not psychic like some here. Hope you get some answers.



  • Elaborate on mr online. thanx

  • may I ask you DOB,please?

  • My dob is march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm Soenderborg Denmark

  • im seeing a cancer male ,6ft tall,very lanky ,short light brown hair,ruddy complexion,wide brows and eyes,blue.smooth flat cheekbones,long slightly bulbous nose,wide mouth,crooked smile,slight dimple in left cheek,very relaxed demeanor but somewhat reserved though he has a quirky sense of all cancers,he loves to be near the water.he has a head for finance,is creative with his hands.I feel you have met him before but he did not pursue you for whatever reason .thats all i have plz let me know .and good luck.

  • Hello blueyedervish,

    I was wondering if you could give me some insight on this guy that I know. He use to live next door and then he moved out. He and I have been e-mailing one another for a couple of months.

    Don't know exactly his DOB but know that it is the first week of Jan. I believe he is still a sheriff and was wondering if he is interested in me and is there a possiblity of having a relationship with this guy? My DOB is 2-18-58.

    Love and Light

  • Hi CharmedWitchBente, Ok, I'm not phsychic but believe I'm pretty intuitive and want to practice so if you don't mind I'll give this a shot. What I picture is a little different from Blue Dervish so maybe I'm way off base and if you think i'm way off please let me know. I'd like the feedback. when I picture you....well, you say you were born in Denmark so I would naturally assume you are either blonde and blue eyed or dark hair and green eye. What I'm seeing however is you are dark skinned with long curly dark hair. Hazel eyes. Am I totally off? Probably but I'll keep going with my picture. the man you will meet is tall 6'2 or taller with a slender but athletic build. He is blonde and blue eyed. I keep thinking of snow so maybe you will meet while skiing? Ice skating. The way I picture will literally bumb into each other. He'll be in his mid to late 30's. Sometime in the start of the new year. He'll be very funny with a great sense of humor. Also, successful. He'll be divorced and looking. He wants to remarry. OK, that's my gut instice talking here. If I'm wrong you can let me know. Just wanted to try since I read your post and then got the image of the blonde man.

  • Oops, I meant you will literally bump into each other...not bumb!

  • blueyedervish

    I know exactl whom u mean. alone the " feel you have met him before but he did not pursue you for whatever reason" hit home in sense THATS HIM THATS HIM OMG LOL

    so far best news in a long time. May i ask u on my job situation. im so stuck n ugh depressed. thanx I SO OWE U!!

  • stonyeye

    always nice to practise BUT u may need to brush up on the types denmark has. denmark is as versatile as any other country. all kinds of body types heights hair n eyecolor.

    i am 5.6 blue eyed, thick hairwhirled curly ish hair. shortt at moment n i useally dye it. ahm i think u hit on nails on SOMEONE biut not me, bc i sense as u did this, u had a certain frozen in time image of me n the man.

    i think tarot cards would help u solidyfy ur powers. u have them no question BUT they need help at the moment. i too started out with cards. so get a deck n rock out.


  • CWB-the first time I read this thread, I also received the impression of a tall blonde guy, either he's a gemini or you will meet up with him in the spring. Take that for what it's worth.

  • Hi Bliue65

    well the one i think it is has a tendency to go as a blonde, its how he shows in sunshine. his hair goes blonde or as i call it dirtyblonde lightbrown. same color ,many a name to it.

    thanx blue n stoneyeye

  • Aw, thanks for being so sweet in your reply and letting me practice CharmedWitchBente. I lived in Sweden for a few years and often took the boat or train over to Copenhagen to do some shopping. I do realize that Danish people come in all sizes, shapes and colors! I didn't mean stereotype! Do you still live in Denmark? Well, I hope you do meet your man soon. I think you will for what it's worth!

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