Cancer man playing games

  • When you pull away for a long period of time, cancer man will try to contact you again.

    How long a period is considered as long for a cancer man not to make any contact?

    How do you know he will come back to you?

    Why cancer man like to play games?

  • Spirit says do not watch the clock. You need to fill your time with the kind of joy and work that takes your mind off him. You two are tied by the moon--he knows when you are thinking of him--the more you keep your brain busy with longing for him the LESS he needs to call you. He knows you are focused on him and that he owns you in that way. Get busy with something--start a project or just clean out the closets or do those tasks you have been putting off. Clean the house extra nice and say to yourself I am making room for blessings to come into my life. Lite scented candles for yourself. Be so busy you do NOT think of him and I promise--then he will call. Do this every time he disapears and he'll learn he better keep close if he loves and wants you wholeheartedly.

  • bimoon. I dont think my cancer fella will try to contact me again i expect he is moving on with the girl his parents have choosen for him . Even though he said he could never love anyone else the way he loves me . Its 6 weeks yesterday since we spoke and the last thing he said to me was "I love you " Not a word since. He has not replied to my text messages . In my heart I know it is over between us. I am so heartbroken, It's hard but I know I have to move on .

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