Are Scorpio men mysterious?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Are Scorpio men the mysterious types? Do they really keep their commitment once they fall in love, no matter whatever situations may arise? Please, any Scorpio men here do give an honest feedback.


  • I have been a friend with a Scorpion male for many years. He is my best friend. However he was a HO!! Mysterious? Not that I could see. He and I used to talk about everything and I didn't find anything mysterious about him and that may be because there wasn't any romantic interest on my part for him...he was like a brother. We're a lot older now and don't see as much of each other but back in the day we went to concerts, movies, etc., and partied. I also knew another Scorpion male who was the father of my best friend's children, (she was a Scorpio) and we also got along I just didn't like the way he treated her! He was another HO! The one thing I've learned about Scorpio men over the years is that they can not keep their pants zipped and are fathers to a lot of....children, by different women, and have probably been on Judge Judy too!!

  • I had a man in my life for about a year who was a Scorpio. A friend who knows horoscopes laughed and said, "Beware of the stinger." And she said while he would know everything about me, I would never truly know him. Those two comments were right on as the year progressed. He was thoughtful in some ways and so stingy when it came to sharing HIS money - but he had no problem sharing mine. I learned also that he could never be trusted out of my sight and that was the final straw. Even then, when I told him the new rules, he acted shocked and hurt. And had someone else to live with within a month. I'd hate to think all Scorpios fit any part of that description, but it sure makes me wary of meeting another and investing myself in that life.

  • Hi casper402032 & SilverSkye,

    A year back I fell in love with a Scorpio man,and we were so happy. Things were so beautiful and he came down to my place n proposed me. But dunno why he's acting in a strange manner, i.e avoiding me these days and the warmth is lost. He had committed to me and we were supposed to marry this December but his indifferent attitude is hurting me a lot. Can anyone say why these Scorpio men become so mysterious? Though i asked him 100 times if he needs me in his life, but he never even said a "NO" . So what do I conclude from his attitude?

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  • I was married to a Scorpio for 10 years,but was with him about 14.

    Yes they are very secreative.they wont tell you anything!

    He was the best father that ever lived,but as far as getting close to him ...I felt like I was always on the outside looking in.

    He was a womanizer.Stared at other women all the time and was very flirty.

    He had a soft teddy bear way about him and could be very loving,but he also knew just how to push my bottons.I could be angry at him one minute and Love him more than anything the next.

    Tred at your own risk because you are in for an up and down ride !

  • This all makes scorp men sound really bad! wow!.........I have one (or im trying to pin him down haha).......I think its best to have some mystery about yourself as well......especially with these ones...but also just in general. Or maybe thats just me and liking to keep some sort of sense of dignity in case the negative scenarios arise.

    Not all Scorp men are fact alot of signs seems to get that rep. They also ARE NOT that mysterious to the people who are their friends....I have alot of male and female scorp friends and they are not towards me.......But the guy I am seeing is....I could get info out of him if i probed, but I choose not to...he does not try to probe with me either.......we have a communication issue apparently, but we read eachothers body language and eye contact and other subtle cues. I am pretty sure if I tried...and did it in my usual..sorry to say but (manipulative) way...i could uncover some of his mysteries........BUT trust me on is everyones right to keep some things to their self.......I have never enjoyed being probed on certain things and it depends how the person does I try to give him the same respect to his privacy that I like to have.

  • hey sagscorp tell me more about your scorpio from abroad maybe he is my scorpio mine went abroad a coupl months ago and his angry with me now and we are separated again for the thousanth time..we have been together for 6 yrs. what part of india is he from, what is his name and do you really know him? we will get to the bottom of this...piece of crap scorpios..

  • I have always wanted to be with a Scorpio man. I truly think that a Scorpio is who I was always meant to be with. Growing up being close to a scorpio, gave me insight into how scorpios think and act. Now that I have found a guy with the perfect sign for once, I question if he would be faithful. He watches me. He helps me out when he thinks I don't pay attention (he doesn't help anyone else). He listens to everything I say. He purposely tries to talk loud to make himself heard when he knows I'm around. Most of the time, he's a hermit except to those he's close to. But he talks to and stares at other beautiful women when I'm not around....or so I've heard. But like Silana, we read eachothers body language and subtle cues. The way he looks at me, drives me crazy!!! But we also have communication problems. And now I have no idea if I'm the only one he does this to or if I'm one of many. it doesn't seem like i am one of many, but what i hear from other women tells me otherwise.

    What i know about Scorpios is that they are very sensitive which is why they might be so mysterious. very emotional. the ones i know are very, VERY angry, but hold they're anger in until they explode. kind of similar to a Pisces. except it seems more natural for a scorpio to hold it all in. hope this is somewhat helpful.

  • lets tno mistake mysteriousness for a high sex drive lol.. scorpios I know are lustful creatures who love deepy but they sure are horn y to the extreme.!

  • lmao kezza. was hoping that wouldnt only be the case. dammit! ah well.

  • I believe what I have read, and what I have observed and experienced from Scorpio men I have known: they are emotional, willfull, and they play by their own rules. Lots of men cheat, and play the rude manipulation game of staring at other women in front of the one they're with. That's just the downside of a man with a low life condition. But Scorpio men are renowned for their self-control, so if they're behaving badly they're doing it for a reason. The problem is, their emotions are so intense that they sometimes hide them even from themselves. The thing I respect about them the most is their honesty. If you ask them, and they trust you, and you have the courage to take the answer, a Scorpio man will tell you what's on his mind. Often, the truth will hurt, but you have your answer. But you have to be ready to be honest with yourself. If you're afraid of what he will say, don't ask. But if you think he's changed his mind about the relationship or about marrying you, face up to your fears and approach him with an open heart. He will tell you yes or no. Then either way, you can move forward.

  • Piscesbutnoteasytotell....Excellent advice! I'm so crazy about this guy. And he does come from low life conditions. And right, I rermember the sting of a Scorpios honesty. I'm glad I came here. I have the comfort and answers I needed.

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  • You got it, 5th house!

  • "How To Tell A Bastard By His Sun Sign" and most of the new generation of "humorous" "dark astrology" books are PRIMARILY to tell the dark TRUTH about my tribe [};D] while couching it in humour so as not to offend the post-Reagan pseudo-Christian right Middle America that basically keeps major publishers and bookstores in business (I'm a bookseller...).

  • The males, some are, some are not. The females are more blunt.

    These are the ones that I know in real life. The ones I meet online, I don't really know well so I can't say but I hardly argue with them or anything, maybe just a bit of sting or two.

    I wrote about the Scorp males I encountered here

    only one wrecked my heart big time but I got over it and married a Cap for almost 9 yrs now

    one thing I probably can suggest

    don't lose yourself in the process of knowing them better or relating with them

    you fall in love, yes, but don't give it all. always have a part of yourself that is always yours and they can't have it. they may try to make you give it all, don't obey them, but try say it with a joke.

    They are intense, a joke will tone this down and make them feel comfortable with you.

  • Hi Cattiecat,

    Sorry dear, I came back today and was reading the Posts and saw your reply. Hey dont worry, he's not the one. So you're also trapped in Scorpio's love?? I must say it's a very tough journey..and you are going through it for 6years? Hats Off to you dear...really wonder why these guys can't feel the emotions.

  • lol leoscorpion....i think i've learned enough about Scorpio men lol. everyone has great advice here and in the other threads. very helpful info.

  • pisceanese

    ya gonna love em

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