What kind of energy am I putting out ???????

  • Here I am sitting here wondering about myself and what kind of energy that I am putting out. There has been times in my life where I have felt that I am unintentionally people to not want to have a conversation. I know that the problem does not lie with the word's that are coming out of my mouth, or there is no chance that it could be bad breath. Perhaps it's my ernegy coming off to strong or it's not matching up with there energy vibration? I love my self most of the time and I am open minded and I alway's try to watch not to put out negative energy. Could it be that I am a go getter type of person? I have been told before that I can be a ball's & knee knocker! If you get my drift? lol I feel that I am misunderstood alot and especially upon meeting someone new that judge's me like a cover on a book. I am a giving,honest,loving person but, when it comes down to it I feel like people just don't like me? I know the saying; Treat youself as you would want other's to treat you! So, could this be my vibrational energy or what is it about me that makes me think this? I am open to honest opinion's and I promise if it something that you think could hurt my feeling's , please say it any way's because I will take it as a lesson learned. I am trying to move on and not hold onto old way's, and maybe this will help me to move on? I know that I do have some psychi gift's and I am getting better as time go's by. I hope that I will be able to learn the truth and move on! Any and all responses welcome! Loving Life Devine!!

  • grammar correction:

    There has been times in my life where I have felt that I am unintentionally making people to not want to have a conversation with me.

  • Devineevaescence,

    hi I can sooo relate to you, I can do all it takes to center and balance

    do spiritual daily readings all this for months at a time feel great inside and harm

    less and still feel as if push people away I am still trying to figure it out I don't know if others are treatened, jealouse afraid or if subcon I may be putting other stuff out there, I hav never "fit any where , Who knows..,. At times hav been told thT I am stand offish

    best ti you

  • I can relate completely I have been told that I am unapproachable. Look its not the worst thing to be. Maybe its actually for your benefit that you are not getting overly involved with other peoples lives. People either want to tell me their life story or they ignore me completely. To each its own. I think maybe if you are intuitive you are naturally blocking the people who are thinking negatively not the other way around. You get what Im saying. You may be protecting yourself from psychic attacks. Are you and empath?

  • I am an empath, need to research more about it....

    Yea I believe what you are saying, I like what you say about protecting ourself, how I wonder does one become cohesive in work situations??? Ugh!!! the energy drain

    I think I need to research "empaths"

    Any ideas???

  • If your an empathic person, do you get easily drained or feel hyper sensitive to the words and feelings, moods of others? Can you block it out? Recharge? just curious

  • I think lovingmylife is on the right track, sometimes we find ourselves lonley, like we lost our hive, and may wonder why we aren't the first person another calls to be social with or whatever, but if you think about it, sometimes these same people's attention we get our feelings hurt over turn out to be less interesting, mabe shallow, or just not a good fit for even a casual conversation, I'm not sure what the balance is between being a people person, a loner, or both sometimes

  • Bluecat123, I am still searching for the answers, if there are any,

    I think they may be the key to happy healthy

    relationships, and work relations who knows!???

  • Maybe a wise sage who is onto something might say there is no need to run away from or protect from ,all we need is just to be.....

    And accept....go inside

    Take it all, take it all in....oh my gosh!!!! Hope y'all don't think am psycho

    it sure gets rough sometimes this game called life....

  • Soooo in regards to whAt kinda energy am I putting out whether it's good, when workin and fixen myself mediate center and bal to focus on sending only pos energy people really get pissed off cuz they can't push my butto s or rattle my cage

    either way " it's a problem" ???

  • I don't think you're psycho Goldenhill, you're human like the rest of us!! People do push your boundaries, tis been one of those weeks for me! It's nice to feel that other people feel the same way, & have the similar experiences, when it comes to interacting with people...DevineEvenescence, it's hard to figure out where energies come from. I think it can get complicated, when you may take in bad energy & are trying to give out good, but feel a little fatigued after it all(putting it politely!!). That's something I'm trying to figure out too. To end the bad energy & start & try & maintain the good energy can get taxing, but needs to be done! (I'm encouraging myself here too by the way!!)..Think I might go to meditation tomorrow after all. Just try not to worry too much. Being sensitive has it up & downside, peaks & troughs are part of it. Maybe meditation will help with fine tuning things a bit for you.

  • we get back what we send out that is the universal law

    we all exude energy therefore we can control what we send out

    base all your thoughts, actions and words on love and tolerance this way you will only exude positivity that supports life, yours, others, life in the future, nature included

    anything that supports life will attract others, even if it's only a small conversation

    doesn't mean it will reduce life challenges but it will help you deal with it the way they supposed to be dealt with

    since life is about learning and move forward, not a single living being is always right all the time, in fact thinking you are always right or know the answer to everything is negativity on its own.

    for we are all here in the physical world to learn and move forward. if we are always right, what is the point of being here?

    start from the past, look back to learn from your rights and wrongs

    close the door, don't dwell in it and don't judge yourself or others, both are negativity and will only invite negativity back to you

    judgement is about punishment, assessment is about correcting and improving

    you can start making assessment about yourself, based on what you have learned

    honesty is the key, for honesty is positivity and this conversation is between you and your inner self so denial and self righteousness are not necessary - not to mention they are negativities for they cover the truth

    if you have nurtured your psyche, you will find the answer when you tune in to it

  • Universalheart, Leoscorpion, Divineevanessence

    wow!!!! This is quite a thread tx fir all!!!!

    Posts! Have gotten some much needed insight

    take all the readings have rec'd seriously and am trying to look inside

    and make the much needed shift, ouch!!!!!

    Leoscorpion, how does one nourish psyche????

    Thanks again to each and everyone of you!!!!

    : )

  • goldenhill

    nurturing the psyche is as important is nurturing your physical

    think of the physical as a car. psyche is your road map. you don't need fancy car to get to your destination, you just need a working car.

    to nurture your physical you go with balanced diet and routine exercise

    for your psyche, you go with spiritual exercises e.g. yoga, meditation, religious/spiritual activity, read spiritual books of your interests and join forum with like minded people so you can get tips and advice when needed. Go with what suits you most and affordable.

    live your life in positivity and balance. nothing can go far without balance.

    love yourself for that way you can love others

    nurture yourself for this way you can nurture others

    if you are sick, you can't take care of the sick, can you?

    negativity drains you and when it is done with you, it will move to drain others.

    no car can go far if the fuel is drained, can it?

    the universe wants us to live our lives fully, for many lessons yet to be taught and many experiences yet to be experienced

    only when your psyche is healthy, you will see the road clearly and the map

    the universe doesn't sleep doesn't take vacation

    when you feel 'sinking', ask or pray for help. it will send you.

    when you have problem to stay positive, say This too shall pass, repeatedly. and it will.

    bye now

  • Leoscorpion, thank you

    for all this valuable info, will get back to mediation etc

    and continue forward.... Your insight means more than words can say,

    during this period of "Transition" Best to you...

  • you are welcome

    may the universe sends you blessing and guidance

  • ~leoscorpion~

    What a wonderful, much needed up lift, I will try to nurture my psyche! I have been working on watching what I have been putting out. I know that sometimes it is easier said than done and If I meditate more I will assess and close the door and move on! Thank you for reminding me of ~ The Universal Rule~ It helps to be brought back to reality!

  • ~Goldenhill~

    Intuitive empaths have a great understanding of what is going on with others but may have little sensitivity to atmosphere. Empath- The ability to literally feel for someone else,it gives you the psychic ability to "read" a person's aura, and interpret the info. back to them. It can bring you amazingly close to others;you can sense their true emotional needs with unerring accuracy. Many people regard the very notion of being psychic as something that belongs at a fairground. That being said could be why we find ourselves this way, but as leoscorpion said meditate,assess,close the door and move on!

    There are way's to protect ourself when situations can suddenly overwhelm your inner resources. When talking to a distressed person, you may realize that you are drained and they are feeling better. You can fold your arms across your solar plexus (based in the stomach area) this prevents you from "bleeding" psychic energy. If you find yourself very scared or in a threatening situation you can visualize a powerful golden light all around you. This has the effect of making you invisible to others. If you have trouble with someone-parent,child, or colleague- visualize yourself in a clear bubble of white light. Spend a several moments just being comfortable and happy inside. Then, conjure up an image of the person with whom you are having problems with. Now imagine that person in his or her own separate bubble of light. Draw a figure of eight between them, then visualise cutting apart the two bubbles and watch the other person's bubble gently float away.

  • ~Goldenhill~,

    In addition to what I said- You are not psycho, just a human and humans have days where we just want to go back to sleep and start it all over! Thankyou for making me feel not alone in this world.

  • ~universalheart~

    Thank you, I will start to meditate some more! As I have read in a book, it said; When you balance your chakras by meditating and activating pure energy deep inside yourself, harmony is restored to your mind,body, and spirit. This energy you radiate has an almost tangible glow of inner security and confidence. Sadly, however, this will not last long if you haven't corrected the negative traits and imbalances in your character. I am going to meditate,keep writing in my psychic journal,acknowledge and accept weaknesses and strengths with candor and good humor. May You have many Blessings and Knowledge to carry on your journey!

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