I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • Dear Crystal,

    No need to apologize dear. Family is the most important and should always be your 1st priority! I pray that the emergency will soon be resolved and that all will turn out well. You and your family will be in my prayers!

    Love & Hugs,


  • Good Evening to you...hello i would like a reading please i love tarot i wish i could read myself so if u would give me a reading my DOB is 08/11/61..His is 11/30/79...my question is what are his true feelings about me do we have a future? thanks.

  • Sorry it has taken me awhile to respond back about my reading. ?????? you stated that it would not be good at the moment for either of us to get involved but maybe later on. Other people have told me the same thing. I feel this is more on his part then mine as I am ready for a man to come along. I have been divorced for 5 years went to counselling to learn more about myself and have waited patiently for the right guy to come along. My career is going good not sure about a raise as I am a teacher and we get set salary but I did move to a new position. ??????

    Did you see any men on the horizon for me or will this guy get his stuff together and come around. iIdo not want to bother him or push something that may not work out. I have not been e-mailing as I felt he was going through something. Thank you for your time and talent.

    Love and Light

  • Crystal,

    Talk about the worst time of year for a family emergency. I hope everyone in your clan is OK, and that you all have a wonderful holiday season despite the chaos.

    Love and Light to you and yours

  • Dear Crystal,

    Oh sweetie i hope everything is o.k.,you and your family will be in my prayers everyday, you are missed,:( take care...


    love & light

  • Hi everyone,

    back again, thanks for the messages of support, thankfully she has now managed to sort her problems and hopefully will have a good xmas.

    Thanks to all for being so understanding.


    Your intuition is correct he is going through something at present and not ready as yet ,give him some time but gently let him know you are around.

    I may have interpreted the card wrongly on your career as it just signified a new job or improved cash flow, unfortunately I could not pick up exactly what that was, so the new position may have been what it was referring to and confirmation that you made the right move.

    I wish you all the best for the future.


  • ok I managed to fit some readings in yesterday and today so here goes


    This is only a short reading , but things look promising for you.

    Although you will go through a period of worry, you need to look at the situation from a different angle and gather your thoughts, it is only then you will begin to find the solution.

    You will have no reason then to feel discontent, progress can only be made through the efforts that you yourself put in.

    Your cards show a reliable young man possibly from your past that you will share good times with.

    I hope this helps guide you along your path.



    The cards show a mixture of things happpening for you over the next few months,

    currently you seem to be feeling quite trapped and not really know which way to turn for the best, you have already had so many dissapointments and fear getting knocked back again.

    a journey will be made however which will bring about asense of new determination for you and you will feel once agin you can take on the world and his wife.

    There will be an eventual positive outcome, however do not expect this to be an overnight happening, it will take some effort on your part to make yourself heard.

    The cards also suggest a gift of some sort, which could be physical as in a parcel or possibly mental as in learning a craft.

    Interestingly the king and queen of pentacles came out together, whilst drawing cards for you, which it is unusual for this to happen, this suggests that help is being given to you at times but you seem to push it away, prefering to do things yourself as you fear being too much of a burden on people.

    I feel these cards also repesent someone close to you that gives you much support when needed ( only a guess here, but possibly your parents?)

    You may soon face another challenge, but do not worry for this is one you will laugh in the face of.

    Good luck in all that lies ahead, may the goddess light your way



    what a lovely name;

    The cards for you show that you have had many people letting you down at the last possible moment leaving you hanging and ther are lots of rumours flying around.

    This will soon come to an end.

    A legal matter is shown that creates many arguments and challenges for you over the next few months.

    You will need to be strong and stick to your guns,not giving up or losing your principles.

    Much determination is needed.

    A journey undertaken brings a positive change for you, as does someone who obvoiusly cares alot for you.

    A change of luck is also on it's way bringing happiness into your life.



  • hi crystal

    I was wondering if you would do another reading for me please? I have now been told I am losing my job in jan and i am still confused about the man we discussed. my dob 22/8/65 and his is 3/6/61




    I felt a six month reading would suit you best, so I hope this will make sense to you.

    It covers from now until May.

    At present you seem to have alot going on, are very busy and sometimes feel as though life is passing you by, however you also have atalent for rising above things and not letting them get to you too much, picking yourself up again ready for the next battle.

    You adapt well to change and although others will not be too pleased about it, you have worked hard and should be rewarded.

    There are still some obstacles yet to overcome and you will need to defend yourself as you have done so countless times.

    The new year brings an important message your way and is also a busy time for you.

    Although you will not have much time to feel bored, you should also make time for YOU!

    Febuary is interesting for you as past issues will be raised and there is a feeling of loss as you realise some things are simply not meant to be.

    Also have you or someone close to you been thinking about a possible move as a property or change of residence is shown ( this is not clear so unfortunately I can not interpret this well)

    something to do with a house anyway towards the end of Feb leading into March

    Hope it makes sense to you.

    March sigifies an emotional time for you as you find the courage to walk away from a difficult situation.

    This will take atremendous ammount of willpower and inner strength from you, but deep down you will know it is the right time to do so.

    The end of March looks better with a reason to celebrate and much happiness is shown.

    April shows that you are beginning to accept that you are not to blame for all the wrongs in your life and ther are some things that you can not change.

    The middle of April shows that although there have been blocks and delays with something, you will suddenly find these removed as things begin to move at an incredible speed.

    Unexpected oppurtunities will present themselves to you, it is however up to you to take full advantage of these before they are gone.

    Towards the end of April leading into May unfortunately ther is some friction shown and more emotional times, but as always you have so much patience and understanding that better times are just around the corner.

    I hope this reading offers you some guidance for the upcoming months.

    Also I have a small message for you from a woman who passed over a while ago now.

    She says look for a yellow flower nearby in Febuary.




    I am sorry but the cards refuse to answer your question at this time, although I actually tried more than one spread for you.

    In short instead they have poited to you feeling insecure about something and anxious, worrying about what to do for the best.

    A balanced mind and much determination is needed in legal matters surrounding you.

    You might be bored with all the waiting round but something exciting is going to happen soon as a major change is on its way, this should benefit you in some way or another over the next six months.

    I am sorry it is such a short reading but I hope offers something to you.

    love and light



    The cards show that although you are apractical kind of woman, you have felt restricted by something and held back through fear.

    You have now come to the end of a cycle and can go no further along this path, through perserverance you can and will succeed in your mission.

    There are some issues to work through but these will be worked through in your own time as you go through and explore all options available eventually creating a happy ending.

    The cards also show a new relationship is on the horizon for you which brings with it much happiness.

    Linking this with his cards also shows happiness and a journey you must both make

    ( possibly to see eachother?)

    It also shows that someone who has been spreading vicious lies will soon be found out.

    He will soon be taking on more responsibilities as there is ahint of a new career prospect or an increased cash flow for him within the next few months.

    Although things may seem quite chaotic for a while, it will slow down gradually and he will overcome obstacles easily.

    The future looks bright for you both and the cards show much happiness coming in both your directions.



  • Ok i think that's everyone caught up with now......lol.

    If anyone wants to leave a request then I will get to it as soon as I am able however

    please be aware that I only do a maximum of 3 reads a day as otherwise it drains me.

    Also sometimes it may be the cards do not answer your original question as on occassions the spirits intervene and provide me with the answer to a more important event in your life.

    I ask that you take time to read between the lines of your readings and what they may mean to you and situations in your lives.

    I am only the messenger, so offer these readings as guidance only.


    Thank you for your patience and I will get to all of you as soon as I can.

    love and light crystal

  • thank you, crystal, for the reading! you are such a dear to help all of us. many blessings in return and wishes for an abundant and prosperous new year:)



  • Hi Crystal,

    Welcome back! you were missed! it's nice to hear that everything is o.k.

    I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas,God Bless...


    Love & Light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • hi crystal

    I was wondering if you would do another reading for me please? I have now been told I am losing my job in jan and i am still confused about the man we discussed. my dob 22/8/65 and his is 3/6/61



  • Crystal,

    Thank you so much for doing a reading for me. I so appreciate your sharing your gift. It seems very accurate and has given me a lot to think about. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

    Robin 5215

  • Hiya Crystal

    Okies, I have done the reading for you but pleasem keep in mind that I am still very new to tarot reading and still getting comfortable with the cards. Plus I would love some feedback from you about what I put here pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

    Now, I just did a general reading as uyou asked for, they were all cup cards!!

    5 of cups

    3 of cups

    Queen of cups

    I feel there has been a loss. Youhave some regrets over this loss, but you need to move on from it. Look past the bad and find the good. There are new opportunities coming for you soon. There is also a healing on the way for you and you will enjoy meeting new people. with these new networks, there is a personal sense of incresed security. You are becoming more emotionally aware as part of your journey with your psychic pursuits. Also you will need to find that person who is already in your life who can help you to work positively with your feelings - but you need to learn to be open for them, they are waiting for you to ask. There is positive things coming for you if you allow yourself to let them come into your life and stop finding the negatives.

    Hope this makes sense and I thank you in advance for any feedback from you, both posittive and negative. I want to learn to trust myself with my reiki and with the fact that I have been told by psychics that I have much "wisdom" within.

    Tatia 🙂

  • Dear Deb

    Thanks on the well wishes and I have survived and all healthy to comsume far too much food and alcohol for Christmas!! lol

    Hope the festive season is all you hope for.

    Tatia 🙂

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