I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • Dearest Crystal thank you for the reading , you are right on!

    It's alot too chew on I will have to go bit by bit in reading between the lines

    your Kudos mean alot too' you are Amazing and have great insight too!

    Thanks for reminding me of these traits!

    Re my read for you, other party referred to your" ex" hope that you remember to hold on to your

    truth and your power, with that you have mire in your favor, won't be easy especially dealing with an abusive irrational male...

    keep me posted, I wish you only the best!!!

    Thank you sooo much fir the reading,

    keep doing this you are truly gifted. And always remember self- care I finally had to limit Reads to 2 day/ get burnt Any more than that, although at times I do more

    I pay the price and have to pull back to " 0" for awoke

    hope to stay in touch

    Many Blessings To You...

  • Crystal,Ha ha please excuse typos this phone types byitself ha !!!!

    Mire/ more

    awoke/ awhile

    fir/ for

    best to you...

  • hello again golden hill,

    glad you liked the reading, thanks for the advice i am trying to limit myself to only 2 or 3 readings at present as it does tend to drain me otherwise( pactised mainly on family and friends).

    It is so easy to pick up someone elses emotions.

    re; the reading you did for me, guess I'm just scared of what will happen, this has however been going on for along time and I have not given up yet.

    in fact my new nickname from the ex is the b**** from hell.

    Do keep in touch, it nice to hear from everyone on here.

    love and light crystal.

    p.s you are right hans is brilliant, he has a wonderful aura about him too.


    To best answer your question about the future i thought a 6 month reading would be best as this gives ageneral picture of the next 6 months, but remember things can change.

    You control your destiny ,no-one else.

    That being said here is what the cards showed for you;

    At present you feel scared at letting go of something and are feeling shaky and uncertain of things.

    there is however a caring, sensitive woman who is always around when you need ashoulder to cry on.

    You must try not to worry so much, ther is happy news on it's way.

    This month there is also some good news coming concerning money and around the end of the month heading into january you may meet someone ( possibly a business like man) that may help in some way.

    Tread carefully however as he can be prone to making rash choices.

    January indicates a time for igniting an existing relationship or the beginning of avery passionate one.

    Towards the middle, people ask too much of you and you will feel over burdened, look after yourself.

    towards the end of January great determination is needed in order to get the success you deserve ( possibly a promotion for you or someone you know)

    In Febuary make sure you read doccuments properly, a journey will also be made around this time and things will feel very hectic.

    During March there will be some dissapointing news for you and this will be atime to focus on your priorities.

    April brings lots of changes and you will feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and slow down!!

    Hard work will be needed once again but you must be patient however frustrating it is.

    It will pay off in time.

    The end of April will see you relying on a caring kind of man to help get you through it all.

    This is a tough month and unfortunately continues through to May with many upsets and quarrels.

    Towards the end of May however things will begin to settle,listen to that man by your side he has some good advice and speaks sense even if you don't always want to hear it.

    I'm sorry it is not all a positive reading for you, it looks like you have some hard times ahead of you, but you are a strong woman and will get through this.

    Good luck!

    look forward to getting your feedback

    love and light always crystal


    At present you feel so tired and worn out, either now or in the future there is a man who can be very stubborn but also shows a sensitive side when needed and can be relied upon to make you feel better.

    you will gradually begin to find yourself getting stronger and gaining more confidence and as you do you will find that relationships with others will grow stronger too.

    You do have a suprise coming up ,but it may not neccessarily be one that you like, and often you blame yourself for 'bad' things happening.

    An important letter is on its way as are oppurnuties if you look for them.

    This is a time for discovering who you are and learning to like YOU, it is only then you will begin to achieve your hearts desires.

    look forward to the feedback

    love and light crystal


    You are a pratical caring woman with alot of love to give, yet you have had many dissapointments in your life and things have not always gone as planned.

    You will soon be very busy however as a new job or income is indicated.

    i am also happy to tell you that the cards show a new relationship on the horizon, communicate well as he has been hurt in the past too.

    Although there will be some 'bumpy moments' ,this will be arelationship you both feel comfotable with.

    There also seems to be another period of chaos surrounding you in the future.

    This reading was very interesting as whilst shuffling the ace of wands fell out of the pack twice.

    I took this as a good sign as it usually shows a new way of life commencing soon and in your case also repesents a pregnancy or birth ( be aware though this could also mean a birth of a relationship or idea etc)

    I hope you,your new partner and children will be very happy ( i feel it will take time, but there will be at least 2)

    Incidently the little boy you lost says Hello.

    I hope this reading helps you to look forward.

    Enjoy your new life, I look forward to hearing about it in the future.

    love and light crystal

  • thats all for today folks as I'm beginning to lose concentration now, but will catch up with everyone as soon as I can.

    Thank you all for having faith in my abilities and thank you once agin goldenhill for your lovely feedback.

  • Meandkids:

    dearest Crystal, never forget who you are, no matter what names you are called. 10,000 blessings to you...

  • Hi meankids, I would love a reading please, a general one for me if possible, about what will be coming up in my life over the next few months. Thanks for your offer and time. Love and light x

  • Hi meankids, I would love a reading from you . Whats coming up for me ? will I hear from my cancer b/f ? Thank you so much . Love and Light . llindieloo .

  • Hello meandkids,

    Thanks for the help you are giving people on this site, there are many warm and loving people on here, I am seeing how much love is out there.

    I just want to ask a general question about my life and the direction it is going? I have previously lived my life to please or help others and feel sometimes as if i am adrift at sea? How is my life gearing up for the coming couple of years? My b-day is 07/09/1959 and I live in Pittsburgh, PA right now with my 2 younger children and an estranged grown daughter who lives apart from us.

    Thank you again. Light and Love to you and remember to care for yourself in the midst of all this good work you are doing. 🙂

  • Hello Crystal,

    Thank you in advance for you time and the help that you can provide for me. When you get the chance I would like a reading from you. Basically, I have a few things going on in my life at the moment that are not going well hence why I am looking for some insight. I have a burning question in my heart and that is what was the purpose of meeting a man I met aprox 9 months ago? I still care about him very much but I have decided to push him out of my life possibly for good since he made up his mind about our relationship. I am at an age where I don't want to collect male friends..i want to find the right person to love and be loved by and create a family with. I feel as though i wasted my precious time and energy on nothing/nobody. My birthday, if you need it is 06/04/76 and his is 11/01/67.

    The other burning question is in regards to my desire to relocate. Will that come true for me soon. Should I continue applying for a job abroad? Or give up?

    Again thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me and others.

    Best of luck and success. 🙂

  • Thanks for all the requests I will get to you all as soon as I can and you have been added to my evergrowing list.

    cOrmack ,I feel the reason this man came into your life is so as you could learn something about the way you give your love to others it was simply a lesson in life for you.

    You did not waste your time.

    I hope this helps you feel a little better as i can feel you have been upset over this

    and I will get to your reading soon

    love and light crystal


    Unfortunately your reading is only short as the cards did not wish to show me much, but here goes for you.

    I hope you can make sense from this.

    The cards show that you are currently feeling trapped in a situation ,yet you don't have to be.

    a major choice must be made soon that will help you out of this.

    reguarding your ex; I am sorry to say it seems he has moved on.

    Marriage plans are indicated for someone you know, but you will not hear of this until sometime next year and someone is working aginst you possibly spreading vicious lies, but you are ano- nonsense kind of person, so stand your ground girl!

    You know you're in the right.

    I am sorry the cards did not show much jobwise, but I hope this reading still helps in some way.

    love and light



    You are a thoughtful person and do not like to take risks easily fearing you may lose everything,

    yet your cards show that things will soon begin to move very fast as there is a period of ghreat change and transformation on the horizon.

    make sure you take time out for yourself as things will get very hectic.

    You are about to be rewarded for past efforts and someone will get their just desserts.

    Hearing from an old friend will also make you feel happier.

    You will have plenty of things happening over the next year, but with hard work and dedication, you can begin to look forward to more money rolling in soon.

    love and light crystal


    The cards show that you are a caring, sensitive woman, but sometimes you take things too much to heart, you do not like to admit things have gone wrong and are reluctant to ask for help.

    Your ex still cares about you,he is the wrong relationship,but you must be patient ,he will not come back easily for he is as scared as you are.

    By all means be around,but I feel things will not delevop any more than friends, you must have patience for he does not reveal his feelings easily to others and you are in for a bumpy ride.

    However you do deserve some explanation of sorts and have a need for closure so that you can both move on fully.

    I hope this helps you and sorry it is not more positive for you

    as always love and light



    The cards tell me that you have not had an easy life so far and their have been many struggles and challenges.

    I regret to say you still have some obstacles yet to overcome.

    You will feel a sense of loss and dissapointment due to the ending of a difficult situation and need to take action to lessen the effects of this on yourself and others around you.

    You are hiding from yourself at present and sometimes feel quite low, as if something is missing from your life.

    yet if you are willing to be patient enough good things will come, all good things take time and the best things take longer.

    Things will improve soon and the storm will be over.

    A warning is shown though also not to trust someone either in workplace or within legal matters as they are not being entirely straight with you.

    learn to trust your gut feeling on this one.

    Towards the middle to end of next year shows a great improvement for you and things improving, there will be a time of excitment with a possible celebration of some sort , maybe a new job, or something that creates a new way of life for you.

    Either way it involves a positive change for the better and a big life- changing decision only you can make.

    Are you ready to take that leap into the unknown?

    Good luck!


  • Thats all from me agin today will be back with some more agin soon.

    Thank you for being so patient.

    I was wondering is anyone willing to do a reading for me, I have been trying to find out if I will find the person I am meant to spend my life with soon and when it is likely to be?

    The cards do not seem to want to answer me at present, think I've probably used up all my energy for now so am going to get some rest.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that takes this up.


    ( a true friend is just an angel without wings)

  • thanks crystal I think that was what i needed to hear really xx

  • Meandkids,

    thank you so much. I had the exact same tarot card reading 3 times in a row! WOW! Thank you so much for your gift.

    What a blessing to hear that all my efforts will pay off. Love and light to you as well.

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