I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • Hi Crystal, I was looking forward to a reading from you but I guess it wasn't to be. I was on your list but anyway do you have any other suggestions ? And I wish you tons of luck and all the best life can offer you. Janet

  • Merry meet everyone

    enjoying life;

    the cards pointed to a relationship somewhere along the line, I just connected it with valentines day as that is coming up,so hope things work out for you.


    I'll still be around and pop back every so often, but I just don't have the time or energy available for readings at present.


    try not to worry things are going to improve soon for you, also I'm being told look for a letter in the post over the next few weeks (have no idea what that's about, but there you go)

    I'm sure if you look about on here there are others that will do a reading for you.

    Anyway have to go now so farewell everyone.

    May the Goddess always shine upon you.

    Blessed be


  • Thank u very much.

    Don't know about reliable suppose he can be at times.

    He's from my past though.

    Sorry 4 the late response.Hacker problems. : )

  • Crystal, Thanks a million. I'll be sending love and light to you. Janet

  • Crystal, thanks for responding, take care of yourself,and I wish for you only the very best always...

  • Hi Crystal, As I was looking through some of these readings I just noticed you did give me a reading back in December that I somehow totally missed. I did get the one where you offered advise. T HANK YOU SO MUCH. I can't get my printer to behave but this means so much to me I'll copy it by hand. Thank you again so much and GOD BLESS YOU. Janet

  • just popping in to say a quick hello,

    hope everyone's o.k? I'm in need of some positive vibes please, got to face the ex again tommorrow plus they want to arrange another observed contact with him, the kids, cafcass and a pycologist.

    bit nervous about it as last time they did an observed one child ran out, another kicked and swore at him and the youngest threw various items at his head, and guess who got the blame for it all.

    Anyhow should be fun, incidently if anyone can pick up anything or do a reading for me i would be very grateful.

    Unfortunately I am having to take time out at present, as there is that going on amongst other things in between and at present I do not have a clear enough head to be able to read the cards.

    I am very sorry and hopefully when things do calm down I can do some more again.

    Many thanks for all the wonderful feedback and friendship from everyone.

    love and light always


  • I know no-one is likely to read this thread anymore but just wanted to say I finally won, my ex is gone!!!


    thanks to everyone here for the wonderful support you all gave.

    love and light always


  • Yay Crystal!

    Just popped on here for a minute before getting ready for work. Don't know why but when I read your post, what first came to mind was a flash of an eagle soaring high but then was replaced by a butterfly ....no longer trapped in the confines of a cocoon...wide spread wings beautifully and gracefully dancing freely in the breeze, but remaining somewhat close to the ground and softly landing one place and then another.

    Hmm, maybe the eagle soaring represented the initial feeling of being released to fly high and the image being replaced by the butterfly represents no longer being trapped, being free to fly and dance but also staying close to the ground landing one place and then another representing being grounded and protective over your children. I don't know? Just thought I'd share the images that flashed in my mind when I read your post. Maybe it makes sense to you!

    Many happy thoughts sent your way 🙂

  • Hi everyone, I know it has d been a long time since I last posted on here, so many things have happened in the last few years...

    I am now going to start doing this professionally with both tarot and Angel readings... I'll let everyone know on here and on my Facebook page... I'm now under the name Morganna Avalon...

    Would anyone be happy for me to use some of your feedback and snippets with just first name and location for putting as testimonials on my page/site at all?

    Please let me know and thank you so much everybody did your wonderful support over the years!

    Love and light always


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