I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..


    Although the cards do not say very much,they do show asituation from th epast being replayed over and over.

    This is a situation in which you feel very restricted at present and don't know quite which way to turn.

    Although your heart often over rules your head,it is time to learn to listen to that inner voice and trust your own instincts on this.

    Legal matters also appear and although it may take awhile to resolve it will end in partial success.

    The other cards in your spread show that you need to stop taking the blame for other peoples actions,it is not always your fault and sometimes you try and take on too much,other peoples hurtful words cut you deeply.

    The cards are saying that you must try not to let this affect you so much, rise above it all for you are stronger than you think you are.

    There are some happy changes coming up in the family life area, this will involve some juggling on your part however, but will in turn create an improvement in finances which then provides more stabilty and happier times all round.

    I hope you found this reading helpful.

    Thank you for being so patient.



    Firstly there are many challenges that he is still to overcome.

    He needs time out and a chance to rest and recover, he may have been feeling under the weather abit lately and it is the stress of a current situation that has been making him feel so down on himself.

    He has a decision to make soon, a caring sensitive type of woman can help him to look at the many choices available in a more rational manner.

    However he must tread carefully as not everyone is playing fair and there is some deception around him.

    Unfotunately there are also some conflicts and quarrels shown in a few months time which will leave him feeling emotionally drained, but the caring woman I talked about earlier will also help him through this difficult time.

    A journey of some sort is shown and the hard work, perserverance and patience will be rewarded.

    It is a slow proccess but things will gradually begin to look up for him after this.

    Remind him he can change his future at any time he likes,he is in control of his future, no-one else.

    May the Goddess light his way


  • Hi there Crystal, I was wondering if you are up to 12/ 16 yet? My name is Janet born on Cape Cod near the Kennedy Compound 3/27/ 1935. I would love to hear from you and I want to learn to do what you do and help people also. Have any ideas luv ?

  • Thank you very much dear Crystal that you found time in your hectic schedule to do a reading for me. I'm raelly grateful. Wish you all the best.

  • Hi Crystal...

    It's Ambercle... I too am in no rush , I will wait paitently for you.. I hope I gave you the right info on Jan 24.. so here it is again July 23/63 born in Montreal,quebec,canada around 12-5:00 pm

    Thanks for your kindness..


  • Hi Crystal,

    How are you doing? i hope all is well with you, thank-you for checking in on me,i have not been on lately. things with me are,well,i kinda feel in limbo,yes i too feel that some big change is coming,not sure what,and can not sence if it is good or bad.But what ever it is,i do know that it is ment to be.It could be that bump i just got over that made me close up to my gifts, i'am trying to find away to get myself back on track,right now i think that fear is holding me back.And sometimes fear can be kinda hard to over come right away.So for now i'am taking it one day at a time.One good thing is that my Empath abilities have not been hindered that much.

    I see you stay very busy on here,that is a good thing,you are doing much good and helping alot of people,Wow that just came spilling out,not sure where from.you see i'm kinda like a weathered radio right now,sometimes i work and sometimes i don't. LOL But all in all im in good spirits and smiling again.

    take care,many blessings 🙂

  • just on here quickly before rushing off again!

    have you got any tiger's eye patricia? and hopefully you read the message re; protecting yourself psychically.

    I'm glad you are not giving up on your gift (tevor? trav? something like that anyway says he'll see you in March by the way and to tell you a blue object is important????????)

    Hope that makes sense to you

    You are an amazing woman, never forget that, my friend.

    ambercle thank you for your patience, I hope to get to your reading soon.

    I will be doing yours and enjoyinglife and then unfortunately no more for a while as there are many things going on right now and I can not devote enough time and energy to the craft at present.

    Love and light to all


  • janet ;


    I have been reading for others on and off for aprox 11 year now( 12 if you count the readings I did for friends amd family)

    The advice I was given was to have a separate pack for personal readings ( do not let anyone but yourself handle these)

    and another for others readings, remember to cleanse the cards and yourself after any negative readings using either insense and putting the cards through the smoke, meditation tecniquesor any other method that feels comfortable to you.

    sleep with them under your pillow for at least 1 night preferably 3

    Limit yourself to only a maximum of 5 readings in a week at first ( i was told first 3 months)

    This is hard to do as the cards will call to you, but try to resist if you can as it will drain you otherwise and this makes you more prone to picking up negative vibes.

    My third piece of advice was to look closely at the pictures first to discover what they mean to you and also get as many books as possible from the library etc on the subject and begin to collect as many meanings for the cards as you can find, this is so that you do not just get stuck on one meaning only.

    It is also a good idea to work out why you do not like certain cards and if you connect them with any events in your own life.

    This is just the basic advice I was given

    I hope this helps you.

    I wish you all the best on your journey.

    love and light


    p.s if you want a volunteer to practice your readings on then feel free to add me to the list

  • I'd like to get a relationship reading if I can.

    Mum got a message from my Mum in her dreams just wondering if the message was true.

    Me: 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool NSW Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields NSW Australia.

    Him:25/01/1974.He lives in Leumeah NSW Australia

    Thank u so much!!

  • I meant Mum got a message from Nan.Damn laptop has a mind of it's own.My bad.

  • Looking forward to a reading!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Crystal,

    Hi, no i don't have any tiger's eye,but last-night i was doing more stone reserch and it's amazing cause tiger's eye and hawk's eye really jumped out at me,i will be getting some.

    Right now i carrie my amie.and quartz with me until i can get back to the new age store.

    Thank-you for the kind word's, you are truely amazing too!!! my son's name is travis, Thank-you for the message i will not forget it. you are a beautiful friend, much love and blessings...



    The cards show that much determination is needed and unfortunately there is likely to be som edissapointments along th eway.

    A loss of some kind is indicated also.

    The cards also show a meeting/legal matters taking place in the future and it is possibly a good idea to talk things over with a professional or solicitor type person who can give you advice.

    You will find that the right words come to you at the right time as you experience an increase in inner mental clarity, this helps you to triumph over any difficulties.

    A friendly face from the past may show up too over the next few months,which could proove beneficial to you in some way.

    A new job is also repesented in the cards which requires skills you already possess and you will have to make a decision concerning this.

    There seem to be many positive changes coming up, it is a matter of choosing the right path.

    I hope this offers some guidance

    May the Goddess light your way




    I can't remember who asked but the message is true, also if anyone has someone called Mandy or mary on the other side she wants to let you know she is fine and quite well now, don't worry.

    Goodbye everyone and I wish you well in your future lives.

    Blessed Be


  • Thanks Crystal, for my reading i guess i should have checked this forum sooner but i have read it and everything sounds postive i hope this means that j will always be in my life and that it means that we will be together, he makes me so happy and i wouldnt want to ever lose him. Thank you so much for your insight.


  • Hi Crystal,,

    Thanks a million for your visions..and I will muster up all the determination I can find to get past the rough edges.. I hope the loss is not with the wonderful man I'm with now !!! I dreamed of this type of relationship and I know have it.. It took years to leave an unhealthy one...I will be paitient for my new job ....

    Thanks again for your Big Heart , you are a child of light !!!!!


    The first card drawn for you indicates that valentines day should be quite special for you,but also that you sometimes have difficulty in showing your emotions,occassionally feeling quite depressed.

    There is also a situation on the horizon where others will want you to change your mind, of course be tactful as to not hurt others feelings,but if you believe that this is worth fighting for then you should go for it, just make sure it is really what YOU!! want not someone else.

    You are also being told to worry less and take better care of yourself, you can not please everyone all of the time,learn to strike out from the rest of the crowd sometimes instead of clinging to the past. (and holding onto the saddness you feel at times )

    You are also being told to face up to the truth in a situation, listen to your inner voice.

    Someone around you also is hiding things from you.

    An unexpected oppurtunity may come your way over the next few months and life will be full of surprises, however there is also a warning not to act in haste,not to make empty promises and to also listen to others advice, but also to take control of your own destiny.

    The cards also indicate that it is time to follow a new direction and walk away from something, this will create a more positive vibe in your life.

    Change is coming, as are many challenges that may feel chaotic,but you will find you have the inner strngth needed to welcome these challenges rather than avoid them, allowing you to understand yourself better.

    Change can be good if you let it.

    I hope this has helped in some way.

    love and light


  • Crystal

    Thank you so much for the reading. It definitely connected with me.

    Special Valentine's Day?..well, there is no sweetheart, so maybe I'll let you know on that one!

    I'm recently living back in my hometown after living for many years in California and Florida and I'm single again. I have a decision to make, either I can stay here with my work or move to Washington DC for my work, so your reading ties into all of the decisions I'm considering.

    Lastly, I have a sad heart because I did meet someone who awakened me to feelings, but he's got a life that has no room for me.

  • Hey Crystal, hope you are doing well , will you still be forum member?

    Stay in touch!!! Best to you

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