I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • Hi Meandkids, could I get a reading from you as well, please? I'm looking for someone to tell me what I should do in this particular situation. I've been struggling with it for over four years now and I desperately want someone to tell me what I should do. There is a conflict between reason and heart. I know that i should let it go and I probably will. What do you see for me?

  • Meandkids,

    I am sorry and will wait I understand that you are busy I know how that is.

  • Hello,

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  • no worries crystal

    take your time please i am in no rush

    taking care of you and yours is essential and should always be priority

    i --as i am sure everyone else here

    am just happy you are able and willing to take our requests and assist in the way you see fit

    have a wonderful weekend

  • Thank you crystal

    The underhandedness you speak of could be one of two things : the way my ex, and father of my 2 boys tries to manipulate them or my current bf and his business dealings.

    My difficult situation could be the school i work in is having an inspection next week, i am being observed teaching an I.T. lesson even though im not a qualified teacher. I have been mulling over whether to give my job up but dont know what i want too do. For what i get paid its far too stressful.

    I have just moved this summer but i am going to Scotland with my dad and boys in August for a nice holiday.

    My dad through the summer was very ill in hospital with his chest, im hoping thats who you mean.

    Good vibes and news always welcome, havent had much lately, so heres hoping things are on the up

    Thank you for your reading, hope this feedback helps you XX

    Love and Light


  • Crystal,

    Thank you so much for the reading !!! Sorry not to have posted sooner, but it's been quite hectic between work and classes.... sigh.

    I know feedbcak is always helpful, so here goes:

    Yes, I have been doubting about my new career path, I am moving away from clinicals to work on healthcare administration and healthcare reform, hoping that my work can help and will have an impact on many. But it also means I have to step out of my comfort zone and learn to play a new game with new players which can be quite daunting in itself.

    As I had mentioned in my petition, all the readings state to have patience, that obstacles are being cleared and that now is not the right time. But there are days when I have my doubts and everything looks bleak. I guess I am being called to learn about patience and have some faith, things are not always what they appear to be.

    Once again, the card that always comes up regarding my love interest is the lover's card. As i had mentioned, when I met him he was involved with someone else, yet the lover's card kepps coming up as though insisting that it is meant to be. Again, patience.

    I guess I'll have to follow my heart on this one, difficult thing for a virgo to do !!! 🐡

    Thank you so much, crystal !!!!!!!

  • MOONALISA I will need name, dob and rough whereabouts please, but have added you to my waiting list

    love and light


  • Thank you for all the wonderful feedback , I'm sorry if I appeared snappy unfortunately I have had alot to deal with over the last week and at present it is not letting up although the cards say by the end of feb so hopefully they are right πŸ™‚

    Thank you for all the patient people out there that have been waiting on me to deliver.............and now onto the readings

    blessed be


  • Thanks meandkids


    Although you feel you have already had enough, unfortunately there are still some challenges to come.

    The cards say not to give up on things however as things are gradually going to improve for you.

    You have been overly cautious and fear losing everything you hold dear and seem to be living in the past sometimes, the cards suggest that in order to move on you must learn to take a few risks and let go.

    There is a situation that you are uncertain about as to which way it will pan out, it has mostly been beased upon lies and this will bring about asense of chaos when it ends abruptly.

    The cards are advising the best thing for you to do is not act in haste or jump to conclusions, but simply to wait until the situation seems more clear cut to you.

    You will truimph over difficulties, but miracles don't happen overnight and it will require much inner strength and determination on your part.

    Something that you have been planning will begin to move forwards and health matters will begin to improve also.

    There is some good news coming your way and the cards show a passionate relationship in your future too.

    End of Aug/Sept is going to be an exciting time for you, there are some major changes coming up this year which could transform your world.


    Blessed be



    The cards show that you must not only listen to your heart and inner voice, but look at things from adifferent perspective, this may involve some sort of self- sacrifice.

    A caring ,yet perceptive woman can help you with this.

    There are signs of a reconcilliation ,but balance is also needed in arelationship.

    There seems to be some uncertaincy over something that leaves you feeling up one minute and down the next.

    The cards suggest an increase in your financial position soon.

    Also is there someone getting engaged or married quite soon?, as marriage/engagement shows in your cards.

    Also that thing you've been waiting for, you will succeed.

    ROGER; It i sinteresting to note that Roger recieved many of the same cards you had for your spread including the marriage ones πŸ˜‰

    They don't say very much but he has many obstacles to overcome and a legal situation will slowlycome to reach a positive outcome.

    His hard work will pay off as he also begins to see improvements moneywise.

    There are some changes ahead, but on the whole all looks well.

    CHRISTOPHER: The cards here were very direct and point to him making a journey ( almost all of the cards in his spread pointed to this)

    He is a very persistent man who tries hard to get what he wants from life.

    RICHARD; Richard's cards show that he is either going through or will be soon a bit of a rough patch, ther is much uncertaincy showing and arguments arising in which he feels quite overwhelmed, not sure of which way to turn for the best.

    There are a couple of females that he seems to trust however and should take heed of somwe of their advice.

    A promotion or payrise is shown and someone that deals with finances/figures is also indicated.

    Something from the past will also be bought back bringing happiness his way.

    I hope you find these readings useful in giving you the guidance you were seeking.

    May the Goddess always light your path.


  • ok Thanks moonalisa (love the name btw)

    will get onto it as soon as I get the chance, I have to go again now but you have been added as next in line.

    brightest blessings


  • I'll be waiting patiently:-) thanks

  • Crystal,

    I read your reading for 1chelle and was also wondering if you could give me some insight into what R is currently going through. As I had mentioned all the cards speak of obstacles being cleared, but I don't really know what is going on. Could you please look into it?

    His info is R, dob 08/22/1972, sugarland, texas

    There's no rush, whenever you get a chance and feel well .

  • Meandkids,

    I am glad to hear that thing will gradually improve for me thats great news for me. It is true I sometimes do bring up the past and was told many times in order for things to better I need to let it all go and start over again. I am unsure about the situation that is uncertain and based on lies and will bring out asense of chaos (what do you mean?) when it ends abrubtly. That is awesome to know that my health will improve as maybe that is what is needed to achieve what it is I 've been trying for. It has brought joy to my heart to herar that there is a paassionate relationship in store for my future soemthing that I have always waited and longed for. I also think I know what you are speaking about when it comes to the exciting news that will occur Aug/Sept that will also transform my world. I am looking forward to it.

  • hi crystal

    most importantly i wanted to say thank you for giving your time and insight

    i know a lot about self sacrifice as i have only recently decided to put myself first in every aspect of my life-- there has been much pain involved in the self sacrifice and pulling back has given me back my sense of self-- so i am unsure if going back there is in my best interest at this time

    i will probably always sacrifice in regards to career as i work w teens and people w disabilities and i always do my best to serve them and make sure they are able to lead healthy productive lives

    i probably shouldn't have asked about chris and rich as i know there is no future there-- i was hoping to hear i made the right choice in leaving roger be at this time as he only seems to think of himself and his own interests because you are right a relationship is about balance he just wants his cake and wants to eat it too-- w/o consideration of my feelings

    my uncertainty comes from him coming back in my life at whim

    i am ok when he is gone but when he comes back my heart sinks

    he thinks i should be there for him even if he decides to see other people

    i have no interest in staying with someone who wants to sleep around until he realizes what he has in me/ our relationship

    i have always felt he was "the one" so the similar cards shared between us doesn't surprise me but the marriage cards do-- he claims he doesn't ever want to get married or have children for that matter (although he did say if he were to have kids he would want to have them w me)


    i just don't know what to think right now

    i know the cards are not definite and we have freewill but this reading

    makes me wonder if i am making the right decision in regards to our relationship

    thank you again for everything

    i hope all turns out well with your situation too

    i am sure it will as the cards say end of feb right πŸ˜‰

    be well crystal

    and i will keep you posted if i hear of anyone getting married (right now i don't know of anyone who is) all of my friends are very single-- to my knowledge anyway πŸ˜‰

    may this year be full of blessings health and prosperity for you and yours

  • Meandkids

    Good morning,,,, I've been reading some of the insite you offered ..I would like some direction to my prestent situation.. I've been unemployed since March , I don't know why I got laid off.. I was offered this job in 2007 for my abilities. I'm having a hard time finding work..

    my b day is july 23/63 time of brith 12-5:00 pm that what I've been told ... I need some help..

    thanks a million..ambercle

  • Crystal:

    I just joined this blog today and would like to ask you for a reading. My name is Jane, d.o.b. March 26 1957. I have two questions..what do you see happening in my relationship with Neal, d.o.b. August 17, 1962..and I have a choice to make about my work, I could stay here working in Canada or go to Washington DC..any thoughts?






  • Crystal,

    I'm still here. Whenever you have time. All the best for you!

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