I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • GOOD MORNING MEANDKIDS, it seams that you have a very good talent would you do me? my future love life ? i do have an ex that has been weighing on my mind, wondering if it is time for me to work harder to get him off my mind, or is he in my thoughts because hes coming back? thank you in advance for this, best of health to you and yours!

  • Hello Meandkids, i would like a reading if the offer is still going. Sylvia 21 April 1974 Wales UK. any insight would be nice at the mo as just not sure where things are heading lol do we ever know for sure any ways if you are still doing them then id appreciate it. Love and light Sylvie xx

  • Hello Meandkids,

    would like a reading to get insight on what will happen in my life as far as home, love, financial., etc. Have had a very rough 2009.Hope that this year will be better in all areas of my life. My dob 10-22-69.Just wonder if the man that I love will return or should I just give up his is 11-02-71 if needed. Thanks


    If anyone wants to leave a request then I will get to it as soon as I am able.

    I need a first name, d.o.b and rough whereabouts and will add you to my ever growing waiting list

    please be aware however that I only do a maximum of 3 reads a day as otherwise it drains me.

    Also sometimes it may be the cards do not answer your original question as on occassions the spirits intervene and provide me with the answer to a more important event in your life.

    I ask that you take time to read between the lines of your readings and what they may mean to you and situations in your lives.

    I am only the messenger, so offer these readings as guidance only.

    Please leave feedback as it not only helps me to improve, but I use some of the positive energy you send to recharge my batteries.


    Thank you for your patience and I will get to all of you as soon as I can.

    love and light

    Blessed be


    p.s things have been a little hectic lately so Thank you to everyone who is awaiting readings


  • I WAS ON PAGE 18............DONNA

  • Meandkids,

    Glad to see you're back !!! I would like to ask for a reading, but there's no rush, I understand about kids, home, and feeling tired.

    I met someone last year, but since he was in a relationship and having some issues, I tried to stay away. All my readings come up as though he is to be my next partner, but that there are obstacles that are being worked through at the moment, that things are not always what they appear to be, and that there is a lot I don't know. Still, my heart has become tired of waiting, and as my new years resolution, I decided that I had waited enough, and should go back out there in the world, and see if there is anyone else for me. However, the cards keep insisting on my waiting out this period, that soon everything will just fall into place.

    Could you shed some light on this situation, do I follow my heart or my head?

    DOB: 09/15/1971

    Hometown: Sugarland, Texas

    Thanks !!!!!!!

  • meandkids,

    first name is Tamey,Arkansas,and his Charles my dob102269 his 110271

  • Meandkids,

    Hi I was wondering if you could do me a reading? My DOB June 20, 1987.


    Doing a connecting reading shows that this could be a confusing and complicated type of relationship, the cards show a need for a serious talk, he may be hiding something from you as the 'secrets' card was shown.

    It is up to you to determine what this means however as this can mean it is either him or someone else around him with the secrets.

    He seems to be a busy man that has had many dissapointments in life and has been hurt in the past.

    It may be that he suffers with some depression because of this and other events in his life.

    There also appears to be something to do with legal matters coming up ( I don't know if this makes any sense to either of you, but it is in the future)

    Hard work is needed, but he can overcome his difficulties, the problem you will have is in getting him to open up to you, this will not be easy as there is an unplesant situation on the horizon which will leave him feeling quite vulnerable.

    The cards show that you need to tread carefully with this relationship, moving slowly and allowing it to grow gradually.

    They also give a warning, there is a rather manipulative woman in the background ( possibly an ex?)

    Happy news is also coming your way as is a reason for celebration.

    Persistence and perserverance pays off and offers better stabilty and an improved income.

    I hope this reading offers some guidance for you and you can make sense of what the cards are saying

    love and light crystal

  • Hi Crystal.

    Thank you! You got to that really faster than I thought! Thank you, he has just mentioned to me about a possible situation that might be legal, just last night, that's why I asked for the reading. That gives me a chill at how accurate this reading is. You are a treasure!! You have a wonderful gift and I appreciate how you take time to help others here on this site. Thanks again.

    Love and light to you.

  • Thank you for the feedback sunshine, much appreciated.

    I'm just glad it all made sense to you, as the cards were quite confusing to me.

    brightest blessings



    unfortunately it seems the spirits and cards do not wish to answer your original question ,except to say that you should carry on as you are and think seriously contemplating all things that could happen before attempting a reconcillation as it could end up in tears otherwise.

    The spirits are asking instead that you look at another situation, (work?)

    Something that was built on lies will soon be coming to an end and although you will have many choices to make, it is much better to play an active part in your destiny.

    No decision is still a decision in the eyes of the universe.

    Hard work and efforts made in the past will not go unrewarded and will soon provide you with not only material but finiancial security also.

    A journey is also shown, which may bring about the start of a new exciting venture that could prove to be quite successful.

    once again confusing to me ,but hopefully will make sense to you either now or in the future, remembering of course the one rule.

    You can change the future if you wish to

    love and light


  • Meandkids,

    Sorry for being a bother but I was wondering if you could do me a reading?

  • Dearest Crystal, thank you for your precious time, maybe you could not get a clear answer because he and i still have some more thinking to do and neither of us has let go of this, maybe more healing needs to be done for us both, and thats good as i see iti was told by the captin that is a year of a fork in the road for me so that explains the future you saw for me. so crystal , your reading was accurate, good work! maybe ill check back later to see if the first concern will come to light in the next few weeks or so if thats ok with you, may things go well for you and kids!.may god show you continued blessings! DONNA

  • hey crystal aka mk 😉

    i hope the new year is going well for you and yours and will bring many blessings

    like most my questions revolve around love and career

    my name is michelle born on 11/16/75 @ 1916 or 7:16pm in los angeles ca (and current hometown)

    i have been involved with roger 1/12/70 on and off for almost four yrs now

    but now that his career (music industry) is taking off it feels as if i am losing him

    i have also been chatting sporadically with a couple of other guys

    christopher 5/20/76 and richard 11/13/74 (i think)

    and am wondering if i am to be with any of them or if there is someone still out there more suited for me-- if so when might i meet them

    and if you are able to do you see me going back to school this or next year to fulfill my

    my passion which is to create my own nonprofit working w/ teens

    would appreciate whatever the cards have to say even if my questions aren't what they want to discuss

    thank you in advance

    peace and blessings

  • firstly 143jastin and 1chellee

    I have you on my waiting list and will get to you as soon as I am able, I am trying to work through the list as fast as I can.

    (143jastin you are next on my list)

    Unfortunately things have been quite hectic for me what with one thing and another and I have not had quite so many hours in the day in which to do readings, so am trying to fit them in as and when I can.

    I appreciate it is frustrating having to wait but I am only human after all, so I thank you for your continued patience and I thank everyone else for their wonderful feedback.

    1chellee; As you are essentially asking for 4 connecting readings it may take some time, but I will get to you also as soon as I am able.

    O.k now we have that out of the way on with the readings;

    love and light



    The cards show that someone has not been playing fair and there is some underhandness going on.

    A difficult situation may not go exactly as you had hoped it would, however it is coming to an end soon, there is a caring female who will be there , providing a shoulder to cry on and help you to overcome your feelings about this.

    The cards show that you have been mulling over something turning it over and over in your head, they advise you to check all the details first before committing yourself to anything.

    Also have you been thinking of a move of some sort?

    This could be a house move, a work move or even just aholiday later in the year as a change of residence is shown.

    Someone that has been unwell recently will also begin to improve and ther are better times ahead for you as positive vibes begin to flow your way.

    You will recieve some good news within the next few weeks or so too which helps to strengthen relationships and brings you much happiness.

    I hope this reading helped in some way.

    blessed be



    It seems the cards are asking you to look at something else rather than answering your orriginal question so I am hoping that this will make sense to you.

    The cards show that things have not always been that easy for you and things have not gone your way.

    Sometimes you have felt the entire world and his wife have been against you, well that looks set to improve over the next few months for you as it is indicated that you are gradually moving out of stormy waters into a much calmer sea.

    Past efforts will be rewarded and new begginnings are on the horizon.

    There is a decision you must make ,but you cannot let your imagination run away from you as there are going to be many choices offerred to you.

    A caring man is shown and a woman who likes to generally keep herself very busy, she is sensitive towards others feelings and also can be very caring, but watch you do not cross her else you will feel th esharp end of her tongue ( I get the impression this may be either your parents or someone that you reguard very highly and are quite close to)

    they will be helping you with something in the future.

    Hard work and determition are needed before you can gain your victory and triumph.

    Happiness is shown ,but it is not something that will happen overnight, there are better times ahead for you , but you must be patient for a little while longer I'm afraid.

    May the goddess always light your path



    The cards for you show that you need to have more confidence in yourself as you are indeed heading in the right direction.

    There are some arguments coming up in the future and a few serious talks will be needed, you should however try not to get too involved if you can possibly help it and make sure not to say anything that you could regret at a later date.

    Patience and comprises have to made in the next few months too

    You have been working hard recently and the cards show that you will soon be able to spend more time at home.

    A much improved income is coming your way offerring better stabilty for everyone.

    A secret you get to hear will be beneficial to you.

    Someone or something from your past will come into your life again soon, which brings happiness.

    I also pulled 'The lovers' as one of the cards for you indicating a positive realationship that continues to grow day by day.

    Also there may be a reason for celebrations in your not so distant future.

    I hope you found this reading helpful in some way

    love and light


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