I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..


    Although I know I've got some challenges coming up, (court stuff again!!)

    I just had your name keep coming to me, and hadn't heard from you in awhile

    so I sense you are going through or about to be going through a challenge of some sort.

    I would like to know if things will go alright for me in court as I am feeling nervous about it, and wether I will meet my true love in 2010 and anything else you can pick up.

    will go to your thread

    if anyone else wants to try a reading for me also based on these questions, then feel free to give it a shot

    lol ......cdkgh703 That's probably what it was then with your son as there was a definate theme of stubborness.

    doing a quick pendulum reading for you tells me that nursing is not your field and you should look more deeply into the other two instead.

    I hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck for the future.

    Blessed Be


  • Hi Crystal,

    Thank you so much for the reading...it was so "right" I cried! I can't wait to share the good news with my dad.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!


  • Crystal,

    Just wanted to stop in and say Hi and thank-you for all the help that you gave me in the past,i'm going to take a break from tarot for awhile, thing's have changed for me and i have alot to figure out and right now i'm feeling that i need to be alone for awhile to do that,and feeling a little shocked and doughtful of some things right now is not good, for others on here that can pick-up on that.thank-you for being a friend.


    love & light

  • Hi crystal, i hope u can provide some guidance for me. I am having questions regarding my current employemer-a gemini- she is very coniving and i think trying to oust me. My dob is 2/7/62.. My boss is may ? day-75? I am also just getting over a break up w/a cancer male 3/7/59 and I don't know what is going to happen. I also have a capricorn male 1/16/66 who has been a good friend. Any thoughts about relationships/employement this coming year? Thank you and have a good year! Sending postive thoughts your way....

  • Crystal,

    Thanks so much for the wonderful reading you gave on me and my companions.You picked out the main characteristics of them both, and you are definitely spot on! There is so much to thiunk about here, and I thank you and really appreciate you taking your time and energy to dothis for me.

    Many Blessings from the Goddess, much love and light to you. Happy New Year!

  • Crystal,

    Hi, thank-you for the message,i replyed,i ment to e-mail you but my laptop has been acting up and my reply posted on my thread instead. thank-you friend, happy blue moon and new year... 🙂


    love & light 🙂

  • Crystal,

    Thank u again for your insight.hope you had a lovely new years eve!

  • hi all, I am in contact with Crystal. She wishes all a Good New Year. Unfortunately her computer has Crashed and she is finding it hard to get online at present. She hopes it will not be too long and will get to do more readings a.s.a.p..

    wishing everyone well

    Love and light.


  • Had the same problem earlier in the month thankyou for letting us know..Best wishes and to all a GREAT NEW YEAR!!!

  • I feel so bad,on new years eve my sister sent me a cute e-card,so i looked at the other ones to choose from and wanted to send my warm wishes and love to my friends,well it turns out it was a viris,it tryed to crash my laptop yesterday on the 1st but i was on it at the time and warnings from mcAfee starded going off on my laptop like fireworks and i was able to save it from crashing but it took better half of the day. I feel SO,SO BAD now that i have learned that LibrasLair and Meandkids computers crashed yesterday and it crashed my sisters as well. Strange thing was i got nowarning that it was not safe. I feel so guilty,and are truely sorry if it was my e-card that did the damage...

    Blessings,Love & Light 😞

  • Computer crashes are very likely during a mercury retrograde period. We entered the retrograde 12/26 & will be in until 1/15. Effects are felt 2 weeks before & 2 weeks after.

    Also not wise to buy electronics during this time. Sign contracts & cars may break down as well.

    We have 4 a year. This one fell during the lunar eclipse & comes out on the solar eclipse in January!

  • I wish it would do that to mine @ work!...just joking...good info to know ..thanks for sharing.

  • Be careful what you ask for! Cars are notorious for acting up during this time as well.

  • hello again everyone,

    I finally got back online as you can see,

    thanks raven for sticking a message up and i hope everyone had a wonderful xmas and new year.

    purpleiris; sorry it's been so long, are you still wanting a reading?

    love and light to all


  • hey Crystal

    Welcome back 🙂 Merry Chrstmas and Hppy New Year and all that to you also.

    blessings Tatia

  • Yes of course i would be happy for any insight u may provide..anytime u have the tiem..thanks!

  • Hi Crystal,

    Welcome back, i left you a message. take care and Blessed Be...


    The cards show there is dishonesty around you and you need to take care with the words you choose as a situation will be coming up which may not go quite as you had envisioned.

    They show that you are sometimes afraid to follow your heart for fear of what others may think if you do so.

    Inner strength will be need later in the year as there is a testing time coming up,which will leave you feeling dissillusioned.

    Although you will have to face some hard truths, if you look at the situation from a different perspective, you will soon find out how to take control.

    A holiday also later in th eyear could provide a chance for you not only to get to know yourself but someone else (new relationship) is on the horizon too.

    Alot of changes are coming your way over the next few months and you will be quite a busy woman.

    Oppurnities will present themselves, but will you be awake enough to take them?

    Remember the storm will pass and as one door closes ,another must open.

    I hope you find this reading helpful in some way.

    love and light


  • Thank you for your help...What u discribe is already coming up and I'd rather be prepared than not..prepare for the worst, hope for the best..Thanks for taking the time when i know u have a busy life..God bless!

  • Hello, meandkids.

    back on Dec 6, you did a reading for me on page 6 in here. I had no idea just how totally on the money you were!!! I was thinking it was the two people I was talking to at the time, but NO!!!

    Dec 14th, a totally new person came into my life, we started talking, the relationship TOTALLY went from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds!!! You were right, within a 10 day period, he stated that he thinks the world of me and that he is in love. Yeeooowwwza! He has written or talked to me nearly everyday since, has written vows to me that smack of marriage vows and I am pretty bowled over!!

    What do you think, Is it what I think it is?!?! he is mar6,59 I am jul9 59. As for the rest of the reading, I believe I see progress, thank you so much. This has really made a difference for me.

    Light and love to you!!

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