I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • Hi meankids,

    I had asked for a reading a few days ago and gave no info...sorry! My name is Robyn dob is 9/19/65. I'm in NJ. What I'd really like to know is not so much for me but my dad, and how everything will turn out for him. Thanks for any insight you may have!


  • Robyn,

    of course I would be happy to do a reading for you, however as it is your dad you wish to know about ,it may be better to link with him and his guides and do a reading for him rather than yourself.

    Therefore I would need his name and date of birth.

    I could still try doing a reading based on your date of birth etc if you would like, but it is likely to bring up information reguarding you instead of your father.

    I hope this makes sense to you, let me know what you like to do.

    Blessed be


  • Hi Crystal,

    Yes, that definitely makes more sense. His name is Robert (Bob) his DOB is 3/20/43. Thank you again!!


  • ok will get on to it as soon as I can

  • Talisa, am i right in assuming the 3 card spread you did was past, present and future.

    I have had some loss in the past and a few regrets over things, recently I have sought help to overcome some things from my past so I guess that covers the healing bit and security ermmm... well I moved house not long agao which has provided extra security.

    So I would say pretty good attempt, keep practising and if you feel like doing any more readings then bear me in mind and I'm sure you'll get plenty more takers on here also willing to give you a shot.


    Blessed be



    The cards show a change of direction in your life and although you have been feeling under pressure, you should take a step back and try to avoid taking on more than you can chew.

    Seeds you planted in the past suddenly begin to grow and the roadblocks will begin to clear over the next few months as you start to feel more sure of yourself.

    Learning to trust your instincts is a good place to begin, that said ther is a situation you need to look deeper into as all is not as it seems and there is more to it than meets the eye, ther could be something that you missed previously.

    You will need lots of patience and courage soon, but will find the strength to carry on as you come towards the end of what has been an emotional and difficult time.

    His cards show a very work- focused person who likes to see tasks through to completion.

    A challenge coming up in his future means that his confidence will take a knock, however he should not give up on his dreams as he is much closer to getting the results he wants, than he thinks he is,but should take care and use tact in meetings with others.

    A warning is given that he should be aware of a person that acts in a supicious nature around him as they are out to take something from him without so much as a backwards glance.

    Rest and recuperation is shown ,as well as needing to spend time with loved ones.

    If he can learn to accept that he is not invincable and has limits too ,then he can become victorious and triumph over many of the difficulties arising.

    Good news concerning money may also come his way soon and a reason for celebration is on the cards bringing much happiness.

    You both had the 10 of cups drawn which is essentially the card of stability, but also signifies happy relationships.

    All in all although the road will not be smooth it looks like you will be moving on soon.

    love and light


    p.s Good luck on finding more work soon!

  • Hi Crystal,

    thanks for the feedback. It is hard to learn to "trust" things. Yes it was a past, present and future spread. I can look to try another one for you if you would like me to. I am willing to hear what spreads you recommend also.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for the support

    Tatia xx

  • Hi Crystal,

    you did a previous reading for me (Dec 9) and since then, my goodness!! Men are falling out of the woodwork! 2 of them I was involved with many years ago, 1 was and has been a wonderful friend (platonic) and this last one is literally out of left field! another previously known person, but from junior high! Weirder than fiction! On some off chance whim, I looked him up on a reunion site, he found it and we connected. We have hardly ever stopped talking since then. He just wrote me tonight and says he can't get me out of his head since we reconnected. he feels a real deep connection to me. He believes we are soulmates. He lives in Montana, I live in PIttsburgh, but I actually felt him touch my face today, he confirmed that he did and told me why. I have, however, started talking to one of my previous mentioned that I used to be involved with, but another long distance friendship. Could you please read for me and tell me what all this is? I am not being sure if romance is the total focus on this. My latest friend strikes me as being a healer, his power is really strong, and he is unaware; that is why I don't know the whats or wheres here. Can you do connecting readings on me and the two I mentioned to see how I should proceed with the two of them. My Bday is July9 59, my healer is MArch 6, 59 and my other previous is Feb 11, 56. I know there are more people ahead, I can wait. Thank you for the previous reading and for now. You seem to have opened up the heavens for me!

    Much light and love energy for you, and thanks for helping all of us searching for answers everywhere.


  • Dear Crystal,

    could you please do a reading for me? I don't know what career path I am meant to be on, and I was wondering what is going to happen with me health wise and in love. My birth date is 12/02/1979. I was also wondering if you could do my son. his birth date is 4/15/07 and I worry alot about him. Thank you!


    The cards show that although your father has decided to walk away from the past, abandoning the path through dissapointments.

    There is a patient, caring woman by his side who is supporting him 100 %, never getting fazed and always dedicated to the task in hand, she gives unconditional loves, kindness and understanding, never asking for anything in return ( mother?, you?, friend?)

    Everything seems to be up in the air at present, but an important message from an unusual source will help him to organize his priorities.

    It is only then that he can hope to make progress.

    Over the next few months if not already he will feel a need to withdraw into himself, drifting off into his own little world, he is searching for the answer to the many questions he has and how past actions he regrets could have been different.

    The people hurt through these actions have already forgiven and moved on, so must he.

    Sometimes the cards can be harsh and the next few cards are telling him he needs to get up off his jacksie once in a while and make new friends, expanding his social network, but also warns that he should not rely on others opinions too much and stand by his own thoughts on a certain matter.

    He is learning to accept things as they are, yet at the same time embracing new values and adopting a new attitude towards life.

    In 2010 things will gradually seem to become clearer and your father will begin to feel more at peace and start to believe in himself.

    You are all moving onto better things and I believe either you or someone very close to your father may have some news to share over the next few months or so.

    This will put a BIG smile on your dad's face and be a cause for a PARTY!! and much happiness.

    I offer premature congratulations to whomsoever it is with this wonderful news.

    blessed be


    p.s try not to worry, things will turn out o.k

  • Hi Talisa

    I have been reading the cards for about 11years on and off now(14 if you count the readings I did for friends amd family)

    The advice I was given was to have a separate pack for personal readings ( do not let anyone but yourself handle these)

    and another for others readings, remember to cleanse the cards and yourself after any negative readings using either insense and putting the cards through the smoke, meditation tecniquesor any other method that feels comfortable to you.

    Sleep with them under your pillow for at least one night to transfer your energies to the cards

    Limit yourself to only a maximum of 10 readings in a week at first ( I was told first 6 months)

    This is hard to do as the cards will call to you, but try to resist if you can as it will drain you otherwise and this makes you more prone to picking up negative vibes.

    My third piece of advice was to look closely at the pictures first to discover what they mean to you and also get as many books as possible from the library etc on the subject and begin to collect as many meanings for the cards as you can find, this is so that you do not just get stuck on one meaning only.

    It is also a good idea to work out why you do not like certain cards and if you connect them with any events in your own life.

    As for spreads, no-one can advise you on what spread is best, as it is different for each person and a matter of trial and error, but look around online, in books etc and experiment to see what you feel most comfortable with.

    I hope this helps you.

    I wish you all the best on your journey.

    love and light


  • sunshine;

    I'm glad you found the previous reading useful, as you are essentially asking for 3 connecting readings this will take some time to do, but I will do what I can over the next few days.


    I will add you also to my waiting list although could I just ask for your 's and your son's first name's and rough whereabouts please?

    This is to help me better connect with any guides.

    Although your son also has an animal guide that protects him as well as others, he is looked after.

    I am taking a small break over xmas to be with family but will be back soon.

    In the meantime I wish you all a happy christmas / yuletide and a properous new year!!!

    love and light always and healing thoughts to those that need them



    If anyone wants to leave a request then I will get to it as soon as I am able.

    I need a first name, d.o.b and rough whereabouts


    please be aware that I only do a maximum of 3 reads a day as otherwise it drains me.

    Also sometimes it may be the cards do not answer your original question as on occassions the spirits intervene and provide me with the answer to a more important event in your life.

    I ask that you take time to read between the lines of your readings and what they may mean to you and situations in your lives.

    I am only the messenger, so offer these readings as guidance only.

    Please leave feedback as it not only helps me to improve, but I use some of the positive energy you send to recharge my batteries.


    Thank you for your patience and I will get to all of you as soon as I can.

    love and light

    Blessed be


  • Hi Crystal,

    I didn't give names and whereabouts, Gene is June 11/56 JAckson Mississipppi and Peter is Montana, 3/6/59, I am Pennslvania, July 9 1959. Thanks again, Merry Christmas!

  • Hi Crystal,

    Thank u for responding. Here is the info you requested from me above: Kim, 12/02/79 , PA and Jude, 4/15/07 PA. Thank you again, I look forward to hearing back from u. Merry Xmas!!!!

  • Thank you so much crystal.. it sounds like things will improve,

    merry xmas & new year

    Curler xx


    The cards do not show much that you do not already know, they predict a love already in your life becoming more serious and show many sleepless nights, worrying about things and thoughts running wild.

    Unfortunately this will not settle just yet as you will soon feel emotionally hurt, as you discover someone who is not being completely honest with you.

    There is some happy but delayed news on its way and the cards show a playful kind of lover who is sensitive to your needs as you are to his, if you learn to trust your intuition you will know who this is.


    For Gene the cards show that he needs to learn how to trust people and has a difficult time believing in himself.

    He is stubborn in nature and does not give up things easily, he acts the tough guy but often wants to be alone, so as no-one can see how he really feels inside.

    Unfortunately the crads show a no-win situation coming up for him, in which he will feel frustrated, however if he acts appropiately at the right time, there is a chance for him to try something new that he can benefit from instead.

    He has many challenges coming up, but these are all tests and lessons that he must learn , as well as needing to face up to the truth of a matter.

    Once he can do this and begin believing in his achievements, he will slowly become more content with his life.

    It will not be an easy journey for him, but he can turn his hopes for the future into reality.


    The cards do not say much for peter, although he is also sad at times and wishes to be alone.

    He is a hard worker and steps up to the mark when needed as it will be soon, however his efforts will pay off.

    There is a chance of a new job, a talent being recognised or an increase in cash flow, it is difficult to determine which it is, but it is all positive anyway and nothing for him to worry about.

    Secrets will be revealed and some good news is on its way for him.

    A change of luck helps his dreams to materialize.

    I hope this helps you in making your decision and wish you well for the future.

    May the goddess light your path.

    Blessed Be



    This is a short reading for you as the cards show that although you shut one door another more positive one soons opens.

    Look for advice from an older person who can help you get your life into perspective and learn to juggle all your responsibilities.

    Mantaining balance is important for you right now as thinghs are going to become a little chaotic over the next few months or so.

    Past efforts will be noticed and you will come out on top of a situation that has been ongoing.

    Your son's reading show that he has some kind of talent which improves as he gets older, this you should encourage and treasure.

    He is a fighter and has much inner strength ( was he premature?)

    He understands more than most people give him credit for and is an intelligent little thing, very active getting bored easily, he finds it difficult sometimes to communicate how he is feeling and unfortunately when he discovers a lie he will withdraw into himself for a while and be feeling life is unfair, however good 'ol' mum will be there as always to comfort him and he will soon be back to normal.

    His little 'tantrums' can be quite enertaining at times as he comes across as one that can be quite stubborn if he does not get his own way, he has great determination in getting things as he would like them to be.

    Most unusual in his reading was the fact that 3 aces were drawn for him showing that he has much love and happiness surrounding him.

    It also shows he is protected well via the spirit world.

    A positive but dramtic change is on the horizon for you both, something quite exciting.

    He will need preparing for this as it will be a shock for you both, however ther are tears of happiness and a bright future in store for you both.

    Do try not to worry so much.

    love and light


  • Meandkids,

    Hi Crystal, I found you by chance on the other thread, need a reading!

    Thank you for your blessings of light

    are you wondering about challenges? Or were you referring to me?

    I am hoping to get caught up on readings this weekend, will add you to my list

    if any specifics please go to can someone do me a reading

    if no questions please follow up for your reading there

    thank you! Nice to see you again!

    I wish you all the best now and always


  • Thank you so much for your reading! You have described my son to a T and I had to laugh about his stubborness and little tantrums. No, he wasn't a premie, he was stubborn and had to be induced because he did not want to come into the world. Did the cards show anything at all about career? I am really torn about what career path I should pursue. I don't know if I should do nursing, vet tech, or medical lab tech. I know you are busy, if you have a moment and could enlighten me further that would be great. I am very, very , torn and that is what all the worry is about. Thank you again!

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