I'd love to get a reading of any kind ..

  • I would love to get a reading of any kind if anyone has something for me. My name is Amy birthdate, aug 12th 1979. 08:50 am central time boaz, al 35962. Thankful for any replies

    sorry if this message has duplicated in the forum somewhere but i can't find it and i think its because i didn't add a title.. 3rd times a charm...

  • hi Amy,

    I am learning tarot at present,I'm still not that good doing readings for other people but if you are willing to be a guinea pig.....lol.

    I will try for you.

    did you have any specific question in mind? I offer a basic reading or a general indication over six months.

    love and light crystal

  • p.s if anyone wants to do a reading for me also though I would be very grateful.

    thanks crystal

  • Meandkids, I would love a general read dob 10/31/59 1206pm

    southwest no hurry at your conven is fine,

    I will read for you during ne t. Couple o days got to get some zzz

    now, get feel all ok w court let me run it by cards soon ok

  • wow thank you just for those words golden hill, as I am going back and forth to court at present and worried about different things.

    will get on to your reading soon, do you have a specific question in mind?

    thanks for doing a reading in return look forward to it,

    in the meantime do get yourself some rest as there is a challenging time coming up for you and you will need your wits about you.

    love and light crystal

  • Meandkids, you seem to be ver skilled at this craft!!!! I saw o e of your readings : )

    re. My question. Tell me about challenges...You see plz

    As I currently looki g deeep within for answers to why and how my life turned out as is,

    the soul search sparked by reads from Hanswolfgang, ( exceptional reader by the way)

    I hav found I hav never really been able to do " life"

    always hid and denied a part of self, now I am even wondering even more

    I am also unemployed at present, by choice as job became unbearable as has everything else inlife

    that I have run from, do hav job prospects...

    If u can give me an over view of court situation

    thank you and many blessings your way

  • I would like someone to do a reading on me, PLEASE. I woulud like to know more about my near future. My birthday, 10/27/1950 9:16 pm . T

    Thank You Joann

  • Meandkids, you go girl !

    You got your thread started to do readings!

  • Joann and Amy if u are still needin read can find me at

    Can someone do " me" a reading thread

    will be working on "Meandkids" reading tonite approx 900-1100 pm


  • MeandKids- I'd be glad to be a guinea pig for you. lol. I bet you will do a great job! Give it a shot if you want to and i will a appreciate it greatly!

    Goldenhill- I will go to that thread thank you!

  • Joanne

    I'm getting "sickness" Like a breakdown in the immune system. I see caregiver---an issue on both ends. You've been a loyal caregiver all your life. Now you need careTaking. This is hard for you. You've struggled many times before on this issue but now it is really urgent. Sickness scares you terribly so on that respect you are very motivated to do whatever you need to do to get healthy. You get burned out but you do have strong recouping powers though you notice a difference with aging. You can do this. You are very strong. This time in your life is meant for Healing--mind body and spirit. Keep your thoughts as positive as possible--no matter what.

  • Meandkids,

    I saw your offer on UH's thread and decided to create a new one so as to not interfere with the current ongoing thread. but I see you're psoting here.

    I'm 38 years old and either my hormones have gone haywire or its my biological clock ticking, but what I really want in my life right now is a child. I love children, and while I would like to have a life partner, my heart is begging for a child. All my readings keep on telling me that my world is about to be transformed ( the wheel) and the knight of wands and emperor, keep coming up in my readings, yet I still haven't met anyone. A friend has told me she sees only one child for me, yet another friend has said she sees two-four kids total in my life. I was wondering if these might be stepchildren or adopted ones. Either way I will feel blessed. Do you feel or see this also?

    Blmoon, feel free to share some of your insight too. please


  • Meandkids Could you help me as well please!

    I am "sort" of stuck right now. I have been waiting patiently to reconnect with my exboyfriend. Basically, I was wondering if I should give up and go on with my life and forget about him; or, should I give him until the end of this year to contact me? I also was hoping that he would give me my job back as well?

    I use to work for him, he is the owner of the company I use to work for. I know that there has been a lot of drama and chaos among the employees, since I left.

    Please tell me if he will contact me, or if I should completely forget about him?

    Also what do you see as far as employment in the next 2 months?

    D.O.B. 04-21-73-- 2:05 A.M. Manhattan, New York

    MY Exboyfriend: 06-30-50

    Thanks In Advance,

  • Meandkids

    Dearest Crystal,

    Pretty much focused on Court issues,sooo what I see is that you will be advised appropriately,

    and all will be fair and balanced , may not allll be what you want , but for the most part all in your favor, now there is alot of change/transition going on, you must grieve go thru the stages of grief,your are leaving the old behind and starting anew , you must grieve thru this process.

    Now as far as "the other party" He is of a neg influence expecting a different outcome for his benefit, and is being advised accordingly.. remember above re: you

    open for feedback or comments

    Best to you

  • Hey, can I jump in here and volunteer as a guinea pig?

    I don't read cards, but I can pray for you or do an energy healing in return.

    I really need some assurance that finances are beginning to flow. I'm in a huge transition, and need to know where to concentrate my efforts for the best financial return.

    I have my own business, a publishing company, I have a membership site centered around healing for women, and I am going to begin telemarketing for a friend.

    am I on the right track? any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Susan Denham

  • wow Thanks for having faith in me everyone,

    I can't promise i will get things exactly right as i am still learning to read for others and sometimes the cards won't neccessarily answer your orriginal question but rather address what they and the spirits feel is the most important thing for you to be aware of at this moment.

    Unfortunately I have been rather busy this week so have just done Goldenhillsat present,although I will only be doing 2 or 3 readings a day else it drains me.

    i hope that you will be patient and wait for me as i try to do each reading in order of those that have asked.

    If you could leave your date of birth and rough whereabouts it would help greatly.

    Many thanks everyone.

    love and light crystal

  • Thanks for the response. and no worries about the time frame, perfectly understand.

    My info would be DOB 09/15/1971 Houston, Texas.

    A possible potential partner is 08/22/1972 also here in Houston, if you get a chance.


  • Hi goldenhill,

    Thank you for the reading you done, it is somewhat as I thought re; not getting all I want.

    You are correct there are many changes going on right now, too many at times.....lol

    Can you explain further re; 'other party' although once again you are correct, he is very negative and does not comprimise easily expecting things his way most of the time.

    In short terms It is adomestic violence case in which the children do not wish to see their dad, i say su[pervised contact, he says unsupervised contact.

    I am being told at present it is me influencing what the kids say and do and they do not have minds of their own ( they are 8,11, and 14 yrs)

    As well as all the other people they have spoken with, they are now being subjected to psychological assessments too.

    I am hoping something good will come of it and they will listen to the childrens feelings and realise I am only trying to keep them safe.

    Thank you once again for your reading, you truely are an amazing woman and have fantastic insight.

    love and light always crystal

    p.s your reading is below.


    The cards tell me either now or in the near future;

    You mainly had wands which indicates action is needed.

    At present you feel very fed up with what life has thrown at you.

    There is or will be a situation which drags you down and you feel like giving up, you have many people asking favours of you and often feel exhausted,you must learn to say No! sometimes and mean it as this is doing your health no good.

    You can't please everyone all of the time,you will burn yourself out.

    Focus on the more important things right now, the rest can wait.

    There are secrets around you and you may soon hear something which could be to your benefit, you should trust your instincts and look into something a little deeper for someone may be trying to deceive you or there could be something that you previously missed.

    Your ideas and beliefs may also be challenged in the future as people will disagree with something you do or say, you will feel a strong need to defend yourself, but sometimes lack the confidence to speak up.

    Do keep fighting, however weary life gets, you can overcome the delays and obstacles put in your path.

    It is not going to be easy and demands determination and perserverance, but when the hard work is over you can relax and maybe even take a well earned break with loved ones.

    The message is don't give up for success is closer than you think.

    I hope this helps you and you can make sense of it all.

    look forward to your feedback.

    love and light crystal

  • Hi Crystal

    I'm in love with a man in work. will we get together. my dob is 22/8/65 and his is 3/6/61. He is already in a relationship and dont know how he feels about me.

    greatly appreciated


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