• Having lost all that had been in my world each and everyday of my life. Have passed on to another world we know as Heaven,These four people,first my only born child my son he was only 26yrs.murdered,18months later my husband murdered,4 months later my beloved dog my daughter of 12 yrs, and then last sept 2008, My challenged adult sister whom I took care of on a daily basis .

    I cant afford to seek out of the home consuling,nor can i afford a clarvoiant or medium. to help me. if you are willing to offer your professionalisium to one so despartly in need.I know you would be paid back in trifolds.

    All I'm seeking is if there is any message's for me? Is my son & husband still beside me? are they happy?something anything please.. thankyou my losses have all started Sept.2005 & last one sept 2008. to me that is to much in a short time.I'm also intrested in hiring one to help solve the murder of my son.But fear for my life as well..because of whom or why he was killed.

    if you are willing please leave a message here also a e-m where we can be free to speak. w/out my life in danger ....

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