UniversialHarmony-Can you do a reading?

  • Hi,

    I have made the decision to return to school, the next two years will be challenging. Is this the right decision for me? Thank you for your help on this.


  • I know you asked for manifest and I cant garuntee she will respond but I can tell you that I am also returning to school after a couple years off and I cant wait. I know its going to be stressful but remember you are taking control of your future and learning new things and giving yourself more opportunities. Both my mom and my aunt returned to school in their late fifties. You can do it!!!!

  • Yes, follow this desicion--but keep an open mind as it my surprise you and take you somwhere else you were not expecting. Don't look at any changes as failure or something went wrong--this desicion is a small part of a bigger picture--it will get you from point A to B and all bumps in the road will make sense much later. You will make several new friends who will pull you in two directions. Lots of desicions will present themselves. You will meet a mentor much like yourself who will help you move in the right direction, this will be a long term special bond. Again, move ahead but with a very open mind to change and this will change your life.

  • Thank you for your input. I am in my 50's so to hear about your Mom and aunt is inspiring. I actually went back to school about 8 yrs ago, it changed my life. From foodstamps to great paying job. Now going to grad school. Seems crazy to do at my age but I feel so pulled to do it.

  • Blmoon,

    I am grateful for your response. I am so looking forward to meeting new friends and a mentor. Your reading is so detailed. Very interesting. Thank you!

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