Law of Attraction

  • Does anyone believe in the law of attraction? If so, how is it applied and can it work for me?

  • Go out and get yourself a copy of the book. It will be self explanatory. Thinking positively and pushing out all the negative thoughts that sabotage you. See yourself in a better place, doing what you want to do or be or go. Make a list of what you want in your future. And start working forward to obtain it. If you want to live some place else start putting together pictures of that area and put them up on the fridg to motivate you. Making changes now reading you for your future you make for yourself.

  • When you say I can't or I will never all of those words start to block you from having the life you want. It may not be tomorrow or next week but it will happen when your ready and not when your think your ready.

  • Remember that saying "As a man think'th so is he." I have starting thinking more positive and visualizing what I want and or need and it is working. Manifest Destiny. Good Luck!

  • does the motto' Believe and so shall you Receive' ring any bells...??? Magnetic polar opposites?? two magnets sticking together Yes it exists And why would it matter if any of us others believe?? You are the one who needs to believe Hope You find some enlightenment. Blessings Be

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  • I appreciate all of you for commenting on The law of attraction.

    I will start doing these things and will learn how to change my thoughts and see what happens , Thanks a lot!! 🙂

  • i have been blessed with such abundance and prosperity through the law of attraction. i have been blessed time after time once i set an intention and truly feel it as if it is happening now...visualize it. the key is this: when you know that everything happens for the best, then everything that happens is okay with you. the irony of this is that when everything that happens is okay with you, you set up an energy field of such equanimity and harmony with the universe that the universal law of attraction draws more equanimity and harmony into your life. it is very important to be grateful for what you have as well and give thanks every day. have patience as nothing that is worthwhile comes easy, while what is supremely valuable is worth waiting for. it's not unlike a seed that grows into a tree. it takes nourishment and time to mature. you will be richly rewarded...not just financially, but in all aspects of your life...abundance has a much broader meaning than just having a lot of money. Lastly, live and breathe from your heart in all that you do.

  • Well said finding joy.

  • I first encountered "The Law of Attraction" through the book "The Secret". I noticed the link above for the movie, and I watched it, but the book allows you to use your own imagination to create what you want in life. Remember what they said above as well, it doesn't happen over night. I am still trying to master it, or even apply it. I was doing pretty good with it for awhile, but I let negativity back in, and has been a struggle to get there.

    One thing I like doing is making the traffic lights green. My son and I play a game. We see how long we can go from one place to another that has traffic lights, and see how many green lights we catch. If we hit a red one, we lose and that means we lost our concentration, or added negativity into our thoughts. We have "won" many times. It's fun, and it's a great way to practice. The other game we play (also suggested from the book) is getting that perfect parking spot at work. It works! It really does. Try it, and have fun with it.

    Oh, and remember, you have to phrase thoughts in your head without negative words, because the universe only hears the postive ones. Like for example: "I don't want to be poor anymore. I don't want to struggle anymore." The universe hears: "I want to be poor anymore. I want to struggle."

    Good luck! It's a work in progess for me. Maybe we can remind each other! 🙂

  • try searching abraham hicks on you tube. remember to focus on what you do want not on what you dont want

  • I found the law of attraction almost 2 years ago. I am a firm believer but sometimes I have the hardest time thinking positively all the time. like when I failed my lab final. I found myself outside on the steps crying wondering how I was suppose to feel blessed and thankful at such a disappointment. Has anyone else come up against this? Have you been able to work around it. I finally just told myself it was alright to cry and that I was thankful to be able to feel my emotions. lol. but it was the best I could come up with.

  • You did the right thing giving yourself permission the feel the reality of your disapointment. That's a reaction. Then comes the choice--after the tears and the 5 minute pity party you are more likely to make a more powerful effort to create the kind of energy that comes with INTENT. I used to get stuck on that all or nothing thinking when I was young. It's like trying to swim upstream! Not only does it strangle the good energy to sit on emotions--- it manifests in illness and body pains. It's not a failure, that moment of feeling unwanted emotions that are for the moment honest. It's the choice not to feed that unwanted emotion. You could have used the disapointment to feel unkind about yourself and then act on it by being self destructive or you just indulge in those insults for a few minutes--have a good cry but then take a deep breath and think it over and pep talk your way back on your feet and then start the energy ball rolling again in the right direction. The energy is made tronger after an act of transformation. It intensifies the intent.

  • Hi Cattciat,

    I am reading Abrham Hicks, now i have put it down for a week or so , will be reading it again.

    Thanks 228

  • I appreciate your input, Bimoon, I had been struggling with one thing or another for a bit now. I thought it was because I didn't believe. I know I do. Now I can feel encouraged after the moment of weakness has passed. Thank you! Love & light!

  • very informative mmm....

  • Bishop E. Bernard Jordan wrote a book that is called "The laws of Thinking - 20 secrets to using the Power of Your Mind to Manifest Prosperity". This book explains:

    The Law of Becoming

    The law of Spirit

    The law of Attraction

    The law of Writing

    The law of Risk

    The law of Habit

    The law of Passion

    The Law of Vow

    The Law of Word

    The Law of Mind

    The law of the Journey

    The law of Oneness

    The law of Predistination

    The law of Humility

    The law of Faith

    The law of Planning

    The law of Money

    The law of System

    The law of Prosperity

    The Law of Harvest.

    All of these are laws that the author says is of equal importance as the law of attraction. The law of attraction is written about in chapter three.

  • Hnagedwoman...thanks for sharing (^_^)

  • Hello everyone, this is such an interesting topic. I have been in a slump lately and have been trying to change my negative thinking. A friend of mine sent me a advice from a site called. Here are 10 Ways To Change The Way You Think, which I have copied and pasted for you, hope it helps.

    1. Take a different route - look for a different path to the same destination. Whether you're on a walk in the woods, or taking the bus to work, try exploring another route to give you some new ideas and insights into your environment.

    2. Play the other's role, walk a mile in your enemy's moccassins - set your own opinions aside for a moment, and look at the same situation through another's eyes, try to see and feel what they are seeing and feeling. It doesn't matter whether you are arguing, or simply exchanging ideas, looking at a problem or question from someone else's perspective leads to a much greater understanding.

    3. Notice your unloving thoughts, judgments and limiting beliefs - "I am too fat", "I can't...", "she's too pretty to notice me" "he's a freak" Change those negative thinking patterns to positives: "I look better and better every day", "I can...where there's a will, there's a way", " she is so lovely, somehow I intend to get to know her", "wow, now doesn't he look like an interesting fellow". It is awesome how shifting from a negative to a positive perspective starts attracting a lot more positives in your life - and makes you feel a lot better.

    4. Clear out the old - make room for new energy and new ideas by cleaning out the basement, the garage, closets, drawers, files. Clearing the clutter from our physical spaces is tantamount to clearing the clutter from your mind and heart. Just as we burden ourselves with old stuff that we don't need anymore, we burden our souls with thoughts and feelings that are old, no longer serving us. Tackling a clean-up in your living and working places, also clears and opens YOU.

    5. Change your routine, your daily schedule - evaluate your priorities, decide what's important in your life, then change your daily routines to allow you to focus on the priorities. Knowing your priorities, what's important to you, changes the way you think about using your resources, including your time.

    6. Notice your language - change your words, the way you express your thoughts and feelings and lo and behold, you change the energy around you. If I use a negative statement like "you can't do that because it's not safe", chances are I will be disputed, and the person I am trying to protect may even choose to take on the dangerous task, just to prove me wrong. But if I ask instead "how will you protect yourself in this job, it seems a little scary?" or "have you tested the safety harnesses?" this person will be far more thoughtful about the job, and will likely complete it successfully. Language is a powerful tool in changing the way we think - and also the way others react to us!

    7. Choose to be happy - be the source of your happiness, as opposed to expecting it to come through someone or something else. Happy people attract more happy people - and also happy circumstances in life. Being happy from moment to moment is about choosing to focus on what is good in your life and work - and setting the negatives aside. Taking time to smell the flowers, refusing to let the little disappointments take you down keeps your vibrational frequency high and makes it a lot easier to see solutions when you are presented with a problem.

    8. Meditate and pray frequently - send requests, as well as gratitude, loving thoughts and feelings through prayer; receive new ideas and inspiration through meditation. Prayer and meditation are essential parts of anyone's daily routine because they keep us connected to our souls and our Source. And through these connections we can open ourselves to new and more expansive thinking processes.

    9. Simplify, self-edit, seek clarity - apply the KISS principle in all you think, feel, say and do. An extremely intelligent client regularly calls me in a panic about a decision that he's seriously complicated with so many factors and future potentials that he is, of course, stuck, doesn't know what to do. Typically, I have to cut him off in the midst of his tale of woes to ask, "what's really relevant here?". I then go through the process of eliminating the fuzzy elements in his thinking, asking him to make it simple for me. Within a few minutes, he will see that while some of his concerns might be relevant down the road, they are not now and can be dealt with separately when and if they come up in the future. Invariably, he gets off the phone with a new sense of clarity and is able to easily make the right decision. Simplifying, whether in the way we live, or the way we analyze a problem, changes our perspective, and produces clarity. .

    10. SMILE - smiling has a physical effect on the brain - and yes, also on the way we think. I called my psychologist sister one night, in some real personal distress about some family problems. She listened for a few minutes and then stopped me with the words "smile, smile, smile, whether you feel like it or not." Then she explained the physical effects of smiling, how it uplifts you by releasing some "happy hormones" in you... and these change your perspective on the problem at hand. I tried it, smiling like an idiot while I did the dishes, typed at the computer, talked to my friends - it worked... the family problems resolved themselves gently over the next few weeks. Smiling while you're talking on the phone actually comes through to the listener in your tone of voice; smiling while you deliver a needed reprimand makes it easier for the correction to be received; smiling while you work makes the work seem more enjoyable... and it all adds up to a change in the way you think about yourself and your world. That expression "fake it, 'til you make it" has real merit.

    It is difficult to change our thinking and I am still practicing. The smiling part seems the easiest for me....smiling for no reason is actually funny after a while and makes you feel lighter.

    Love & Light


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