• Is it possible for a man to be in love with two women?

  • Yes.

  • What is more important for you to ask is which one of those women values herself enough to walk away rather than wait for him to choose one of them.

  • That was profound!

  • Not only profound but 100% spot on! It's about respecting yourself and not giving your power away to a man who doesn't value you enough or deserve you to treat you that way.

  • Thank you , You guys are Great!!


  • Spot on and wise as always hisbablove and wenchie ! :):) Its not important how many HE loves but whats important is Do YOU want to be one of his manys ??

  • no I don't, I want to be the one and only. How long must it take to find true love and Happiness?

  • Qstn: R U closer to one than the other?

  • I think you have to find happiness then love follows. You are more attractive when happy. True love is pointless if you are not ready and have the basics that allow any relationship to work such as maturity. Work on the things you can do to make your life inviting. Like smiling everyday, keeping your house tidy, keeping drama and negativity out. I ve been thinking myself about the things I value in a man and the things I need to do to live up to my own standards of what I seek in someone else. For examlpe I like a man that knows how to relax and have a good time. Also to be polite and respectful and responsible. I have to be those same things in order to attract that. ( :

  • no its possible he can love one of them but have dep feelings for the other...

  • don't think a woman can love 2 men

    but no idea about men

    it depends on each person's definition of love

  • I am greatful for your answers, thank you.

  • You all are so wise:) It does my heart good and encourages me to see that strong, self respecting women are still here somewhere. We have all been "a fool for love" but the point is not to be a fool forever.

    Lovin, you said it perfectly! With your attitude and wise perspective, you can't help but attract the man who is both right and worthy.

    Libra, praise from the sage of Tarot makes me silly with pleasure...guess that wasn't one of my "blond moments" this time:)

    Astrodame, THANK YOU. That was one of the nicest things anyone's said to me.

    228, you can break out of this. Your life and heart belong to YOU. Don't give up the power of YOU to anyone else's whims.

    Love and Light you Brilliant Ladies:)

  • You have grown so much and it's a joy to watch you. I am glad your learning how to control how far you fall into others emotions. Your doing well in not becoming so sad now. And before long it will be second nature. Done well my friend very proud to say that. Peace

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  • I don't know any women who would knowingly stick around for that idea.

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  • I think a man can love two women at the same time BUT he will not be happy, and neither will the women so a decision must be made, I say this because my first husband once told me he loved an other but could not see himself without me and as a result he was never happy and neither was I So you see all three of us where unhappy. He left me for her and then she felt there was still three of us, because while he was with me he thought of her while he was with her he thought of me, of course I moved on but he became ill and passed away while he was with her. I was the Mother of his three children and he was sad at what he had done to us but she still was in the picture Tthis was a very difficult time in my life so CAN HE BE HAPPY I say no.......... LEONIDA

  • I meant to say YES he can love two women at a time , but He won't be HAPPY ........ Leonida

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