• I'm so thankful to be here at this time. I'm thankful that I have closeness with my grandkids and true love. I'm thankful that I can enjoy the ocean and the sky. I'm thankful that I have allies. I'm thankful that I have resources I can rely on to get me through.

  • Here is one of the places I am most thankful for

  • Uh oh, picture is still too big, sorry.

  • I am humbly thankful for all of the many Blessings God has so generously bestowed upon my Family, friends and myself ~ The gifts of Love, Life, Wisdom, Strength, Compassion, Honesty and the list goes on ~ I am thankful for the people and Angels in my life who have taught me some of the most valuable lessons one could ever learn or know of ~ God Bless us All ~ Peace & Love, danica ~

  • One more time

  • Hello Evodeva:

    What a wonderful picture, such a beautiful place! You are truely blessed. Thanks for sharing. I've tried to share a few pictures but they were all too big, any tips? Have a great day!


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