Home birth center or hospital?

  • Hello All,

    I am pregnant (just barely) at age 38 and I am trying my best to use the i ching to get an answer (with no luck) in regards to whether or not I should attempt to give birth at my midwife's home birth center. The other option is the hospital nearby that is pretty much set up for the drug 'em up and push 'em out method. I need to know if I would have complications that would make it smarter to use the hospital or if I would be fine at my midwife's place (10 min from hospital). I desperately would like to have a natural birth but don't want to have to worry about getting raced to the hospital under dire circumstances. I welcome any psychic impressions or readings anyone is inspired to give me.

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  • Hi Bluewatermamma,

    Since you said you were early in your pregnancy, if it were me I would wait to see how your pregnancy goes. If you have a pretty uneventful pregnancy and you remain healthy then I feel that you would be safe to use the midwife's birth center. I have 2 children and each pregnancy is different. I did not have the option of having the girls in a birth center but I did chose to go medication free with the first one and the second pregnancy was a little more difficult so I had an epidural with her. Currently waiting on baby number three (due date January 28). Best of luck to you and congratulations on your pregnancy.


  • Thank you Luvs life! I appreciate your comments. by any chance are you psychic in any way?

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  • Thank you Laithano! Anyone able to get any psychic images on the matter?

  • Hi again Bluewatermamma,

    I dont have any psychic abilities to offer, but I can share that my husband and I have two healthy children one born at the hospital and the second at a home birthing center..both were Natural births with no medication..but the difference in the two settings made a World of difference..

    I feel that you WILL remain Healthy and Strong through out your pregancy...Ginger worked wonders for my morning sickness 🙂

    Congratulations to you & your husband.

    Peace, Love & Light.

  • Hi Bluewatermamma,

    Well, I do think I have some kind of abilities but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use them for people I have not met. Sometimes I have feelings about people when I meet them and especially what I want to call strong intuition regarding my own personal life. I wish I could use the ability to help others but I don’t even know where to begin. When is your baby due?


  • Kitty thank you for your comments. I believe hospitals are set up for the convenience of the doctors and nurses really (not the woman in labor) so I def would like to use the birth center. I am only concerned about my placenta getting stuck again. Sorry if that was TMI.

  • luvslife,

    I am due around the middle of August. I'm only one month along 😉

  • Bluewatermamma,

    Is this your first child? How exciting.

  • Hello,

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