Should I stay with my ..

  • Present Job , or move on ? I am at such a state over this I really need some intuitive insight or a reading in regards to all of this . I am totally stuck on this issue .I would appreciate anyone helps . Please and thank you .

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  • Don't know the circumstances Doves but if he won't work, is mentally abusive or physically abusive you know what to do. Time for you to be healthy mentally, and physically. You have to be healthy to take care of yourself if not then how can you help anyone else?

  • Hello Libraslair ,

    I am sorry but you must of misunderstood my post ( I was asking for guidance in regards to my (Job) and not relationships issues , I was wanting to know if I should stay with my present place of employment . I am very unhappy with my job , but not sure if I should quit or not . I was also wanting to know that if do leave my job , could anyone see what kind of job would be waiting for me or will i be able to quit working all together ?

    Take care ..


  • Well I said I didn't know your circumstances. What would like like to have a job doing? If you need to go back to school then find a way to do it. If you already have your training start putting out the word. But you may find a job that will be a stepping stone to a better offer. Hope someone can give you the answer.

  • I have not a clue as to what kind of Job I could go on to that would make me happy.. that is the problem .Thank you for your time Libraslair , I appreciate it . Have a great day !

    Take Care


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