Can anyone make contact with spirits?

  • I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the spirit world and if so can you tell me if our dead loved ones hear our thoughts or do they come around at all or near our plane of existence?I talk such as that they(I have several dead loved ones) can still hear me,i send mental notes out so that hopefully they can reach them and just need a touch of a very important person who has been gone since 2003

    His info


    FEB 15, 1941

    DIED MAY 19TH 2003

  • We all coexist I. Multiple dimensions, yes , I believe your dear one can and does hear you, and if you breathe and center yourself you will feel, sense a message being sent back to you

    Best to you,

    ( the reason I am so sure of this is, hav much experience working with dying as they are preparing to leave this planevof existence)

  • Yes. I agree with Golden Hill. There is a fine line between holding on and tuning in to what that spirit was to you , the best qualities. These qualities you must embrace and in this way this entity is never lost. Little things happen, A bump on the head, a sprinkling of water, a car accident that that may seem senseless and then leads you to review something missing, which is needed for your protection. This really did happen to me. I was overwhelmed as to the why after I lost my child of 20 years and then in my shock, I heard , "remember that all those things you miss about me are what you need to develop so we are immortal in our love". Then the accident I mentioned previously revealed a truth to me that i never would have loooked at. In the paperwork was a mistake that lead me to search for something that had been stolen from me. It was very important to my independence and she was right there talkiing, saying "There is someone close to you that has taken something that is yours . I confronted them in front of her grave and low and behold this valuable item was returned to me.

    She has passed and is still a watcher, no one can tell me she was not absolutley protecting me even by making an irritating incident ;the accident happen for a reason.

    Please understand the energy will not come in human form, that housing for the soul is and was just that a housing. Believe ...........................................................................................................

    Always believe and remember it will manifest in ways we are not meant to know.

  • I am sorry i just came back to this site,and realized you had responded.(sorry i am late).thank you so much,i truly would of not understood as well what your saying as i do now..i never realized they are closer than we think,and i was looking for them in only one way..ignoring all the other ways they could come through...thank you so much for your time and input thankyou truly for the support!!!

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