What about Gemini depressions?

  • Does anybody know what's with gemini mood swings or depressions? How would you deal with them?

  • I would advise you to read the forms for Gemini's and find out a lot on info on Gemini's. Very interesting. But there is a lot of info on Gem's

  • Apparently, geminis sulk. I thought libra is the sulker. I thought only women sulk. I've had a libra bf long ago who was such a sulker. Now, gems are, too?

  • I've noticed when the full moon is in Gemini I become so emoitional. I'm overwhelmed with good and past hurt memories. Sometimes I think and feel that I have Cancer traits...?? I love to make people laugh and family and friends are so dear to me. People say I'm the life of the party but I don't go out. I feel out of place around alot of strangers. When I'm with my friends and family I will dance tell jokes act of fool'') I've just realized after knowing this cancer guy for 8 months the difference between what I think and how I feel. I'm a thinking that's for sure. I have no problem with communicating. It seems the older I have become the more I feel. Please don't get me wrong I've always been a loving and kind person. But, this shutting down and crying thing is crazy. I didn't realize that I would pull out my note pad and start writting down how I feel and why. Tears would flow and because I was not able to express to that person how I was feeling I would have to get it out and that's why I write. With being a dual we have that extra personality to live and deal with. Around the holidays I get very slow. I miss my best friend so much ( my Mom ) she died of breast cancer on 1991 and there's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't think of my Mom. I'm sure millions of people get depressed around the holidays the most. Loved one passed and gone, families moving to other cities and it seemslike the family is all spread apart. I hope this has helped Tellstar, sorry this is so long.lol..) have a wonderful day.

  • Yesterday i was so emotional feeling sorry for myself and thinking of my husband that passed away 2 years ago in December. I was overwhelmed and then it dawned of me. The full moon in Gemini. It makes me (a Gemini) emotional. I will get over it by tomorrow As most of you can tell Gemini's can change in a minute

  • Not in a minute but in a but in a hot second.

  • Sorry, just worded that all wrong. You get it, they change in a hot second.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Nothing is "with them" it's just how we are. How to deal with it? Ask if they are alright if they want to talk they'll talk, if not just ignore them they'll work it out on their own and everything will be back to normal in an hour or so.

  • Thanks myskittles, for sharing. I guess its just mood that will pass on its own? My sis. is a gemini, too and she once told me that she does a lot of things and gets very busy. But at saturation point she stops and you could not make her move.

    Sexygem, thanks for your comments. I suppose if there is really something bothering him that is serious and has to do with me he'll tell me? We are thousands of miles apart and our only connection is is email. We were exchanging emails twice a week and then there's halt for 2 weeks. So, I wonder what happened. I hope he's not sick or in danger. I'm a worry wart.

  • This full moon in Gemini is messing with me as well, and I'm a Sag. A lot of feeling sorry for myself as well as apathy for others. I don't like that. Can't wait until this passes.

  • Azaza and everyone on here,

    Well I felt the same way all week. But, I'm feeling a release now, slowly. I completed my job-related writing while in the blue for a week and now happy it is done. Now onto the next task. Y know, I'm a cappy. I have to work but I miss my sweetie.

  • I am a pisces and this has affected me as well my moon sign is in gemini yikes. I already have so much going on already glad that it feels alittle better today hopefully it completely lifts by the end of the day

  • Gemini moon, sorry pal but you need to go now.

  • i agree wit u on the emotional part n sorry bout yo mother..my bestfriend is my brother we very close..n on 11.12.09 i lost my baby

  • Mstiara, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It's but natural and healthy to grieve. They say that death is really not an end but passing from one dimension to another. My dad passed away 12 yrs. ago and I still feel sad when I think of him.

  • I feel you sister skittles maybe yiu also have a extra emotional moon sign as well so you may want to check that it has a big influence.

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