What do you think about this? (anyone?)

  • sometimes I see him out of the corner of my eye. I guess I need to be more direct in asking what's he here for. But I do get the impression that I already have the gyst of it. Get a hold of myself, get back my power, stop trying to understand that which is impossible to understand and more forward. Don't look back.

  • leoscorpion -- do you think that Edward is not my spirit guide? About 10 or so years ago I "met up with him again". I was told to just ask him his name (didn't know he was a him at the time), and the first answer that came to me was supposed to be his name. When we started "talking" I started bawling like I had known him in my childhood and felt bad for pushing him away. Do you think I made all that up in my head? Is my spirit guide really someone else? I keep getting the answer "no" as I type this, but who knows. LOL! I could be a little loco.

  • amantim

    I have no idea. my guide only tell me what I need to know about myself

    so I can't ask her anything about other people, their guides etc

    you can ask him why he is there, if he said he is your guide,

    ask him what guidance you need for this time around etc

    I also don't know if you make it up in your head LOL

    but try my suggestion, see what his answer is

    even if he is not your guide he seems to bring you joy, there must be a reason why he is there

    if he is not your guide, you can ask the universe to send you one

    if you are into religion, then pray according to your belief

  • blue65

    Ok if you feel that you know pretty much why they do that

    that's cool

  • thank you leoscorpion -- I was just on another thread that you added information on, and I liked it. It was the site with yoga and meditation. I think I will check that out. Thanks!

  • OK amantim

    I was going to link the post here but I thought I will do it later when you ask for tips

    Once you tap into the guidance, it will only get better from there.

    Gotta go for ritual. Hope for the best.

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