What do you think about this? (anyone?)

  • I hope you all don't mind if I share a weird/funny experience I had last night. I woke up sometime during the night last night. Everyone else was asleep. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. The toilet was closed with the plunger sitting on top. I'm pretty sure that no one in my house did that because of how they reacted when I told the story. I think someone is trying to tell me something. What do you think?

    BTW, I just wanted to say that I think it's great that there are some folks around here willing to share their talents with the many people who are searching for answers. I understand that those who are asking don't always hear what they want to hear. Be patient. Plus, those who are telling sometimes get tired of all of the questions. But just know your talents are appreciated.

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  • you're probably right. It was pretty funny.

  • Blue65 -- In dream interpreting, toilets and going to the bathroom, means that you don't have control over something in your life. Something where you feel helpless. Not trying to look too much into this, but it's what came to mind when I read your post.

    I know it wasn't a dream that you had, but maybe the spirits are trying to help you with something that you are confused about. Maybe they're offering help. I dunno. I'm still not fully acclamated to my gifts. I tend to tap into them, then give up on them, because of my uncertainty.

  • Amantim, thanks for the interpretation 🙂 What do you think the spirits meant by putting the plunger on top of the toilet lid? Maybe they meant that I should get that uncontrollable **** out of my mind and move forward.

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  • Sounds like they are trying to help you get a "lid" on the confusion that you have in your life. I can't be detailed on it, as I'm not sure what "it" is. I think it was their sense of humor spin on their message maybe.

    Do you have any major confusion in your life right now? I mean, one main focus? We all have confusion and uncertainty, but one main confusion?

    If this isn't it, it still won't hurt to look into it to face any challenging issues. Right? One thing I have learned in life (and this is Miss Optimistic Me) any time we have a breakdown, a breakthru is just around the corner. I now look forward to any breakdowns, because another door will open for me. 🙂

  • Hi, If there's a message, maybe get off the pot. I don't know if you rent or not. I also thought of plumbing problems. If it is some form of personal revelation, then you already have some idea as to the answer. Things like that sometime come when you need it. I also thought that someone may have been looking for something, picked up the plunger and placed it on the toilet.

  • Yes, I do have one big source of confusion right now. I do already know what the answer is. But it's going to be a big struggle to acknowledge that I need to do it and then go ahead and get started. I'm way too sensitive about life.

  • I'm with you on that one, blue. I'm extremely sensative. I've always been told that, and have heard it since I can remember. I'm only finding now that it might just be because I'm an empath. Maybe you should look into that. 🙂

  • I have been confiding in a friend of mine who's a little more involved in new age stuff than I am lately because of an experience I had this summer that culminated in something really intense in the early fall. Bottom line is I felt like I had a very strong connection with a friend of mine that was turned on very loud. My friendship with this person is in the newer stages so i didn't feel very comfortable reaching out to the person to discuss it. But it felt like I was walking around all the time with someone else's thoughts and emotions playing in my head, kind of like a record (remember those?) or a radio station. It was really stressing me out and causing kind of a panic. But once I came upwith the "radio station" visual in my head, it enabled me to shut the "signal" down, or at least turn down the volume or change the station if necessary.

    This is similar to the kinds of experiences I've had my entire life but I haven't always understood it. If I focus, I can tune in to the people around me (or in this case, a couple of states away) and get some general impressions about them. But often I just turn it off or ignore it because it becomes overwhelming. I don't know if that really means I'm an "intuit" or "empath" or what. Growing up, my mom would always talk to me about "feelings" she had regarding how certain situations would turn out and she was usually right. So, I'm open to that kind of thing.

  • Wow! How wonderful for you that you have a Mom that is open to this. My family is devout Christians (as am I), but they're definitely not fully open to it. I have to be careful the way I present anything to her. Lately, since my Dad has passed, she has been a little more receptive. (Not a whole bunch, but more than in the past.)

    I thank you for the radio dial as an analogy, since I have trouble turning mine on and off sometimes. I like that idea. I will give it a try. It sounds like you are an empath, or maybe even more. 🙂

  • Well, my mom is open to the discussion of "feelings" about things, but that's about it. She wouldn't be open to a more detailed discussion of what I sometimes experience. My parents are also pretty religious. I find that in general, most people I meet are comfortable talking about "just knowing" things, but nothing more in-depth than that. Most people think anything related to the word "psychic" is just superstition and coincidence. So, I'm not always really open with people about that kind of thing.

  • I completely get what you're saying. I too feel very similiar. I even try to steer from the term psychic. Too many people run for the hills when they hear it. Besides, I don't consider myself psychic, I feel more like I just tap into my intuition more than some.

  • Just found the garbage can lid on top of the toilet. No one else is home except me and I've been down in the basement all morning. I know I didn't move it! I don't think the dogs did it either. LOL. What's the deal with the spirits and the toilet?

  • Oh, this is too funny. They sure do have a sense of humor, huh? I'm not too sure. I can only guess at this point. Sorry.

  • this is interesting spirits and toilet lid

    my spirit guide does smile a lot, so i can imagine spirits have sense of humor

    I have a boy spirit in the house, when he plays around, he will take something out of the closet

    so when I look for it, I won't find it

    I even had my husband help me look a few times and he didn't find it either

    I did see this spirit, laughing playing around sometimes bt at the time I didn't know he did it

    until one day I made sure that everything is nice and neat, then he passed by laughing

    and I went back to the closet, to find one piece is missing 🙂

    I just hope he won't do it to my favorite top, it would drive me crazy

    a friend of mine told me about her mother's story

    she has this reading glasses she always reads a book before going to sleep

    but then it happened a few times her glasses were not where they were the night before

    my friend decided to help keep the glasses after she finish reading, thinking that her mother is old and forgetful, which is normal

    but then the glasses were moved again, this time they couldn't find it anywhere

    she was desperate and said "please return them, this is not funny"

    and somehow the glasses were back, where they were the night before

    since then they never had the same experience anymore

  • Well, a lot of the important people in my life are really sarcastic so and so's. So, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if a spirit was trying to use a sarcastic sense of humor to make a point to me. With all that goes on around here, it's probably one of the best ways to get my attention. Thanks for the posts.

  • leoscorpion -- You just reminded me, that when I describe my spirit guide (if I have it correctly) I describe him with a British dialect, and a huge sense of humore. He has black hair and a pale complexion. He's quite tall and thin. His name is Edward, and not Eddy or Ed. This I have gotten from him (or me - still not sure). Anyhoo, the sense of humor is what really stands out for me about him. I will catch myself talking with a bit of a British accent (which for me, means he is trying to tell me something). So, maybe you're on to something here.

    Either way blue65, it definitely seems like a message. It seems they really want you to get a lid on your lack of control or confusion of some sort. 🙂 They're really trying to help without freaking you out. My Mom couldn't find something yesterday, and because of this thread I immediately thought that it was my Dad trying to communicate to her. Thank you for that!

  • heya amantim

    there can be quite a few spirits around us

    they watch and protect, sometimes they just happen to be there and decided to stay for a few, or they are there to help other spirits and probably have some assignments themselves

    but you can ask any spirit whether he is your guide or not

    they will tell you why they are here

    I know my guide is a guide because of the way we met and she has been providing guidance to me since then

    I have seen spirits of deceased relatives, mine and my hubby's, spirits of people I knew in my past life including the child, my late father's and some they just watch never communicate

    I don't know if blue65 ever sees the spirit that does all these, but if she does she can just ask it why it is doing what it's doing

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