Omens- specifically red birds or others

  • Once my Grandma told me that if a bird got inside your home that it was a sign that death was near in family or someone you know, Anyone know where this idea began or if it has any merit? I ask because she told me this as a red bird kept crashing into her livingroom window. The a week or so my great grandpa passed. Since then i have experienced the same type situation 3 or 4 times, but not always a red bird. whats up with this or is it purely coincidence?

  • It is not purely coincidence, it has some merit. This idea began with the Native Americans. They believe birds are messengers of the spirit.

  • ah thank you! Have you ever heard this?

  • Never before in this general meaning. In my childhood they said to me about a screech owl calling in the night under my window, that it would be a messenger of death. That scared me, but nobody died.

    Maybe it should remind us that life is not a question of survival; it is really a question of how to live this moment.

  • true!! Well I certainly believe it because ive experienced it enough to be more that coincidence and every time i see a bird fly into a window it scares me to death. Once my mom even had my grandpa cut down a beautiful camellia bush outside my bedroom window because she thought that was drawing the bird but the bird came back and i was mad she had him cut down the camillia too it was so pretty.

  • ...and who died than?

  • Fairyjaye,

    I have heard of this old saying also ..that if a bird is trying to get into a house it is an omen of death. My grandmother told me the same story. I think it can be any type of bird.


  • hanswolfgang- the first time (when my grandma told me the story) after about 2 weeks my great-grandfather who was my grandma's father in law. The last time i saw it we stopped in my grandma's house for a few minutes in between funeral & burial as it was on the way and it flew into the window 2 times & left.

    2nd time - i was at my house maybe a year later. upstairs and heard something slam against window lookes this time i think it was a blue jay or mockingbird, I can't remember if it was before or after when i heard an ambulance siren. I knew someone had died because where i live we know everyone its on a county road. As i ran downstairs to tell my mom the telephone rang it was my grandma (the one who told me of the omen) Her aunt had just passed in her arms a few minutes before the ambulance arrived.

    3rd time. at my home bedroom downstairs it was a red bird again. every morning for maybe a few weeks it would fly into the window. waking me up, that was when mom had my grandpa cut down the camilla bush and it still returned. my great aunt died that time( my grandma's twin sister). it stopped a week or so then came back and it seemed to be the same bird i don't know that for sure though, but this time after a month passed my grandma passed too. (My other grandma not the one who told me of this omen)

    the last time was when my husbands grandpa died. a week before i heard something slamming into the window this time i never saw it actually hit the window but it was a mockingbird outside when i looked to see.

    also, my daddys grandma was a full blooded cherokee indian and both his grandpas were of indian heritage too. Not as much.

    In 2nd grade i was doing a school project family tree which lead us to find that we had in us enough indian blood to be members of a tribe called Cherokee Echota Tribe, sent us cards & all. I want to add that i know nothing of the ways or beliefs of the tribe so please don't judge the tribe or me by what you know of the other (just in case)

  • chellyc- based on my experience id say it has merit!! lol! have you saw it happen? I will probably pass what i know to my daughter. Grandparents have the best stories:) dont they?

  • Amazing!

    I can now understand much better what you wrote about your belief.

  • I've heard this saying also and I believe it totally, birds are messengers. I have seen it happen also, I was in Kentucky once somewhere and a bird flew in the window, and someone said somebody is going to die tonight and they did.

  • Hi all! I have to comment on this. Some years ago when I lived on an acreage a bird flew into the window and would not stop. It was violently crashing against it though it had injured itself and was bleeding from doing so!!! I knew that it meant something and I knew it couldn't be good. Intuition told me it was at the very least a SERIOUS warning. It went on for so long and worried me so, I called my husband to come look who doesn't let things like this concern him, but I knew better. I don't recall anyone close to me dying close the timing of the bird acting in such a manner, but I had many losses prior too that incident that I had not recovered from or dealt with well yet. I have always wondered if someone knew what it might have meant for sure. I do know that I too have Cherokee blood in me as my mother told me her Great Great grandmother or her mother was on the "Great Walk" if any of you know what I am referring to. Anyway thought I would share. Blessing to you all and I am grateful I have not again had to bear witness to such a sign.

  • Hi, I see a lot of imagery in shadows etc. Two weeks ago I went to church and prayed about someone I have just met. The intentions were that I had never prayed for this person and asked God to give me insight into this person. I see a lot of imagery in my bathroom which sounds funny but I also pray in my bathroom. Anyway, there is a shadow of a shepherd or monk that I saw upon return from church. There is a towel that hangs in the middle of the image and I can see an owl sitting on a pine tree. The next day I went to my friend's house and he has a stuffed owl and a picture of an owl that he drew. So, I know there's a message there. I just don't know how to interp. Would like to know what you think...

  • Dalia you have a great gift also. The universe answers our prayers in strange ways.

  • I know this is an old post but I have a new messenger. Again it is a red bird a gorgeous one too. It stays in my back yard. As far as I know it hasn't been flying into the window, though I've thought several times I recognized the sound, I've not saw it. He is just present as if to say death is near. I took a pic of him the other day hopefully I can post it here soon when I have more time.

  • I too have experienced message's sent from ancestors. The week following my husband's death I went to a quilt show and in flew a black bird and would not leave until I left. I have had many times been visited by different sort's of birds such as; Owl, Stork, Black bird, Robin's, and a Dove. I believe that it is a message from our ancestors or Spirit telling us to pay attention to whatever message they bring. I too am of Native Indian decent "100% Cherokee" .

  • Hi

    you might want to read this post

    just remember that some animals are messengers of bad or good news

    it has nothing to do with them being bad or good

    it's just the news they carry

  • if you dream of animals or seeing animals out of nowhere

    you can check out this website to see the wisdom that the animal carries and will share with you

  • This post is deleted!

  • I believe animals come to us for many reasons. Some times they are sharing their wisdom and strength; they are bringing messages; or another possibility, they used to be humans.

    The latter I actually read an example on this forum. A man always identified himself with dragon flies. when he was dying and after he died, his closest relative always sees dragonflies. I could be wrong, maybe butterflies not dragonflies, but it was a type of animals.

    Not saying that this cardinal knew you or your family when it lived as a human, but it is a possibility.

    I know someone who dreamt of llama or camel. At the time she was in a lot of hardships. The llama carries the strength of carrying burdens. This is why it came to her in a dream, to share her its strength. I experienced something similar, with snakes.

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