A question 4 my brother

  • My brother isn't a member of these forums but has a question that someone on here can help him with.

    He has been waking up 12.06am every night for about a week.

    He's wondering if anyone on here has a clue why this is happening.

    His name is Mark.Born 26/11/1982 Liverpool Hospital Australia 1.50pm.

    Any help would be appreciated. : )

  • This is happening because in his inner world a star has arisen, a star of hope. Each time he sees this in his sleep he wakes up. He should make a strong decision to follow his dream, his goal, his hope and go to sleep with the conviction that he will now collect all his energy for this great goal, for his star of hope.

    That can be also a marriage or a romantic fantasy. You can bet that when it appears, one or more of these qualities will be present in his life. The only negative manifestation may be a tendency towards laziness, fantasizing, or self indulgence. It could cause him to put on some weight or overdo it sexually or otherwise.

  • He is a tad lazy.

    That's cause my mother spoiled him unfortunetly.

    Instead of dealing with his ADHD she spoiled him instead.

  • The West has become too conscious of time; everybody is in a hurry. This hurry is because of Christianity. It is the need of a sick mind -- but all minds are sick.

  • Amen to that Hanswolfgang! I have thought the same thing that all minds are sick. Very True my friend.

  • This one is for you:

    An old woman died and went to heaven. When she arrived there Saint Peter asked her where she would like to stay. She said, "I would like to be near the Virgin Mary."

    So Saint Peter put her into the same apartment house as the Virgin Mary. One day she walked over to the Virgin Mary and said, "There is one thing I have always wanted to say to you,"

    Mary said, "Yes, what is it?"

    The old woman said, " It must have been wonderful to have given birth to a man who is proclaimed a god throughout the world!"

    Mary said, "Well, I would have liked it better if he had been an doctor."

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