I need some guidance on a possible relationship

  • i met a guy online a little over 2 years ago. he lives in ID now but orgionally we are from the same town in NM we hit it off as friends first. we talked on the phone, we hit it off again, but at that time we were both in relationships & we were just friends. about 5 months ago my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. about a week later he called me and told me that his girlfriend broke up with him the week before. we started talkig a lot and we decided that when he comes home for christmas that we are gonna meet up. in between all of this in the 5 months (which i wasn't trying, nor wanting to do) i developed a crush on him. but this cursh seems to be different than other crushes i've had. i feel like if i meet him life as i know it will never be the same. i hope he feels the same, but i really don't know what his feelings are for me.

    could some one give me insite as to how he feels and if we will end up together. his name is steve dob 10/6/77 my name is Adrienne dob 11/2/81.

  • I don't have any empath abilities, but good luck with it, I'm excited for you!!

  • are you a psychic?

  • i do tarot readings, but yes i am psychic. it runs in my family.

  • i do have problems trying to do readings for myself.

  • Hello enne can you do a reading on me by any chance ?

  • sure 🙂 ... what is it that you'd like me to look into?

  • Hello enne

    My question is what is my approach toward James if any at all ? Thanks alot

  • with i'm seeing that this is a test. but the outcome to this test is final. i feel that there is a question of unfaithfulness. this might be the beginning of the end. how you handle it is how you feel comfortable. but be straight forward and honest

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