Need a reading, Please

  • My question is,

    Have I found the right woman for me?

    Thank you for anyone with insights, I truly appreciate it.


  • Pat, trust your "Gut", though the eye doesn't see the soul knows the way...,

    Best to you....

    Goldenhill. SD CA

  • Hello Pat, I think that only you should really be able to ask that question. Maybe you should evaluate the reasons you're asking this? The clarity you're looking for is within you.

  • Goldenhill and ineedtomeditate,

    Thank you for your responses to Pat's question. Pat is a good friend of mine, and I helped to ask the question. There are extenuating circumstances in love for this one, someone recently tried to kill her lover.(at least I think it was a murder attempt, she can't remember what happened) She is seriously injured, and may have sustained a permanent brain injury.

    I wanted to add some areas for gaining new insights into the aspects of this, and ANY information is deeply appreciated. Pat's lover is a good friend to the whole local community, and I am very concerned for her health and her future. If you can see the outcome, or see into the incident, that would be great.

    THank you all for being so generous with your gifts.


  • Crabbytycoon, What????!!!

    Patvis hurt????

  • Crabbytycoon, oops got mixed up with other thread, other Pat

    Re: Query, don't get good feel for this situation at all!!!!

    Pat knows what is best for "Pat" must trust

    her own intuitive insight, Noooooo 2nd guessing

    initial attempt on prev post, confirms my insight, but Pat has own free will at all times and

    will and can choose accordingly

    best to you all

  • Just stopping by to say hello,

    not heard from you in a while Goldenhill, hope everything's o.k ( another challenge coming up?)and you had a nice xmas.

    I see you've got your thread going pretty well here ( couldn't find your others)

    Anyway I would like to request that reading you offered when I felt the time was right,

    So as and when you are ready please can I have a reading.

    Hope to hear from you again soon!

    May love and light always lead your way


  • The no. 7 is very important to you as a child and theatres feature with you presently. Someone around you is thinking of doing a skydive for charity?

    I feel that she has a lot to teach you and you her. She is more able to express her needs to you and others and for that reason, can sometimes appear bossy - although she is really only being assertive. You need to say how you feel, so resentment of non expression doesn't become an issue. It is also important that you both maintain hobbies and friendships outside this relationship and that will feed new inspiration and cement your relationship. There is a lot of love and respect for each other and fun times ahead.

    I see travel overseas to Eastern Europe in March time

  • millisent who was that reading for, do you mind me asking?

    love and light


  • Hi meandkids just found you by chance here

    plz follow up at can someone do me a reading ,

    and yes happy to read for you

  • will do,

    good to hear from you again friend.

    love and light always


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