Can I get a reading from anyone?

  • I am really confused and scared right now. i am wondering if someone can do a reading and give me some insight into the relationshipi have been involved in for over 4 years? My dob is 08/20/1965 his is 07/26/1965 and his initials are J S. We have hit a stumbling block and i am wondering where things are going. We haven't spent any time together in over 5 months, we do work together, so we see each other every day but sometimes i feel like we are drifting apart. I am very much in love with this guy and i really think that he loves me. we have said that we are soulmates for a long time now and i am just wondering if things are going to work out and if so when? PLEASE ANYONE WHO CAN DO A READING FOR ME PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMETHING.



  • Rita do you want to hear the truth? I feel this relationship was abusive in a way. But the fact was he ended it, just not in the normal way.( You know that) I also think this man is married or still married. If I were you rita, your a beautiful wonderful person, find someone away from the job. I know with your schedule you feel that is almost impossible but it isnt. Your stronger than that rita! He comes to you in times of need dont let him use you for that. Please! In his eyes hes a hopeless romantic so anyone he gets involved with he feels as its meant to be. He may be a gemini or cancer. So let it go sweetheart. God bless


  • you arw very wrong on so much of what you said. my relationship with him hasn't been abusive at all, the woman he is trying to get away from is verbally abusive, so you may be picking up on that. he is not a gemini or cancer we are both leos, but thanks for your imput. i am just taking things one day at a time to see where things go from there

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