Plz. HELP Me Understand,Some Tarot Cards Are Puzzling Me???

  • Hi, I'm a Libra,born 10/16/70

    I've recently been told that i'm psychic,that i just did not know it.

    I knew that i had some kind of gift because i have visions and sence things.

    well i don't remember ever having a card or horoscope or hexegram on that puzzuled me befor.

    on 11/28/09=saturday,THE MOON:this tarot deck:Royal Thai

    (just a brife statement from it),

    The Moon card represents the ultimate test of a souls intergrity,where the membrane between self and the unknown is removed,and the drop of individuality reenters the ocean of being.

    what transpires next is between a soul and it's maker...

    on 11/29/09=sunday,JUDGMENT:this tarot deck:Medieval Cat

    (brife statement from this one),

    Sometimes entitled Resurrection,represents the great reunion that the ancients belived would happen once every age.this was the time when souls are harvested and taken home to their place of origin,outside the solar system...

    What do these cards mean for me?

    Do they have something to do with me devloping my gift more?

    And last week I even had THE DEVIL card,what does this mean?

    I have a set of tarot cards that i got a few years ago,can anyone also tell me how good these are? The Instant Tarot Reader,by, Monte Farber & Amy Zerner...

    Is this a set that i can really trust in or just to keep on the bookshelve?

    I have used them in the past for myself and close friends...

    Thanks so much for the help with this...



  • Patricia 1970, I use the Zerner-Farber deck, it is very reliable, of course I was guided to use special method soo I also use another at the same time

    best to you...

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