I need a Woman’s Help…

  • About two weeks ago…My body started going through a few changes……

    I’ve started taking Estroven because at work I’m not only crying all of the time…but my sweater is on and then off again. I really thought someone was playing with the thermostat ... Is there is anyone out there who’s found maybe an herbal remedy for relief..

    I know that this is suppose to be a Natural part of a Womans life. .but Gee. .You never think about this when your younger.. and then all of a Sudden (Wham)

    Unfortunately my Mom and Aunt have passed...and I don't know if it is me..but I haven't found too many women who want to talk about the subject...

    There are so many wonderful women on this site.. I’m hoping yall may help

  • Kittygalore, the changes are surprising and different for all. There are a few options out there and if you get on the internet look up natural hormonal treatments in the area you are located. I started getting changes about 2 years ago and of course seemed to be brought on by major stress in my life. I have been doing acupuncture and herbs (tea or tea pills) and have found that this has helped me extremely for my hot/cold flashes and emotional outbursts. It may not be for you but it is something to try without putting chemicals in your system.

  • http://www.34-menopause-symptoms.com/#depression

    As Olive said, try to keep it herbal and avoid manufactured chemicals. I take Black Cohash and when needed to help sleep, melatonin.

  • I Have done some research on the Internet..but I'm a little Skeptical of taking any medication or pills off the Net... I made a Dr's appt, but the appt isn't for another month...I will look into the website you suggested Gem Twin52..Thank You...

    Olivebranch..I have a girlfriend who says that she has been perimenopausel since her mid thirties and she decided to not take anything because she was afraid to.... she contributes her emotional symptoms to her Divorce she became very Depressed and Angry..she even told me that it effected her S*X life....she became disinterested..so I know that you are Right it can effect each of us differently...like I've said this is a lil frightening to me..because I've also been told that this can go on for Years...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Ariespiscescusp..just came back from the Grocery..ran out to buy some SoyMilk...I had read that it helps on different internet sites...and having you mention it...well I decided to run out and buy some..It is Not very good (LOL) I bought some raw almonds also read they help too.... As I stated earlier....I've been very emotional at work more than usual...I work in Child Support Enforcement and I can't tell you the countless Stories and issues that I run across each day..from Woman & Men that often times brings me to tears....but the last couple of weeks have been a torment...I had this 75 years old woman tell me that her husband just up and divorced her after 45 years for no apparent reason and now was refusing to pay her Spousal Support...I just burst out crying and I'm sure she wondered if I was competent..she asked for a Supervisor and I had to tell her I am the Supervisor...That's when I knew this is more than me being empathetic....I feel emotionally off balance..Thanks for all of the suggestions..

    Peace & Love to all...

  • I have used a soy estrogen for years and it works very well. But I will tell you that sugar will cause you to have hot flashes.

  • Kittygalore, can try soypwder mix with OJ

    drink in am , helped me

    best to you....

  • I will tell you when I first started taking the soy I was using Estroven but I had some urgent side effects from it. A friend in the medical field suggested Healthy Women instead because it didn't cause the problem that I got from Estroven. She was correct problem gone.

  • It's not unusual to be in pre- menopause for several year before you stop having a period. I had no one in my family to go by because most had early hysterectomy's. But I was grouchy for many years before I started the soy estrogen I didn't want shot or stuff at the doctor's office. And didn't completely go into menopause till 50.

  • Thank all of you Wise Women...for your suggestions

    Libraslair...I have a cup of sugar sweetened Coffee, everyday when I go to work... I was wondering why I seem so affected at work..I was starting to think It's because I work with so many women..believing the Moon's affect on woman surpasses just our monthly...but was causing me an affect in this area as well...I will knock off the Sugar...I will have to do a search on Soy Estrogen, because I've never heard of it...

    Goldenhill...will try soypowder with OJ..because the milk taste horrible..Infact I think I will try to replace this combination in the morning instead of coffee...

  • LibrasLair, I've only been taking Estroven for about a week...If Im not getting to personal please share what side affects you experienced...and how long were you taking it before you started noticing these effects...

  • KittyGalore, a coworker would take a small plastic container to work and shake it and take sips

    throughout morning, I asked her e

    what that was, and I noticed a diference w/ in weeks if not sooner. Best of luck to you,

  • Isn't it fun! Until it happens to them folks have no idea. Mine started back in my early 40's and I didn't get a reprieve till my menses stopped early 50's. The things that trigger hot flashes for me was anything that would up my body heat, caffein or exercise or warm rooms. I also noticed I could not differentiate the hot flashes and tingling & shakes from my whacky blood sugar. Sugar chocolate etc had to be for the most part nil. I tried the soy products and the menopause creams but I saw no change. What helped me was altering my behavior. Less rushing, less stress from inside onto myself. I've always been a serious exerciser and I found I needed a wet rag around my neck and a spray bottle to spray my face and neck during flashes and if there's a breeze...aahhhh. I ride a bike for transport and on long trecks I get super hot flashes still right before I start sweating.I carry the spray bottle w/ me. When I worked in a bookstore back in my 40's-early fifties I'd always be going outside to cool down or to the lavatory to splash water on my face.If there's a air conditioner close by or fan, yeah! I know I looked extremely eccentric to my co workers. The flip side for me was after sweating getting really really cold. So I do layers.It has lessoned tho over the years. I'm 55 almost 56. But as far as the emotions go you sound like just the kind of woman I would want to hear me when I shared my heart. People who can have empathy and real tears sharing another persons pain is an awesome thing! You have a gift dear! I know it's uncomfortable cuz so much of society and most workplaces look at that as a weakness but i'll bet ya Spirt is clapping and cheering for you! You are one of the good ones! Honor those tears!

    Blessings Pfree

  • I must be lucky. When this thing came to me it was not so much the hot flashes but mood swings and dry skin. What relieved me was tofu. I drizzled them with flour, fried them and dipped them in soy sauce. It worked. As others have said, avoid chemicals. Tofu or edamame are nutritious.

    Good luck.

  • Pfree, Your words are very kind and thoughtful...Thank you Everyone..for all your suggestions.

    Blessings Peace & Love

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