Questions to ask pendulum

  • I just purchased my first pendulum. I have read that the questions to ask have to pertain to myself. example: "is Joe the man I will marry" Not "will Joe ask me to marry him". This is because I cannot control what someone else will do. Is this correct??

    With this said however, isit appropriate to ask if a person who I already know has cancer, will be cured or will this person die. If this person will not be cured, is it appropriate to ask when this person will die. Example: "will this person die in December and so on"

  • I don't know for sure try asking. Am I going to loose my what ever the relationship is to cance?

  • Hi, I f you are unsure if your question is proper to ask simply ask the Pendulum if the question is "OK" to ask. Example..."May I ask?"

    If the pendulum answer "Yes" , center yourself and ask the question.

  • i want a pendulum....

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