Can Anyone Speak to Those Whom Have Passed?

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  • Dear Amantin,

    It is such early days, literally 12 days ago. It's a big operation for you . You will be tired for a long time, it's your body healing. I was told that I had literally hundreds of stitches in my body so obviously your body has a lot of repair work to do. I had mine done early December. I went on holiday in April and I couldn't believe how tired I was even after all those months, I just wanted to sleep! Really listen to your body and don't push yourself. Don't listen to anyone else, everyone heals at different rates. Your bleeding is probably due to the sutures dissolving, it happened to me to. It didn't bleed too much though. You've had a lot to deal with and I hope this is a time for your whole self to step back and recuperate. Go with the flow and expect good days and bad days and before you know it, you'll forget you had a hysterectomy!!

    Wishing you peace and happiness and a pain free body

    kindest regards


  • Intrigued -- Thank you so much. Your words are healing. I feel SO much better today. It was like night and day. I am a bit more agile. I am still in pain (a lot of pain), but I'm sure that is to pass too. I go to the doctor's tomorrow to find out about the bleeding. I'm sure it'll be okay. Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi there Amantim,

    Thank you for your message. I've been wondering how you are. How did it go at the Doctors yesterday? Just give yourself time. I can't believe how much you're dealing with all in one go. I hope the bad days get fewer. Time does help to heal all things but we never forget, especially our loved ones who hold a very special place in our hearts. Thinking of you.

    May peace, love and happy days come to you soon.


  • Intrigued -- You are so sweet, and your words comfort me. Thank you. My doctor said the bleeding was normal, since it is not heavy. He said I am healing internally fine, and there seems to be no infection. The only bad thing though was that I busted my incision open, ouch! I knew that it hurt more than it had, but didn't understand why. Now, I'm a heavier woman, and to see the incision, I would have to lift my belly fat a bit, and if I do that, then I risk tearing it again. So, I tend to stay away from it, except for putting the cream on it like suggested by my doctor. He suggested putting neosporin on it until it healed. I will go back in two weeks. There is a different cream that I am putting around it to prevent chaffing. (Not sure if that's how you spell it).

    Thank you for your concern. You are a sweet heart. 🙂 I do feel better, in that I don't have the fatigue attacks anymore. I am on an estrogen pill, because they took everything out, and I'll have to take that until I'm about 48-50 years old. I haven't had the typical swelling anymore like I did before the surgery too. I'm wondering if that's because I had him lift my bladder or if the cyst isn't pressing on the ureter anymore, or both. AND I contiue to lose weight. I have lost 12lbs. since my surgery. I can only imagine how much I more I am going to lose once I get more active, and can exercise again. Honestly, I had the strongest feeling that I would lose weight after I had the surgery. I felt that if I had the surgery, the hormones wouldn't have any affect on me anymore...which I felt had something to do with my overeating, and inability to burn fat. I think I might have been on to something. 🙂

  • Hello there Amantim,

    I am so glad to hear that my words have given you comfort. I am relieved that the bleeding is normal, as I thought it was. Great to hear that you're healing internally fine and that there's no infection. Which is obviously a concern. Oh no, that must have really hurt busting your incision open, poor you. Best to stay away as you said and just put the cream on.

    So glad to hear that you're feeling better. You might have more fatigue attacks, they do come out of nowhere. Sometimes when you least expect it and when you're been feeling particularly good! Therein the problem lies - you tend to feel fab, do far more than you should and then feel absolutely knackered again! Abit like a merry go round.

    I'm so pleased to hear that you're not having the typical swelling like you had before the surgery. Probably everything combined has improved your body. So fab, well done you for losing so much weight since surgery and once you get more active and can exercise again, they'll be no stopping you! You're dealing with so much and you're sounding so positive. You're doing so well. I'm always here if you need to ask me anything.

    Take great care of yourself Amantim.

    Intrigued 😄

  • I have that same question.If anyone can help I will be most gratefu.My mother passed away of cancer last January 26 .I always dream about my mother.I feel like she is trying to tell me something but Im still not sure what.SHe passed away in my old house and before i moved I walked passed my living room and its was like i saw her but she quickly got up so I would not see her.Before she passed she loved sitting in the living room.I sometimes wonder did i really see her.My first dream of her was she was giving me a big hug.It felt so real in my dream.I dream about her at least once a month.I always feel her and smell her around me.I really want to talk to her and tell her im ok.Sometimes when im in my car I feel her around me and i just start talking.I really want to know what she is telling me.

  • Intrigued -- I have been in this merry-go-round that you speak of. I thought it was just my body saying that I needed to rest because I did too much that day. Thank you for head's up. It's one less thing to worry about. I have to stay positive. If I dwell on bad things, nothing good will come of it. Sometimes I'll catch myself, but I try to see the good in everything and everyone. It's just the way I was built I guess. 🙂 Sometimes it gets me in a pickle, cuz I'd like to think everyone has good intentions. It all weighs out in the end though.

    hazel8 -- Reading your post was like reliving the past 8 months. I have had the same dreams of my Dad and really feels like a "hug", not just a figurative or dreaming hug. When I smell his scent, I just want to reach out and pull him back to this plane. It is the strongest. I miss him and love him so very much. I feel like you really did see your Mom. I don't think it was just your mind playing tricks on you. The word I get is "genuine".

    Just yesterday, our little snowman doll that has a sensor went off. The cat was on my lap, the dog was at the foot of my recliner, the birds are covered with a light blanket for warmth, and the fish tank is too far away from the doll. The blinds were shut. So, no outside animals could've triggered it. It went off three or four different times. I looked at my Mom and just smiled. I said, "I love you, Daddy." Someone on here told me to acknowledge him every time I sense him. I miss him so much. Gosh, I just love that man.

    I know I'm not as strong as others on here, but I hope that I was able to comfort you in a way. I cannot answer some of the questions that you asked. Maybe someone else here will be able to do that for you. I hope you get the answers you are seeking.

  • Amantim-Thank you so much!Yes every little bit help.I always say hello to my mom when i feel her presents.Its nice to know that your loved ones will always love and cherish you!


  • Amen! You hit the nail on the head. I think that's what it's all about. Love and knowing that they're still here and always will be.

  • Hi Amantim

    Sorry, I missed this post. I love the way you describe it, a merry go round. That's just it. Up and down all the time. I think having a hysterectomy affects all areas of your body, including your head. You're probably feeling more vulnerable than usual, from the hysterectomy alone, let alone everything with your Dad, it's all completely normal. It is so easy to dwell on things, particularly at the moment. You've been through so much. Don't be so hard on yourself Amantim. I think you're sounding pretty good, you're doing all the right things and hopefully getting lots of support from this site. You take care of yourself.

    peace, love and happy days 😄

  • I do get a lot of support from this site. I can't believe how much I do get. It is rather amazing. I thank everyone for that too.

    I do keep getting these awful head aches. I don't know what they're from, but they're really starting to tick me off. I try to think them away, but then get the good ole ibuprofen. It seems to do the trick sometimes. Other times though, nothing touches the pain. So, I just deal with it. Like my Dad used to say, "No need crying over spilled milk." Don't make it bigger than it is, it's just a head ache. 🙂

  • Hi. I used to get signs of my grandmothers presense all the time when I was younger. Now I get nothing even though I've been told that I have a family member with me. I haven't had a dream in months so I can't get contacted that way. I wish I knew somehow when certain people were around. I used to be able to have all kinds of "experiences" until my daughter's father came around. Now he's been gone for almost 2 years and all I can get now are feeling presenses and hearing things. how can I fix this? I can't meditate. I am too restless. how can I know who is with me?

  • sylvannah -- I honestly do not know the answers to your very valid questions, but with the many powerful beings on this site, maybe someone will be able to answer them for you. I do wish you success! 🙂

  • Amantim, you've been through such a lot, there's no wonder you're suffering with awful headaches. You've got a lot going on in your head. It might also be hormonal, you'll probably be a 'bit all over the place' even if you did keep your ovaries. It isn't long ago and I remember when I had mine afew years ago now, my body was a bit topsy turvy for quite a few months. I then felt a lot more balanced. I even bought some herbal tablets to restore hormonal balance, but found I didn't need them after I'd got them! I'm good now, and don't miss the monthlies and feel better for it. I hope you're doing ok and that the headaches settle. You take care now, and still don't do too much. Listen to your body. 😄

    Sylvannah, Someone out there on this site will help you. I'm afraid I haven't got the answers, but this is a very caring and giving site. Perhaps you should start a thread and then more people will notice your plight more. You take care too. 🙂

  • Intrigued -- Thank you. That is more helpful than you may realize. I do feel so wonky at times. I feel like I should be healing quicker than I am too. I can't seem to get the busted incision to stay closed. All it takes is a simple accidental (reflex) stretch or something stupid. It's really quite aggrevating. I am getting around a LOT better though. It's just that stupid spot on my incision. It's just frustrating.

    I have my next follow-up appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully, he'll give me great news. 🙂 I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm tired of being so limited.

    On a good note though, I do feel like my muscles are healing rather well. I'm able to bring the laundry up three flights of stairs (two flights to fold, one more to put it's not all at once). I'm making dinner more often (real dinners, not throw in the microwave dinners). I'm doing the dishes, picking up, etc. I AM getting better. 🙂

  • I just wanted to say that having experiences with the otherside is not all that uncommon, especially after someone who you were close to leaves us so suddenly. I know from my own experiences that this is all together true. I experienced something similiar to this when my husband's grandma passed in 2002. My husband was the apple of her eye and likewise my kids. She literally waited until we got to California a week before she died, while whe was hospitalized and on her deathbed. She waited until we all got there just to tell us bye in her own way. By the time we did arrive in California she had had multiple strokes and was unable to talk to us or even open her eyes, but she knew we were there in the room. A week later she passed and we went back out to California for the funeral. That night when the family had gone back to the house my youngest daughter had fallen asleep in the car and we had taken her in the house and put her on the bed as I was leaving the bedroom I heard my husband's grandma call my name twice and then the room filled with a heavy scent of roses that lingered in the air. I told my husband to come and smell what I was smelling and when he finally got to the room he couldn't smell the roses, but I still could. When the day came and we had to leave to go home the car smelled of roses and for a week afterwards my kids' bedroom smelled the same way. I took the whole experience as a sign that she had passed on just fine to the otherside and was ok and wanted to tell us that she was ok and not to worry. Throughout the years I have had several experiences like that. My adviice is that anything that you notice around the house that may seem odd or little habits that your dad may have had that seems to be reoccuring, these are just little ways that he may be trying to communicate with you and those that are close to you. Keep your eyes open and watch for the signs they are everywhere. Blessed Be.

  • Hi there Amantin, so good to hear that you're on the up, slowly! Don't expect too much, try to go with the ebb and flow of your body. Listen to it! I'm sorry to hear about the busted incision. I hope it heals very soon. There's always one! It will get there. I understand about the frustration and it's so hard to just be. I know! A friend of mine has just had a hysterectomy and has really suffered. The pain relief was ridiculous - barely anything! Thankfully she has been sorted today. I don't know how she's coped for days!

    Hope the appointment goes well on Tuesday - is that the 16th? I wish you well and hope that you're feeling on top of things again soon. You sound like you're doing really well with all the walking and starting to make meals. Take care not to carry anything too heavy. I'll be thinking of you. Take care of yourself, you are getting there 😄

  • Intrigued -- My appointment was yesterday. The doc gave me a clean bill of health. He said that I was allowed to lift up to 20-30lbs. and to keep it slow. He said that everything is healing perfectly except for the spot on my incision that keeps opening up. The spot is healing now, but still very tender. So, I'm listening to him and taking it slow. I do not want to relapse AGAIN. 🙂

    hippywytch -- Thank you so much for sharing your story. It really did help me. I have a question for you still: If my Dad is trying to tell me something, how do I know what it is? Or is it just him trying to tell me that he's still here. I also know that someone on here told me that he whispers in my sister's ears on my behalf. I really believe this is true because they have been SO much nicer lately. It's almost weird, in a good way though. I cannot believe he can still do so much for me after he has left the physical world. I still miss him so much.

    I was just discussing with my sister on the phone how much comfort I feel being in this house. Everywhere you look around, you see him. He has done so much to this house. She asked me how I can be here and not freak out. It is just the opposite for me though. I feel somewhat closer to him here.

  • when my Abuela died, I was only 13 so I don,t have alot of memories of her but I do have some. when I was in my twenties (or right around there) I had like this music box from her that everytime one of my friends would cuss, it would go off. I would tell them to watch their language, they are offending my Abuela. When I was 24, my grandfather died. He was in intensive care (this was about 3 days before he died) He was in a coma and when he was awake, he would only speak spanish. They say they speak in their native language because it is easier. They called my mom and my uncle out of the room to discuss the whole living will thing and when I was the only one there, he woke up, and in plain english told me that he loved me. I will always have that memory.I loved my grandaddy so much.Out of all my family, I was closest to him. I didn't really realize how much I meant to him until his funeral while talking to my cousin. I still have the crucifix that was in his casket for the funeral. I am sure he crossed over but I haven't gotten anything from him. I would feel very good knowing he was around from time to time.

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