Can Anyone Speak to Those Whom Have Passed?

  • Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I recently lost my Dad March 5, 1951 - May 20, 2009. He literally died in my arms. I felt as if he was standing behind me while I was trying to save him. On the way to the hospital, I felt him. I knew he was gone even before the paramedics arrived. My sister and her husband saw a shooting star shoot straight down out of the sky (not at an arch). It appeared to be shooting straight at our house (my son and I live with my Mom & then Dad). She thought she was seeing things, and then another one shot directly down again towards the house. This was on the way home from the hospital after learning the awful news.

    A message was left on her answering machine of the Jimmy Buffet song. It said, "I kicked off my flip-flops..." Then it phased out into static. The number was unidentifiable. My Daddy was always about the signs, and always said, "There better be no cry babies at my funeral." He wanted us to party and celebrate that he wasn't suffering anymore.

    When he came out of surgery 8 years ago from his triple-bypass surgery, he gave us a sign that he was okay. He told us that he would cross one eye and leave the other straight. He was quite the comedian. He followed through with his promise. Sure enough, he came out of the surgery room cross-eyed.

    The sound machine by my Mom's bed turns on a lot on its own. The sensor doll goes off without anyone passing by it. I feel his presence a lot. I dream about him often. He has made his rounds to everyone in their dreams and done the same thing with each of us. He hugs us, gives us a kiss on the cheek and tells us that he's okay. Except for my Mom. She is just heart broken. He hasn't come to her in a dream at all. As a matter a fact, she dreamt about her own Dad for the first time a week after Daddy passed. Grandpa passed in 1999.

    My question is: Am I just creating these things in my head? Or is he really trying to let us know that he's still here? I miss him so much. So, I can understand wanting to believe it so much that it shows up in my head. Oh, and when we take pictures, we see orbs. (not sure if that's how you spell orb.) Can anyone help me with this. For some reason, I am clouded with my own gifts when it pertains to me personally.

    Thanks in advance, and I apologize for the lengthy post.

    God bless you all.

  • Anyone can. Ever have the experience of while cleaning up around the house or driving somewhere or even at work and you smell faintly or strongly the scent of the colonge, perfume, soap or shampoo that your loved one used to wear? Or you are about to eat and you feel the urge to smile or that person enters your thoughts and you turn to see if they are actually standing/sitting there? Or at what seems the strangest times, you hear or remember what that person had said or would of said in a particular situation as if they were saying it themselves?

    When I am bothered by something or someone, my grandmothers - both paternal and maternal comfort me. My maternal grandmother by the scent of her after she has finished making a big batch of homemade yeast rolls and what smells like dove soap. My paternal grandmother's phrase of "if you are at peace in your heart AND mind about a decision or action, then no one else's opinion matters..." pops into my head and cause me to smile. Although they have both been gone for a long time, I still feel their love and remember how we got along together. And sometimes when all/everyone else fails, I speak to them in my heart and find the "peace and comfort" needed.

    If your Mom will agree, have her take something that smells like your Dad and sleep with it. Have her say a prayer for strength and patience before she retires. But, because she is possibly angry he left her might be why she hasn't "felt or dreamt" of him yet. Be Blessed.

  • No doubt you have been touched by Grace---the spirit that speaks to you in magical ways is very real. Dad will visit mom's dreams when it is not so painful--she still feels the pull to go with him and he is trying to guide her through the grief process. How lucky you are to open your heart and mind to the magical and divine side of life. Dad will always say hello in surprising ways. He says you always were his sunny side of the street and he wishes you could see the fishing hole he's found on the other side--he always catches the biggest fish.

  • Thank you so much to the both of you for responding. Blmoon, wow! He always told me that I was his favorite. There were five of us, and then I went on to name my son after him, and he was his mini-me. What you said he said was so spot on. He and I went fishing this past spring, about a month before he passed. We were out there on the lake, and he was the only one to catch a fish. It was small, but he caught one. He was having one of his "low-potassium attacks", so we had to go in. Before we went in, he looked at me and said, "You really like to fish, don't you?" I said, "Yeah, I do, and I love spending any time with you that I can." We still haven't eaten that fish. It sounds weird, but it's another piece of him, that I don't want to let go of. Thank you SO much. I have tears streaming down my face. They are of sadness and of happiness. To finally have confirmation that he's still here.

    The night after he died, I had a dream about him. He was sitting on the other side of what appeared to be the pearly gates on a milk crate. The light and warmth that emitted from "the other side" was indescribable. It was the most loving feeling imaginable, even unimaginable. It is so hard to describe. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to join him. He looked up at me with his elbows and forearms on his lap and said (not out loud, but telekenitically I guess) with one eye brow raised, "You're next." I was so excited that I was going to get to join him. When I woke up, I was still excited, then reality set in. I thought about how my son would not have his mother anymore, and how my Mom couldn't go through such grief. How could I do that to her? So, I decided to get physically checked out by the doc to see what was wrong with me. I've been having kidney pains for quite some time, and then I had a allergic rash reaction. They still cannot figure out what is wrong with me, but they're also still running tests. I go in on the 2nd to have my ovarian cysts measured again. One was 2 inches in diameter and the other was only an inch. They say the cyst may be pressing on my ureter, preventing the urine from passing through, causing the chronic kidney infections. That's just an educated guess though. My eye is actually swelling up as we speak, I can feel it. Who knows. But I feel my Dad was warning me, so that I would get it checked out.

    And YJ, you are exactly right. I "feel" him all the time, although I think he's with my Mom more than anyone. They were together for 38 years. Since he was only 58 when he passed, that was most of his and her lives. I believe they are true soul mates. Just today, I smelled his scent like you mentioned and started tearing up. He was my hero. He was my Superman. He was my Dad.

    Thank you thank you thank you, both of you. If he has anymore messages for me that you can share, please let me know. I would be eternally grateful. Thank you. Oh, btw would he happen to have any messages for my sisters. My youngest sister is a spitting image of him, and I feel selfish, but I feel he lives on through her. She not only looks like him, but thinks like him. It's somewhat eerie. 🙂 And my other sisters and he were on the rocks. Not a good way to go out for them.

  • Hi, You have been given wonderful signs that your dad is ok. Please know that God is with you. I believe that the orbs are angels. I looked on my Catholic calendar to see what's celebrated on May 20th. May 21st is a holy day of obligation (required to go to church.) It's the Ascension the Lord. I would imagine that his soul was taken to heaven.

  • Thank you Dalia. I believe he is in Heaven as well. That dream I had was real. I just know it. It was my Dad, and he was inside the gates. I wasn't allowed in yet. Like I sated before, he was always about the signs. He promised to send us signs. He is definitely following through with his promise. I knew his health wasn't good, but I never imagined losing him this soon. I think the hardest thing for me is that I cannot get "that night" out of my head. I see him seizing, I see him taking his last breath, I see his body collapsing in my arms. It some times is like a broken record. My son, who is only 12 (was 11 at the time) was there as well. My mother cannot forgive herself for going to work that day. (He asked her to stay home. Something he always did.) That night is the hardest.

  • Hi, The signs that you were given were to give you strength. You can look back and realize God's presence in your life. It's a gift that you were given. If you receive any more signs, you might want to get on the internet and look up the date on a Catholic calendar. You might see a correlation. I'm not trying to convert--ok. On certain Holy Days there's a lot of prayer offered.

  • Hello, can anyone assist me understanding if my father (not biological as I found out 9 years ago) who died in 1974 (I was 4 yers old) and never "knew" he okay? I recently in June changed my name from his to my biological father's name. I would like to know how he feels about this and the fact that he never knew me. In a way I sense that he is with me...who he thought or was led to believe was his last child...this was a lie perpetrated on both he and I...and I have tried to contact him, but don't know how...or if the sensations I have are really him.

    Your help would be appreciated as I feel that as I move on my path, I need to thank him for giving me an identity for most of my life so far, and maintain that connection to him.

  • Thank you, Dalia. I will do just that. I am so grateful for your help. It has given me more strength. It gets me through the day. It is so hard to lose someone so dear. Little hints here and there really do help. As a matter a fact, I hit a deer on the way to work last night (I work the night shift), and I didn't cry like normal (gotta a little mad), but I didn't cry. I made a joke of it so that I could laugh instead. Normally, I would have cried, called off of work, and gone back home. A friend of mine told me last night that I was almost glowing again. I told her that I attributed this site to a lot of that. 🙂 Thank you to everyone here! & Thanks Daddy!

  • amatim,

    consider yourself very lucky! in the past 21/2 yrs i've lost my only born child he was 26yrs old murdered then 18 mos later my husband was stabed in the heart walked 3 blocks to our home and died in my arms. then 4 months later my dog of 12yrs. and 2months after that my speacila little sis.age 42. I call her speacial because she was mentally challenged.she past due to septic shock a surgery gone bad.

    prior i had lost my loving parents too..and i have yet to hear any of them or see them in my dreams i do belive in the living spirites and ghost very much as well as inh God.

    but i never get any speacial visit's.tho, I pray cry begg and plead.





  • Alwaysbad -- I am so sorry. I could not imagine! How do you do it? You are so strong. I am utterly speechles. I feel bad belly-aching about losing my Dad. I cannot imagine. Now, I sound like a broken record. You still believe and have faith in God. That is so powerful. How blessed is that? Music is one of the biggest ways my Dad connect with me. So, I bet you're right. "Listen" for tha special feeling you get when listening to a song, a specific song. It'll hit you out of nowhere. Just listen for it. I bet you any money they are there. That's how I know it's my Dad. I get this specific feeling. I can't quite describe it, but it's just a familiarity feeling I guess. When I think of you, I see and hear rain. I can't understand why, but I do. It's not a bad rain. It's just a rain, maybe cleansing. I'm not sure, but I felt I should share that with you. God bless you! I am so sorry for your loved ones lost. I am so sorry.

  • I was very close to my dad and when we lost him 12 yrs. ago I was devastated. I was thousands of miles away. From the start there were signs that he was there trying to communicate with me. I will not get into all of the signs because they were numerous and will fill this site up. But the strongest connections were through dreams and I was conversing with him in the dreams. He showed me how they embalmed him. I saw the big cut and it was very upsetting even after he said he was fine. He sent me message reminders to help my brothers and sisters. Our country is so poor life has become so hard. But I an doing well in the US. Sometimes he would only bring flowers in my dream. I love flowers and smelled them, too. In real time I sometimes feel him riding with me in my car and sometimes just said something just in case he was really there. I think my success in my field is partly due to him opening doors for me, a weird idea but it feels that way. I'm not insane. I was youngest girl in the family and he protected me more than anybody else since, I think, I nearly died of a heart problem when I was 10 yrs. old. ( I remember him carrying me then when for a few seconds I was revived by the doctor and felt his love. My mom was there, too, not very far. Then I passed out again.) I still miss him after 12 yrs.

  • Dear Amantim,

    All the things you speak of are true signs that your father is now at peace. As for your mother not “hearing” from him I’d like to tell you a short story. My husband and I had known both Mr. and Mrs. R. for many years as they were the parents of our best man. They were both enormously psychic in multiple ways. Mrs. R. had reason to visit us while on a business trip and was a basket case because she hadn’t heard from her husband after his passing. My husband told her that she was so wound up, to unpack the next day and get a good night’s sleep.

    Next day she was beaming from ear to ear: “he came and we talked for a long while and everything is OK.”

    My husband said “you were just so upset, that you couldn’t hear him through your own thoughts being so ‘loud’.”

    I believe that this is the case for your mother, when she can truly calm down inside her thoughts, your father will be able to be heard by her as well.

    In Love and Light,


  • Everything you have been reading is very true... Spirits will try any way possible to let their loved ones know they are ok and reassure them that they will see them again. I'm a clairsentient and channeler. I often have spoken to the deceased and relayed messages to loved ones that usually surprise them with what is important to the spirit in their "now"... We seem to expect things about waiting for you, stories or maybe I died such and such way or felt nothing or whatever have you. But to be honest most of my messages are messages of thanks to their loved ones for this or that. Love is important in the messages and often just smiles and waves (I see movie like scenes and sometimes words in my mind). Just know he is there, he wants you to acknowledge he is still aware and hasn't forgotten you. Your mother has her wall of grief still standing so she is more closed to these messages. She will come in time to see the messages for what they are and feel what he is saying. Give it time... as for him time has no meaning but time is everything here on this plane as we live to a schedule.

    Grieve as you need to but also think of the peace and love he is surrounded by and take comfort in that.

    In love and blessings.


  • Hello,& Thanx so much for reply. Amantim, I'am too very sorry for your loss as well,

    Dear Siren

    What your reply did to my own heart was very beautifully written. I just wish it was ment for me.

    can you /would you see if i have any mess. of love from my husband,son , sister,mom or dad.

    Also do you Know why? None of the male's that have passed never come to me in dreams , I knew My loving Ma did cross over as 2yrs after her passing, I had got home after working & before I slept I had Prayed to God, asking that if my life must go on -w/out my loving mom & best & only girlfriend whom was ma!-we were unseperable on a daily basis therefore losing her really toook its toll on me..

    I prayed that God would ease the hurts and help me to face this life w/ out having to ball my eyes out every singel day as i had done if not 1 time sometimes it would be like I was on crazy rollercoaster as one minute in public/with work or friends I would be laughing everything normal then all of sudden I mean w/in seconds boohoo i was crying again..I asked that I get strength to controll those emotions.

    that night I closed my eyes to sleep I thought I was dreaming but know different now because u wake from a dream u just suddenly wake up and most cant remember but when mama came to me she was wearing her pink chiffion dress she loved & had on at her veiwing her hair was done & makeup too just exactly how the funeral home had did to her,

    I was crying really hard pillow was soaked but ma was floating over my bed When i loooked up I said mom your here u came ma I reached for her all of sudden she disapperd and i was half falling out of my bed from trying to reach out and touch her but..when she left it was as if some force had just sucked her backwards .nothing like when u normally wake.

    dose this make sense to you. that morning and even now tho i wish & miss her despartly Iam contented knowing she is happy at peace and i learned to let her go unlike i cant seem to do yet for my son or husband.Also the true blue eyed real angel that chosen me to be her big sister here on earth for 42 years had crossed because she had done almost the same as my ma did . except with sis when I was a wake,after seeing heer I just could stop crying for almost 8 hrs straight. (my older brother whom was her guardian after mom passed, & lost his home after our sister passed had to move in w me because he lost his home.) he had gone some where when he returned he asked me why I was crying so hard what was wrong and my only replie to him because i was so upset and couldnt even hardly talk. was:--- well we dont have to worrie Doreen has crossed she is o.k.. I havent seen her sence but i'm contented she is happy. & i shall see her again.

    with my son & husband I cant but think that thaey dont belive or refuse to that they are dead.

    therfore that is why I cant get the contentment or let them go because I dont know where they are are they in the left door in denial?? & not crossed over yet or what do you know can you give me an answer to this??can anyone for I so DESPARTLY NEED TO KNOW TO MOVE ON GO FOWARD SO PLEASE IF YOU CAN OR ANYONE HELP ME..




  • THANK YOU SO MUCH! To EVERYONE! Yes, I want to shout it out, because last night, I really believe I saw my Dad. Not just in a dream, but I awoke in the middle of the night, and I was thinking about my Dad, and I looked over (like I often do, afraid of what I might see), and saw him. It was like a reflection in a window. So, he wasn't solid, and I couldn't quite make out his entire face. I could see his hair (which he loved...he was a very vain He had on his sweater jacket that he loved. They were comfortable and not restricting. Anyway, I really want to thank everyone on this site that has helped me, because I really don't think I would have been as open or aware to it without all of you. I hope I get to see him again. I hope it wasn't just a one-time-deal.

    Alwaysbad -- I feel what you are talking about with your Ma. How you got to see her. It makes things a little more reassuring that they're all right. I think that I knew he was okay, it was more me being selfish that I don't have him here anymore. I have gotten the message from him several times that he can do more for us from where he is now than from here. I am not sure about your husband or son, but for some reason, I feel that they are okay. I don't know.

    Sirenz & Judee -- Thank you so very much! Daddy was very spiritual, and I feel he is able to come through so easily because he was. He didn't talk about any of this, but he was spiritual in a different way. I know he was like me, but wouldn't admit it. He slipped a couple of times, that's how I knew. Plus, he always knew who was calling before they called...that sort of thing. Anyway, thank you for relaying what he is trying to tell me. Thank you SO much!!!! 😄

  • AlwaysBad... I can try and pick them up but for me it's the spirits that find me instead of the other way around. I do want to say that with traumatic deaths, sometimes the spirits are in a shock like state. Where they are there is no "time". They are healed and cared for and when ready they can appear several years later. Having said that... As traumatic as it was... Your husband's time to pass was in your loving arms. He was blessed in that way. I will try and meditate dear and draw them to me but I can't choose who comes. I have so many notes from visitors that I have no idea who they belong to...

    Part of your grief is also a wall. It blocks incoming messages and you are trying so hard that you aren't really open... it's a form of closure if you will. Make peace within yourself so that you can open your eyes, heart and soul to any loving communication coming to you.

    Much love and strength.


  • Amantim I am so very happy for you :). What a wonderful blessing for you to see him and feel that tension slip away.... He's there for you even when you don't see him but seeing makes it so much "more".



  • Namaste Amantim. You needn't feel bad in any way because Alwaysbad had a different experience than you. When people are asked to put their problems into the middle of a circle, and then read the problems of others, they will always pick up their own problems to keep.

    My father passed away five days after my fifteenth birthday. His yahrzeit was yesterday. This in no way impacts your own experience, meaning my experience was no harsher or better than your own. It was simply my experience. I'm very glad to hear that your dad has been around you; often loved ones will elect to guide family members after they themselves have passed.

    Keeping a loving thought for you and yours,



  • Sirenz & Ahliyah -- That makes a lot of sense that he would be still around actually. I think he is the one that guided me most in this life before he passed. So it is fitting. It's funny how I really wanted to "see" him again, but was so afraid that if I did "see" him I would freak out. On the contrary, I was at peace and at ease. I really didn't want him to leave. I wish I can turn around and he'd be there always.

    I am scheduled for a hysterectomy on the 11th of Jan. If it weren't for the dream that he sent me, I don't think I would be getting this taken care of. I would be putting it off until I couldn't possibly put it off anymore. I really do think that he is there and guiding me. I am so grateful, and feel so blessed.

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