HELP!,My Lastest Tarot Cards Are Puzzling Me!

  • patricia1970libra,

    and the still deeper secret of the secrets : the land that is nowhere, that is the true home.

  • Hans,

    what does that mean? I thought home was in heaven? I can not remember ever feeling really at home anywhere i've been in this world,only in my heart have i felt at home.

    Peace & Blessings

    Love & Light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Hi patricia,

    once again I apologise for not responding sooner,

    I have been rather busy doing readings on the thread I WOULD LOVE AREADING OF ANY KIND

    if your friend wants to post there I would be happy to add her to the waiting list and do a reading for her.

    I am limiting myself to only 3 readings a day however as I have found it drains me otherwise

    I'll need her name, d.o.b and rough wherabouts.

    Thanks for the understanding,

    re; the astral travel i think that is brilliant you can do that

    I haven't learnt to do that yet but it does interest me would love to know more.

    must have been fantastic holding your grand daughter,I'm so pleased for you.

    I have had spirits visit me since i was young and always been sensitive to vibrations.

    I guess it comes from my mothers side as they were all mediums, but have always been interested in anything 'occult' or supernatural, witchy etc.

    love and light always crystal

  • patricia1970libra

    what does that mean? The more you are in balance inside of you, the more you will be feeling at home.

    I thought home was in heaven? Heaven is only inside of you, when you are in a equilibrium and in a state of no-mind.

    You can simply look and watch and understand. It is just like darkness: you bring a candle, and the darkness is not there. You bring understanding, there is light, and the ego disappears, the shadows have gone. And when the ego disappears, for the first time you become a unitary being. Your unconscious and conscious simply lose their boundaries. There are not any boundaries in fact. You cannot drop it. Once you understand, suddenly you feel it is dropped. You never dop it! When you understand, it is there no more.

  • hans,

    I'm sorry jumping in and i'm not trying to be rude, but is there something troubling you?

    I ask as your name just keeps coming to me at the moment and someone seems to be trying to contact you through me.

    Also your aura is kind of flickering at the moment.

    sorry but it is beginning to bug me.


  • ooooops sorry posted on wrong one

  • That is soo kind of you, to feel for me. Actually I had headaches the last two days, but except of this I was okay. I wish I could see this flickerung too, but it reminds me at all those flickerings lights in my neighbourhood, that tell me that christmas is coming soon.

    Thank you for your being in "touch" with me, you are such a sensitive, almost seismographic woman.

  • firstly thank you hans for the compliment, it is just something I have always done, although i do seem to be more aware of messages coming through since being on this site and now patricia I am going to try and get on to your reading as soon as I can,unfortunately life has been quite hectic for me at present so am trying to fit them in as and when I can and have the energy to do so, but I feel you should not worry too much about your partner he has life lesson to learn and must go through this but no harm will come to him physically, just emotional.

    I hope this helps you feel a little better.

    May the goddess always be with you.

    love and light


    p.s Teresa has a message for you

  • Dear Crsystal,

    Thank-You so much you are such a kind,loving women,with a heart of gold.I hope he will be o.k.,he is a really nice guy,with a very kind and gentle heart.and i know that he love me and god with all he is.your right,he spent all of his life so far working from a young age that he did not have much time to learn to many life lessons.this does bring a calming in me reading your post,thank-you,you are a very nice friend. can you tell me what message terese has for me,i'm not allowed to call them til march, 😞

    peace,blessings,love & light, 🙂

  • hi patricia,

    just a quick message as I need to get the kids up for school,

    I hope to get onto your reading later today and felipe's, unfortunately I have been told I was wrong re physical harm, he is likely to have some injuries but not serious.

    Gwen is correct when she tells you it is something that has to happen

    It has been strange because more less as soon as you left that message on my thread, I kept getting the word crash going through my head and could not understand what it meant.

    I sincerelly hope that everything will turn out o.k for you.

    I will also try to tune into Teresa again for you and see if she will let me know the message, although I think it is probably just to let you know she is still around at this difficult time.

    Hope to catch you later anyway , I have to go now.

    blessings crystal

  • Hi patricia,

    just stopping by quickly to say thanks for the message you left on my thread.

    emergency is now over.

    re; teresa I have not been able to contact further sorry to say but think it is jsut as I said that she loves you and wants you to know she is still about.

    Hope all is going o.k with you and felipe.

    love and light


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Crystal,

    It's o.k. i totally understand. I think something with my cards shifted, so far there has not been an accident,except for one that i went past right after it happened and the women that passed away in it was drawn to my light,aura and she attached herself to me,but i have guided her to where she needed to go. maybe someday the other accident will take place,but for now i've put it behind me and have gone on with my life.which i might add is taking a very differant turn. I thought that maybe that cyst that i had on my ovary was starting to act up again and my guide chimed in and told me that i was pregnant and was to have a little girl in june. well of course i argued with her because i know that i can not carry another child.well she went on to say that this is a gift from God ,and with God all things are posible.well i still battled with dout's and right now i'm just going to wait and see what happens.all the readings that i have had never pointed to a baby,unless i missed it? i was wondering did you see anything that pointed to me having a baby? i feel a differant kind of peace inside of me lately,and a stronger stregth,but differant,but then again it might have something to do with the blue moon?

    I'm not sure if you have seen the thread that i stared,"Can you guess what my spirit guide just told me?"

    Well i started it for fun because i really did not belive what gwen had told me,and it turns out that with this thread i helped someone else and that helped slap me back to the surface again. is'nt funny how things work?

    well the ones that did reply picked up right away on a baby,and then one picked up on burnt toast,which does have meaning for me, my grandfather (on my mom's side) that i was never close to,and for that fact not even sure if he liked me as he did not like many people,well he ate burnt toast every morning for breakfast. this is truely strange that he would contact someone and why? another mystery. life is never boring around me,LOL.

    oh,and felipe is doing good,deals with his feelings alot better now.

    I have not told him of this latest news as i could not live with myself if it did not turn out to be right on,he does not have kids,and when he decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me,he knew that i could not have anymore kids and acepted it.

    I have felt his yearning pain for wanting a child that he would never have,and it is not a good feeling at all so i could never put that pain on him in alone with disapointment. and it is so very hard for me to keep even the littlest of things from him.

    o.k. i'm need to go for now,and i know that you are very busy so i will talk to you later, many,many blessings to you and happy Blue Moon and New Year..... :_)

  • This post is deleted!

  • merry meet

    just a quick message to let you know i'm back online again, hope all is o.k ish? with you and yours.

    love and light


  • HI Crystal,

    Thank-you for popping in to let me know that you are back,i've been worried and was wondering when you would be able to come back on. I heard what happened to your puter and i felt really bad cause i thought that maybe the e-card that i sent you is what made your puter crash?

    I wish that i could say that things are o.k.ish but i'm afraid they are not. things are great with me and felipe ,thats not the problem.the problem is with me.I try really hard to understand the things that are going on within me,and when i think that i understand a little and i feel pretty good then wam,i get hit with something that i can't understand no matter how hard i try and i start questioning myself,my abilities,and even my faith. I don't know what to think anymore, i have put a wall up and do not want to listen to how i feel right now and in turn no spirit guides talk to me anymore and even if they did,right now i think that they know that i would not listen cause i feel,i dont know,let down,and like a cruel joke was played on me. I don't know how or why all of this happened? i was really on track,doing very well with meditating and reading alot of good spirtual things,was hooked of doing cleansing's and buring candles and insents and faithfully wore my stones and belived in them 100%,as i did everything else.and now i don't know what i belive in anymore. maybe im not ment to be psychic or anything else. i think that im going to forget about everything that i've been told in readings and by those voices that called themselfs guides and just go on with my life and hope that it goes back to at least half normal,this is all just way too stressful for me right now and out of everything I do not like question my own faith,i feel a deep hurt.maybe from questioning it or cause i feel so let down,yet again.

    Thank-you for always showing concern for me and felipe.

    Love & Light

  • Hi again,

    I'm sorry you are feeling that way, and hope you will feel better soon

    Can I just ask though have you been protecting yourself psychicaly?

    i.e opening up for the psychic work and closing down afterwards,

    For closing down just do slow deep breathing for a while, whilst imaginging sitting under a shower that sprinkles down a silvery white, washing over you and cleansing you.

    This is taken from one of my books called instant intuition by Anne Jirsch, it's worth a read if you get the chance.

    Also have you said for spirit to take away any feelings that are not yours, because as an empath ,I frequently have to ask them to clear me of negative vibes.

    On one paticular reading I done I ended up crying because the sadness was so strong.

    I hope this helps.

    Thinking of you

    love and light


  • hello again,

    just stopping by to say thinking of you.

    Some kind of change either already happened or coming up, hope it's a good change for you?

    love and light


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