HELP!,My Lastest Tarot Cards Are Puzzling Me!

  • Hi, I'm a Libra,born 10/16/70

    I've recently been told that i'm psychic,that i just did not know it.

    I knew that i had some kind of gift because i have visions and sence things.

    well i don't remember ever having a card or horoscope or hexegram on that puzzuled me befor.

    on 11/28/09=saturday,THE MOON:this tarot deck:Royal Thai

    (just a brife statement from it),

    The Moon card represents the ultimate test of a souls intergrity,where the membrane between self and the unknown is removed,and the drop of individuality reenters the ocean of being.

    what transpires next is between a soul and it's maker...

    on 11/29/09=sunday,JUDGMENT:this tarot deck:Medieval Cat

    (brife statement from this one),

    Sometimes entitled Resurrection,represents the great reunion that the ancients belived would happen once every age.this was the time when souls are harvested and taken home to their place of origin,outside the solar system...

    What do these cards mean for me?

    Do they have something to do with me devloping my gift more?

    And last week I even had THE DEVIL card,what does this mean?

    I have a set of tarot cards that i got a few years ago,can anyone also tell me how good these are? The Instant Tarot Reader,by, Monte Farber & Amy Zerner...

    Is this a set that i can really trust in or just to keep on the bookshelve?

    I have used them in the past for myself and close friends...

    Thanks so much for the help with this...



  • The Moon (18) means: Your goal is the wide ocean, the all-embracing, the oceanic, but your mind is afraid of it.

    The Judgement (20) means: If you get out of your grave, responding to this big impulse from the outside, then you are able to absorb many things playfully charging them energetically to let them go on running by your lust for life.

    Do they have something to do with you developing your gift more? Yes, especially Judgment. The appropriate organ for that is your spleen.

    The Devil (15) means: Your relationship is suppressing your energy. Do not oppress your energy because of others. Your strong and positive strength in turning in its opposite by social and political misuse of power and suppression of the naturally free energies of nature and people.

    Your set of tarot cards is only good for disappointments. This a set that you cannot really trust in nor just to keep on the bookshelves.

    From all the Tarot decks I can only recommend the Rider-Waite-Tarotcards.

    There is a change in your financial condition, up or down, money coming in or going out. It can also indicate changes within your present business such as changing locations or the way in which you do business. Another possible manifestation would be taking one or more business trips.

    At its deepest level, it signals a time when you will undergo a change in values. If your values, or what you really want from life, change, it is likely that many other changes will occur at the same time. You could move to a new location, get a new job or even change relationships. In other words, all things valued are susceptible to a big change when this cards appear.

    To be alone in the only real revolution. To accept that you are alone is the greatest transformation that can happen to you.

    The man of Tao remains ordinary, absolutely ordinary. Nobody knows who he is, nobody knows what he carries within him, what treasure. He never advertises, he never tries to display. But why do we advertise? Because of the ego. You are not satisfied with yourself, you are satisfied only when others appreciate you. You may have a valuable stone, but it is not enough; others must appreciate it. Others´ opinion is more valuable -- not your being. You look into others´ eyes as if they are mirrors and if they appreciate you, applaud you, you feel good.

  • Thank-you so very much Hans,as i read your reply i first got chill's then i started to cry,

    not because i was sad,no-no,but because everything that you wrote is right on and you made me open my eyes to see something's that i needed to see and now i understand better.

    the cards at first scared me but now i'm more at ease.

    i just got 4 new relaxing c.d.'s today,to help me with medataion,and i'm gonna try real hard to go inside myself.

    your right,i was afraid to tell my boyfriend about my gift,now i just have,i'm not sure how he feels about it but he's alway's listened when i had a bad feeling about something.never to second guess what i was saying to him at the time,like some how he just knew.

    thank-you for your advice on the tarot cards,i will look for the right ones on friday as i'm also going to get some sage to do a cleansing of myself and apartment.

    yes i have been going through alot of fiancial up's and down's since i lost my job a year ago,and i have alot of stress wondering if its ever gonna even out again to be better fiancially?

    but then again thats the million dollar question for so many people these day's.

    change,hum,lets see,i was all ready to relocate just back in sept.,gave up the trailer i was renting,carefully packed everthing,took my animals to the vet for one last check-up and i went to my doc. for a check-up too.i even got a GPS.

    we were supose to be moving from florida to missippi to where some of my family lives,but the last thing to do was have my truck serviced,well my friend that was doing the work on it ran into some problems with the breaks,so we had to leave the trailer and my friend and his wife invited us to stay with them,which we did and then i felt that moving to missi.was not a good idea,so we was lucky enough to get this apartment.

    but for so reason i still feel that we are gonna make another move,even though i like where i'm at right now.

    and i'm starting to feel that it might be time to try and get another job,i think that i'm recovered from an wrist injury to try and work again, i just am not sure what kind of work to look into doing?

    what did it mean to accept that i'm alone,when there is usally people around me,and i have faith that God is always with me?

    your right,i'm not satisfied with myself.

    and i do feel satisfied when people appreciate me,maybe because for years i felt that i was not appreciated at all.

    i do have a beautiful amyathist stone,it came from hawii.and it was giving to me years ago from a very dear friend.

    a few months ago i had it in cased in a nice silver cage.

    i've always thought it was vauable because of where it came from and its size is pretty big.

    the few people i asked to tell me how much they thought it was worth,said that it was beautiful,a nice cut,a nice color but that amyathist prices was way low and that they would only give me one hundred dollars for it.i know its worth way more than that.

    and your right,i'm not gonna just sell it to just any body,the person will have to apprecciate it or i will never part with it.

    i think i need to start valuing my own opinons and appreciating myself for a change.

    you have helped me so much,thank-you again,your insight is truely amazing and you are a beautiful person.

    Peace & Blessings


  • I appreciate your heartfelt feedback!

    What did it mean to accept that you're alone,when there is usally people around you, and you have faith that God is always with you?

    It means that you are prejudiced. You are depressed encapsulating yourself altogether against natural exchange.

    Religion arises in wonder and awe. If you can feel wonder, if you can feel awe, you are religious. Not by reading the Bible, but by experiencing awe. When you see the sky full of stars, do you feel a dance in your heart? Do you see a song arising in your being? Do you feel a communion with the stars? Then you are religious. You are not religious by going to the church and repeating borrowed prayers which have nothing to do with your heart, which are just head affairs.

  • hi patricia,

    in laymans terms, i understand it means uncertaincy surrounding legal matters or that someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes and is judging you, also that you are blaming yourself too much for something (self enslavement ) and need to learn to let go of issues.

    Hope this helps you.

    love and light crystal

  • Hans,

    the answer to all your questions or i should say the questions to ask myself is,

    YES,i have always felt awe in everything that i see,beautiful that was created by god.

    i'm always humming and always have a song in my heart.

    and i'm in awe and amazment when i look at that stars and moon,i wish i could reach up and catch a star or sit on the moon,kinda silly but yea i feel so connected with the plant and god.

    thank-you for helping me to see this differantly.

    Peace & Blessings


  • meandkids,

    Thank-You very much for your reply,

    i do have legal matters and they have tryed to pull the wool over my eyes in the past but i'm wiser to that now and will not allow them to do that to me again.

    i read your post today and also recieved a phone call today that i did not plan on recieving about these legal problems.i was so hoping that all of these problems was going to come to a end soon,but i was told today that they will go on for a little while longer.but thats o.k.,i'm stronger now and will not be fooled by this evil family that has been doing all of this to me this whole time.

    and i do tend to blame myself for something that i have no fault in but i'm trying to break this way of thinking because i know that we are responsable for our own actions but when there has clearly been no actions on a persons part then they should not take the blame.

    do you do readings on a reg. bases? because a friend of mine was reading your reply to me and was wondering?

    again,thank-you it's so nice meeting new people and i feel that you are a lovely person to talk to.

    Peace & Blessings


  • patricia1970libra,

    be watchful when you are sowing your seeds, because once sown you will have to suffer the consequences. Whatsoever you sow you will have to reap. It is just that the time gap creates illusions in people’s minds. They think they can escape; that they can sow wrong seeds and can reap right crops. That is impossible—that is against the eternal law.

    You were a child; that form came and disappeared. If you met your childhood somewhere you would not be able to recognize it. You became a young girl -- that form also disappeared. Now if you go and meet your youth somewhere, you will not be able to recognize it. You will become old -- that form will also disappear in death. Forms go on like waves, come and go, appear and disappear. No need to be distracted by them. Anger comes and goes... nothing is to be done about it. If you can remain poised in your alertness, it cannot poison you. You remain aloof -- close, very close, and yet aloof, far, far away.

  • Hans,

    Thank-You for your reply,i find myself once again seeking your insight and guidens,

    I'm not one to have dreams while i sleep and i'm not even sure thats what i had? but befor i exsplan i need to say that my laptop has been acting up the past 2 days,so i might have to tell you what i need to in a few,please bear with me.

    I woke-up early this morning and the olny thing that i remember feeling is that i wanted a little more sleep,then all of asudden it was like i was jared and i opened my eyes and i was standing next to a tree with my ex. mother-in-law,my children have lived with her for the past 5 yrs.after her money and fancy lawyer took them away from me only because i had no money,no place of our own to live and no job because i had just got hurt at work.

    anyway we stood there and she said that is tiffany,my oldest daughter was on a mat doing flips,i knew it was her,(she looks just like me).we watched and tiffany was nerves you could see that,but was other people was around and she said she just does it for exercize.

    as i watched i knew that the grandmother brifely walked away and then returned with the rest of my children.

  • one by one they hugged me and i could really feel them,i could smell their sweet smells,the pain and joy that i felt ,felt so real as if it was happening right now to me? the pain felt like a knife cutting into my soul?only one of my daughters,(teresa) asked me,why?has so much time pasted and you have not called,i remember through the tears telling her that i wanted to but i was not allowed to for just this little while,she hugged me so youngest girl,(tabitha),was frozen at first,in shock to see me then just hugged me so tight too and then my son(travis),he looked so diff.,dark hair now and so tall and handsome,he also hugged me so tight and all cryed because they were so happy to see me,,,,

  • oh no hans, my middle daughter,(trisha) i do not remember seeing her,she was not there? right now as i write this i feel a sence of panick inside because i know i did not see her? but yet her name was not spoken?i could not stop crying and the grandmother said to the kids to go play for a few min.'s while we talked and i watched them run off and i looked her right in the eyes and said, i want them back,please, stop this, i love them so much,please just give them back and let us go on with our lifes.she said that we will talk about it and then i was inside a house with alot of people sitting around,not sure why,and most of them i knew,and i was holding a baby,(girl), i think it was my first supose to be my first grandchild? i was happy,but yet sad,nerves. and then i was jared again and i was back in my own bedroom,alone with tears streaming down my face?,,,,

  • i feel so sad and confused today,why did this happen?is the real truth ever gonna been seen and my childen reunited with me? i can take the good and bad answers,belive me i have been through so much already.but this felt as it all took place this morning or is to come? i do not understand? i'am so shook up about this that i was gonna stop at nothing to ask for your help.

    where was my daughter (trisha)? why could i not see her or sence her?why do i feel so emotional today?

    thank-you for being here for me,its a relief knowing that you are here to try to help me understand things that puzzle and rock me.

    Peace & Blessings


  • That was no dream, although it was not happening right now to you. There may have been pain, but your soul cannot be cut, it is indivisible. Soul has nothing to do with emotions. Trisha was not there because she is imprisoned in her relationship. But that does not mean that she does not love you. Even if her name was not spoken of you are connected with everyone. The baby was your first grandchild. Youyr tears are showing that you possess the ability to know and to live existence in its glory and fullness. This did happen to make you aware about the wrong direction you are heading. The real truth will never gonna been seen and your childen not reunited with you.

    This all took not place this morning nor is to come, but on a spiritual plane, on the astral level, you are united all the same. You seem to know the connection to their hearts. You think their hearts would need the truth. You offer it to them. Trisha was standing offside, as a watcher on the hill. You could not see her or sence her because becoming a mother herself she feels now more as mother than as your child. You feel so emotional today because you are giving up.

    Whenever you feel a problem, look within your heart. If you are at ease, you are on the right path. Your heart is the criterion.

    The whole world may condemn you; don´t be worried about it. If all the blind people of the world gather together and praise your beauty, will you be happy about it? They can´t see, they have no eyes to see; you will not be very happy by being praised by the blind.

  • Hans,

    Thank-You so much! as i read your words i felt calmer and reasured.

    and i will always listen to my heart after today,i admite i tryed hard in the past to listen to just my heart but as you know sometimes we run i'm gonna work very hard at devloping my gift to its fullest,i want to help please don't be surprised if i keep bugging you,lol.but i know that you are very busy so i'll try to behave myself.

    you are a great teacher,

    Peace & Blessings my friend.


  • Your birthday is two days before mine.

  • Hi Libra,

    how's it going? if you read my latest post then you see i was not doing to good earlyer,got a huge shock but Hans helped me and i'm o.k. now.

    I'm glad to see you on here,:) I wanted to let you know that i have a doctors appt. next monday,i started to have a little pain again and i still just do not feel right.

    and this time i get to see my doctor,happy about that.

    i'm going to tell him, look i do not need this ovary anymore so take it out,lol.

    i will keep you posted.thats cool about your,my oldest daughters is the 14th.

    Peace & Blessings,fellow libra friend.


  • Sorry libra that reply is by me but i'm not mae1956,a friend was using my puter,opps.

  • Yeah it completely threw me. I kept going back and just didn't get it and I am glad that you let me know that. Well you only need one ovary and you seem to be good with that anyway. I am glad that your feeling better too. A good sign. I just popped in to let you know that. So your alright in my book.LOL

  • Hi patricia,

    sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, I mainly do readings for myself but am happy to try a reading for your friend if you like (I could use the

    would appreciate some feedback though if thats alright, I can do a general reading based on one question or another that indicates the next six months.

    love and light crystal

    p.s do you or have you had a cat at all? as they are trying to get your attenttion as is a young child on the other side.

    try not to worry so much everything will turn out o.k in the end but it will be hard work.

  • Meandkids,

    Hi,how are you today?

    thats o.k., practice will help you devolope your gift more,i'am also in newbee,lol.

    my friend posted a new thread under tarot,you can't miss it.,it's for you.

    she said that she would love a reading,you can find her on that thread that she just started.

    yes i do have a cat,his name is max and he is a handful,lol.and he has not been very happy with me lately because i got new sofa and loveseat when we just moved well he has to be confind to the spare room until he is declawed in 2 weeks.he is the reason that i had to get new ones,he sreaded my other set.

    young child on the other side,yes,i visited my children and held my first grandaughter for the first time as i just visited the astro plan.

    you see,you are doing good,keep practicing.

    and please keep in touch,it is great to make new friends on tarot,we are all family.

    Peace & Blessings


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