PLEASE chris1962, HisBabLove, BLMOON request for a reading

  • HI all three.,

    ive seen and heard you do great wonderful deep readings. May I be bold to ask for one from you all please?

    an overall cover all areas would be nice, work elsewhere but denmark, relocation how do i finance it, love, babies, men, n future thank you so much.


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  • Hi Charmed,

    Thank you for the compliment. I agree with regards to Chris and blmoon. They are both enormously gifted and generous. I'm still feeling my way but Libraslair brought this thread to my attention and here I am. I feel like you have ideas as to where you are going on a lot of those issues but need confirmation. You don't really trust what you are feeling. I feel like you are a happy person, bursting with excitement and a lot of possibilities are before you to the point that your mind is all over the place jumping from one place to the next.

    I do feel like there is someone you are either attracted to or involved with. I feel that he's a good person and can be a long term mate. I feel like his feelings might run deeper than yours. Maybe you have a lot of other things before you that are distracting you from the relationship side of things.

    I am getting something about a little boy...I don't know if you have a son or nephew that is important to you? If not, then I would bet money you will have a son. But I keep getting this little boy, so it makes me think it isn't a future thing.

    I feel like you will leave Denmark, but I don't think you will stay away forever. Almost like you will go if you really want to, not because its where your happiness lies. Still, its an itch you really want to scratch and you have your path.

    Have you multiple job/business opportunities or ideas? I'm getting 3. Like you have 3 choices in this field.

    You have a lot of energy around you, which might be why I'm having such a hard time pinning anything down right this minute. I see you in the center and all this flying around you and you are in a happy tizzy.

    You are at a point, a moment, when a lot is open to you. You have a lot of choices an that is a good thing:) No one can dictate which path to take. No vision or message can supersede your free will.

    Blessings and Light

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  • I'm told to write fast or I'll question it and try to make sense. First the name Gretchen. Beauty--healthy products. I see a woman walks alone mostly long legged and with grace. Could be a fashion starter. Creative. Problem solver. Too smart for her own good the little men say behind her back. Doesn't NEED a man. Falls hard in love. Men have their hands full with this prize. Does she settle once again for less or wait it out--where is that man stronger than her? He doesn't exist. The fairy tale nothing like her childhood dreams.( Spirit in your life must have been a writer, his message reads like a best selling novel. )This period of stasis you've been enduring--called the "lull" is not quite over yet so frustrating as it is I see you sitting slow and hohum at least five months longer. Then a burst of movement like someone opened the gates. Do all your dream thinking now--feed the source.

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  • Well hi there Charmed,

    Thanks for asking me, bablove & blmoon, to read for you. Like blmoon, I'm just gonna rattle off what I get and hope it makes sense to you. I also have to mention that I've seen some of your posts on other threads, so what I write will be from memory of seeing that ... just so ya don't think I'm some sorta magic woman or something :))

    The most important message I'm getting for you is FOLLOW YOUR HEART. You are happy enough in Denmark, but I feel your heart is where this fellow is you've been talking to. You've found a soul connection with him, and I've heard about success with relationships based on internet "meetings" quite often, so am having no reservations about you doing this.

    BUT, I feel that going elsewhere - America? - is going to be good for you in every way, not just love. I agree with bablove, you will return to Denmark, but I feel you'll be away for quite a while, spreading your wings which have been clipped a bit lately, and just experiencing "how the other half lives" in a manner of speaking.

    There's a strong chance you'll return to Denmark with this man in tow. He's not happy where he is and wants a change, and I think you'll both hook up and travel together for a while. He's got commitments he needs to tie up where he currently lives though, so you'll be finding your feet also once you arrive there. I see this move coming around March or April of next year. You are doubtful about going as I don't get that you've travelled much outside of Denmark, or at least haven't for some time. I also am seeing this little boy bablove talks about. I think he may be the reason you are doubtful about leaving, as you have a tremendous bond with him. This bond will always remain strong, and you can keep it going by sending him little notes and photos of yourself and your life where you are going. I believe you'll be back in Denmark by the time he's about six or seven, and he'll remember you. I'm getting that he's about three or four now; is that right? (I do have trouble getting ages of children and gender too, so ... bear with me ... 🙂

    I see you teaching: standing up in front of people showing them how to do a particular thing. Can't see exactly what that "thing" is, but it's something to do with hand crafts or similar.

    Three also comes up for me. Not sure if this could be a love triangle situation, where you may have to choose between two men eventually, or two careers over and above one you will be working in at the time. I do feel you've worked in the same field for a long time, albeit doing different things within it, but you are bored and want change. You are a go-getter and someone who can make something out of nothing, which is a great thing. It's like you can look at something that seems hopeless and see where it still has some merit. You may build a business from scratch, which could be where your other two choices come in, if this "three" thing is work related.

    Thinking about it, I feel that the man you've been speaking to is quite a dependable (let's call him Mr Online), reliable and stoic sort of fellow. One who can offer you a stable foundation which is something you've been looking for, even though you want change in other areas of your life. On further thinking about this "three" issue, I believe this could be where three lies. There could be another man who comes along who offers the excitement, thrills and unadulterated passion you've experienced with other men in the past, which could threaten your stability with this other fellow. You will know what choice to make when you need to make it. You have been around enough to know what you want out of life and out of love. I have to tell you that Mr Online is a very sincere and genuine fellow who is looking for someone different to what he's had before. He's been very hurt and disappointed in the past, and is tired of the shallow women he's been attracted to, or that have been attracted to him. I feel he's a very good looking fellow who has been taken at "face value" all too often and not really found anyone who looks too far below the surface. He also has a very dry sense of humour, and is an excellent conversationalist. You won't be bored by his reliability and dependability either; there are many facets to this man and you will be forever discovering new things about him. So, having said all that, to repeat what I said above, you will know what choice to make when that choice comes. This other man who may pop up will stir up those long-forgotten feelings of risk taking and high passion and you might be tempted towards it again... BUT, I won't keep repeating what I've already said twice 🙂

    I think you already know what you have to do here; you just need validation, which is quite normal.

    So really, after waffling on above, I feel the most important things to sum this up are:

    Follow your heart

    Trust what your instincts are telling you

    Base any future choices on what you've learned in the last three years

    But most of all, enjoy the adventure coming up for you. A change is always good, even if it scares you a bit. Feel the fear but do it anyway ... fine advice, isn't it? Come to think of it, I must take that advice ...

    So, you'll be an all-American lady for a few years and I believe you'll enjoy every moment. When you go home to Denmark, you will be changed forever and will appreciate even more the home you'd left behind. And that little boy will run up to you with arms wide open in greeting ...

    That number three thing is really plaguing me at the moment as I can't get a definite grip on where it actually lies. Maybe three is a lucky number for you: you may find house numbers which contain three or add up to it once reduced to a single digit. There may be three in your family. There could be three in the family you make for yourself, ie, a single child family.

    All sorts of things this three could mean. So keep an eye on that number and see how many areas it crops up in your life. I have experienced similar in my earlier life as three cropped up for me EVERYWHERE. My house number had three in it, other apartment numbers I lived in either had three/s in it, or were divisible by three, etc. Phone numbers, the same. And funny enough, the family I produced added up to .... THREE. That is until we fostered a 12 year old boy and we became a clan of four!

    So that could be all this means too. Look up the meaning of three in numerology and see what it has to say also. It is an important number in numerology, so that might be where your answer lies there.

    Otherwise, I sure hope this made SOME sense to you! I honestly come back to that feeling of you knowing pretty much what to do, but just needing a wee bit of validation from those who don't know you. And hopefully you got that validation!

    Thanks again for asking and good luck with your grand adventure :))

  • Yea cris I was just going to say you keep giving message that are also for you. And I am glad that they are where you can go back and read them.

  • hisbablove

    Thank u so much. i reread it. the boy is my 6 year old nephew, he turned 6 2 or so weeks ago, n when he was 1½ years old he was shown to me as my own son to come. so yes he is important to me. n yes i itch to go to usa badly lol ive always known since school my future is lies with an english speaking man or country. so .....

    3 in job choises hmmm ye mayb dunno yet i still need to try my hand to appky OUTSIDE denmark lol

    thanx again

  • BLMoon:

    U hit the nail on its head. U made me realize just because i begin a course is NO reason WHATSOEVER to race through and hustle n bustle. The right path will blosson when it is ripen.

    thank you

  • Cris1962:

    WOW. ..............................WOW ......................... you blew me away. even the things you said on the online mr man , i had NO idea. i appreciate him even more now.

    the other man is a cancerian fireman n boy did he awake the woman in me, BUT that said he no longer thrills me as he used to. Mr.Online thrills me more than any ever before.

    so i think cancerian fireman is the stirrer but im not looking for that kind of upheaval. i do that plenty myself LOLOLOL

    as for the boy well my nephew Ian is now 6, n he is the one who when he was 1½ years old was the envision of my own son to come. n he has been special to me since. my other nephew Thomas is now 1½ years old n well he has showed he loves me. BUT not as his older brother from the first time Ian saw me. Somehow as even a baby 5 months old Ian KNEW im a psychic n more. I could see it in his OLD OLD soul that he KNEW.

    Thomas when he was 5 or 6 months old disliked me. lot changes in a year. i feel Thomas resembles my brother too much, i dunno .................... i feel the 3 can also be the kids ill have as ive seen them all, well ahm 2 of them but been told 3 in all lol

    can it also mean Mr online n i will be 3 with out son pretty fast once we´re together?

    if u see more let me know, n should u need insight am i right here.

    thank u so much cris

  • Hi

    If ANY of you see more in regards to what brings me to the usa, how i get the relocation, jobwise or man helps me, its my worry. further what areas ought i now apply within.

    i ask bc i just started a jobseeking course coachthingie.

    uh n more on mr online regards to me n him thanx lol

    and if u need a read from me ask me im right here thanx ladies

    kiss kiss huggles

  • Well mr online has firmly stated THAT wont never happen. So Gals ladies i DEFINITELY need more insight on the man u saw for me. looks features profession, sunsign thank u.

  • Hi there Charmed,

    Well, looks like my impressions went a bit awry here. What I can suggest though, is that this fellow you've been talking to online might be a sort of "lure" sent from the Divine for you to go to America. You may not have thought of doing this if you hadn't started chatting to him in the first place. Remember that sometimes, the one we think is "the one" may simply be a stepping stone towards the one who is "the one" :)))

    What I get for looks is dark hair. Well built and possibly may work in the areas of physical fitness or similar; like a personal trainer maybe or ... swimming just popped in there, so quite sporty both in leisure and for his work. Whatever profession he actually is in, it involves him using his body and I see him outside quite a bit doing it. Could be his own business too.

    Sunsigns, I'm not good with, so can't offer a suggestion there. I can see that his birthday could be around the middle of the year, which could put him as either a Gemini, Cancerian or Leo. Sorry I can't be more specific than that!

    I'm getting a real sense of caution with your online man here. Very, very careful is he. I think he's involved in something anyway, something which he's not sure about continuing, but doesn't want to jeopardise it. That could be why he's telling you THAT won't ever happen. But y'know, sometimes it's a case of "protesting too much". This will be a case of go with the flow I think. Still make your trip, catch up with this man if he's willing, but be very cautious yourself.

    I will finish by apologising for getting things incorrectly here. I won't make excuses either! We don't always get it right. But I do see that moving locations will be good for you in the long run and you will find the happiness you seek by doing so.

    I see you doing something along the lines of greeting cards too. You're very good with short, quippy verses and I think you might start off doing this as a hobby (if you haven't already) and might find a suitable market in the US for your hobby.

    That's what I get so far! I don't know if this helps at all, and again, sorry for getting it a bit messed up in the first place. Sometimes these messages do come in wonderfully confusing ways, or they get skewed in interpretation.

    Good luck with everything! Be interesting to see how your adventure pans out :)))

  • Hey Cris Darling

    So far has ur second look been the best n most on. Stepping stone never thought that so it makes sense. As for being on the right wire, well we work with what we get even if we get the useal info. For me I need at times more than the useal name city n country , i need at times a last name N a picture. reading a john in new york usa or edward in london uk is like hello needle n haystack, so darling dont fret on getting the right wire.

    often guides only gives us so much until the situation changes.

    as for middle year i recently dumped one, n he uses his body a lot, retired fireman. not bc of what his status is but bc i was mad at myself. in general i dumped meself n not him LOL

    watersign myself. He too is tall n darkhaired n a cancerian

    I will defo loo into the greeting card section bc there u also hit a nail on it head along the verse way. ye im quite creative

    thank u so much Cris. N if u wanna yab with me OFF here im on facebook as bente millek, on myspace as voodoobelle, n if ya have any messenger we can take it from there-


  • Hey, no probs! Will keep in mind facebook, etc. LOOVE yer screen name "voodoobelle" - bet that scares a few off!!! But then you meant to, didn't ya???

  • NOpe, it came about as I discovered a SIGNIFICANT past life of mine. LOL

  • By theby Cris, do you see me on the man n regards me? bc i knwo some but man it makes my head spin. attached to someone else, not attached n so on , oi makes me stomach go HUURRRRLLLL

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