Need help! Which Taurus man is the right one for me?

  • I have a dilemma. So far, I have talked with two psychics: The first one kind of led me on a bit and told me I have a curse, etc. The second one was really informative and told me that the older Taurus man loves me deeply but has an inner child and therefore I need to teach him somehow and that we are done with our relationship yet; still have more to learn from one another. As for the younger Taurus man, I will be moving forward with him and things will be changing in 6 months and right now is not the right time (re: karma) to make a decision.

    I am curious what other psychics here see regarding my situation? If you need more information, I can certainly provide you with that.

    My main question is, am I doing the right thing by leaving the older Taurus man (May 19, 1971)? I just feel such a connection with the younger Taurus man, who is an ex and who I've known for 7 years (April 25, 1983).

    Will anything come about between me and this younger Taurus man? Or am I making a big mistake and should try to work out things between me and the older Taurus man?

    My birthdate by the way is January 4, 1985.

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi there Megan

    In a nutshell, you know the time has come to end things with Mr Older Taurus. You aren't responsible for him, nor he you, so it's time to cut the cord, so to speak.

    The younger Taurus fellow is the one for you I feel. You also know this deep down, but feel afraid that it is too good to be true. Well, it's not. I think you also think that because this fellow is younger (he's younger than you too, isn't he?) he couldn't possibly be as reliable or dependable as the older one. Wrong. The older one has more issues than the younger one believe it or not! And I feel he's been pulling you down as well with his, well, whingeing is what I'm getting 🙂

    This younger one knows who he is and where he's going in life. He would like you to come along with him, if you'd just simply ... do it.

    So please, take this relationship with Mr Younger Taurus one step at a time and see where it goes. If you try to force things here, it could come crashing down, so don't go placing too many demands on him or too many high expectations. He's prepared to take you as you are, so give him the same in return.

    Good luck. I hope this has helped you make your decision. And you're right, that first psychic was a bit of a charlatan, and one who loves to use scare tactics in her readings. Curse indeed: there is NO curse around you, I can guarantee you of that. Honestly, people who parade around as psychics, doing that sort of stuff, should be drawn and quartered in my humble view ... :)) Thank goodness you had the common sense to see through her charade.

  • Hello cris1962, yes I feel it in my gut (as much as it semi-kind-of hurts) that it is time to end things with the Older Taurus as well. It is hard though, as we have had a child together recently, but I know that it has to be done. I figure it this way (and any input is welcome): If our son sees me not happy in the relationship with his father, then in return, he is not going to be happy. The lesson I see being learned is that just because I have a child with this man does NOT mean that I have to stay with him. I believe it is important for my son to know that in the future when he has a childr(en( of his own, if he is not happy in the relationship he is in, it might not be in his best interest (as well as in the interest of his child(ren) ) to stay. I don't know, maybe I have it all wrong, but this is what I am getting as far as the lesson learned in this relationship with Mr. Older Taurus.

    What you said about the Younger Taurus is dead on! He wants me to move to where he is with the baby and we will start our own family along with my son. He is all for it. I just get worried, as sometimes, I think one might consider this Younger Taurus as indecisive.

    When you mentioned that with this next relationship with Mr. Younger Taurus, you mentioned me trying not to force things. Is this what I did with the Older Taurus, and is that maybe why we have to end the relationship? A BIG problem between the Older Taurus and I was his drinking. It seemed MORE important to him than being with me and his son. Even before our son was born he had a tiny problem with his drinking. And after our son was born, it seems to just be getting worse.

    I do not want our son subjected to that, so today I told him if he does not come home (yes, he is 38 and staying with his friends and getting drunk with them -- has been since Friday) that he will no longer be living here. He will be allowed to see his son when and if he chooses to do so, but as far as him and I in some kind of relationship...I told him not going to happen.

    Well, he has not come home (the last bus was at 6:30, yes, he does NOT have a car either) so I guess I have my answer.

    Sorry this is long, just letting you know that what you see is completely right. It is time to end things with the Older Taurus and concentrate on bettering my life and taking things slowly with the Younger Taurus.

    I also must mention that it is funny you mention the Older Taurus bringing me down. That is EXACTLY what he was doing. When he left Friday I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I even felt a sense of "freedom."

    You have definitely helped me make my decision. Deep down, as you said, I already knew it. The problem with me is I always like to give chances, think people will change, believe their lies, and/or give people the benefit of the doubt. Well, no more! It is time to think of ME (and my son) and what will make US happy.

    Thank you, cris1962. I really appreciate your reply. 🙂

  • I wanted to ask you one more thing regarding the Younger Taurus and I: When do you see us actually starting our relationship? I am trying to be patient, but right now he has problems with his phone, so I can only talk to him through his friend through email. It is very frustrating and I just wondered if you see when we will possibly be taking this next step?

    Thank you, again!


  • Also, one more question (sorry!) 🙂 Even though I am ending the relationship with the Older Taurus, I am curious about one thing: If you could see if he has been faithful to me during our relationship? I question this faithfulness due to his drinking and being away from me from periods of time drunk and God doing knows what! There were times I felt that he was being faithful and then there were times where I kind of had a feeling that it was a possibility he was not. (though, that could be due to my insecurities sometimes too!)

    Thank you, and I promise no more questions! 🙂


  • Well, it's great to have this validation from you Megan. Glad you can now see your way clearly on this issue, so good luck there. As for a timeline, I can only say that once you make the decision to end things with your Older Taurus, you will see things start to flow and blocks to communicating with your younger Taurus falling away. So if you are sure of which way you want to go, make that firm decision and try and let Mr Young Taurus know. However, if you don't feel sure about moving with him, then don't. Don't give away your power of choice for fear of losing him. On the other hand, if you feel that moving with him is right for you, then what's stopping you? You are right on the other issues you mentioned: you don't want to stay in a realtionship with a man who, albeit the father of your son, finds more pleasure in drinking than being with you and his child. If he can't break the hold drinking and irresponsibility has on him, then you would be remiss to stay. These things are picked up by children adn believe me I do know what I'm talking about as I saw my parents continually flog an unhappy marriage. And guess what happened when I got married? I ended up the same as them and it has only been this year that the light truly went on for me. I am taking steps to end the marriage as we speak, but it is a long slow process. There is also a child involved here as well, though she is 15 now.

    Good luck. But keep in mind what I said: don't do anything you don't feel right about, and all will be well. Thanks for the feedback too, by the way. Blessings to you and yours. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxox

  • Nup. He hasn't been completely faithful, but gee, the drinking would give him the "excuse" for that - he didn't know what he was doing ... and (conveniently) can't remember details due to being drunk 🙂

  • Oh dear, I was really afraid of this answer. Did you (or do you) possibly see when this unfaithfulness occurred? I am curious as to whether it happened before or after our son was born.

    I also want to say that I am so sorry about what you are going through with your divorce and all. I hope things get better! 🙂

    Speaking of the Older Taurus though, him and I had a LONG talk this afternoon and he told me that he can change and stop drinking. I told him that I do not buy it, but if he wants to prove that to me, fine. But I also told him for him not to really worry about proving it to me for our relationship, as we are broken up as of today (but maintain in contact due to our son)...I told him to prove it to himself and that he will notice a difference in how he feels and everything. I even told him that I know why he drinks. It is to cover up his pain. But there are also other ways to deal with that: writing in a journal, talking to someone (friend or professional-wise), exercising (taking a long walk, etc.).

    I hope he CAN change, but that he can change for HIMSELF. As that is the most important.

    One other thing: Remember when you told me that the blocks of communication would be coming down and I would finally be able to communicate with the Younger Taurus again? With me still communicating with the Older Taurus due to our son, will that have any affect on communication with the Younger Taurus? I am curious as to what you see there.

    I am wondering if I took the wrong decision in keeping in contact with the Older Taurus. Should I have made a completely clean break from him or is keeping in contact okay? I just felt that that was the right thing to do at this time.

    Sorry for all the questions, again! 🙂 You just really were dead on with what you said about both Taurus men and I cannot help but still be curious about some things!

    So thank you again cris1962 for all your replies, I truly appreciate it.

    Talk to you again soon,


  • Megan, according to those birthdates, the relationship with your older man is good for friendship but terrible for love. It can explore the reaches of thought and fantasy, but will also ground itself in the here and now. You can be swept away by the fancifulness of the relationship. You can be a bit flighty and there may be many illusions spun here. Your older man is always serious however and initially will be liberated by the relationship's imaginative quality, but may later try to exert control. You will bear the brunt of the relationship's shapelessness. At first glance this relationship is the very essence of romance. It starts out charming and full of zest, yet eventually it will become secretive and exhibit symptoms of anxiety and worry. Marriage can sometimes be the grounding that this relationship requires but the best bet is friendship. When romance comes in, all sorts of neurotic fears can emerge. Your older friend needs to free himself of his need to surround himself with people who may well admire their talents yet hold him back with guilt or mind games or by convincing him that he is simply too scattered to truly succeed. He needs objectiivty to create a circle of genuinely good friends.

    With your younger man, your relationship can be hard-driving and dynamic. He is steady and devoted. From outside, this pairing might appear peculiar or even bizarre to friends and family. At its best, it is tough, successful, and structured. At its worst, it is insensitive, unkind, and ruthless. One problem is that you yourself might become more interested in your own life than in the life of the relationship and may bail out at a crucial moment, without warning, to further your ambitions. Marriages and friendships between you two can be quite ambitious in seeking social status in your community or circle. You both prize money, prestige and power. He may be a bit disturbed by your high-powered approach to life, whilst you might come to see him as lazy or too moral. There is a danger that the relationship could become hard and unfeeling from a lack of emphasis on kindness and affection. Love affairs are usually tough, sexually-oriented confrontations in which neither partner is prepared to give of themselves but tend to size each other up in terms of the profit they might gain from staying together. Examine your motives for being together. Develop your caring and affectionate side towards each other and everyone else. Share your feelings. Your friend's lesson in life is to examine the power of love versus his need for security, and move out of his usual solitary life into a loving relationship. Overcoming his rigidity and taking risks will help with his impulse to withdraw in the face of conflict and to refuse opportunities for change.

    You yourself Megan must overcome your fear of other people's disapproval and find the joy of answering only to yourself. Trust that there is an abundance of love and success out there for you. Confront the fear of rejection. Be aware of how indirect you can be. Temper your imagination with practicality. Your natural resourcefulness and resilience will overcome any deep-seated feelings of insecurity or unworthiness that arose from rejections in your past. Regain your sense of joy in purity and innocence. Your strong sensitivity and a faith in a higher order of existence will lead you to better times and, if you don't allow your sense of disappointment in the past to shape your vision of the future, you can bring much more fun and happiness into your life.

  • I was wondering if you could give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

    I recently decided to distance myself from my boyfriend. My gut is telling me to keep walking, but I love him deeply and would like to know if there is any hope to continue this relationship. I don't exactly know what information you need, but am hesitant to post birthdates.

  • Who are you asking?

  • Could you?

  • I've had several requests so I've started a thread in the Astrology section. If you want an analysis of a relationship, I will need birthdates. If you don't want to use the birthyear, i can manage on the day and month.

  • Sorry, I am new to this and not exactly sure how it works.

    I apologize but if I would like to change my question.

    In March of this year, my sons father passed away and unfortunately my son is the one who found him dead at his house. As you can imagine, my son has been very depressed and I am worried. He wishes his father would let him know that he is ok by coming to him in a dream. Do you see his dad around him or coming to him in a dream?

    I really appreciate any information that you would be willing to give me so I can pass it to my son.

    Thank You

  • Sounds like you want the advice of a psychic so I suggest you post a new thread here in this section of "Psychic." If you want me to analyse someone's birthdate, I am in the Astrology section under the thread "Compatibility analysis".

  • TNB, as your son had a dream about an animal? I am getting the feeling that this was dad trying to make contact but your son either forgot the dream or didn't connect the animal with his father.

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