Need Confirmation of Loved One's Presence

  • Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I recently lost my Dad March 5, 1951 - May 20, 2009. He literally died in my arms. I felt as if he was standing behind me while I was trying to save him. On the way to the hospital, I felt him. I knew he was gone even before the paramedics arrived. My sister and her husband saw a shooting star shoot straight down out of the sky (not at an arch). It appeared to be shooting straight at our house (my son and I live with my Mom & then Dad). She thought she was seeing things, and then another one shot directly down again towards the house. This was on the way home from the hospital after learning the awful news.

    A message was left on her answering machine of the Jimmy Buffet song. It said, "I kicked off my flip-flops..." Then it phased out into static. The number was unidentifiable. My Daddy was always about the signs, and always said, "There better be no cry babies at my funeral." He wanted us to party and celebrate that he wasn't suffering anymore.

    When he came out of surgery 8 years ago from his triple-bypass surgery, he gave us a sign that he was okay. He told us that he would cross one eye and leave the other straight. He was quite the comedian. He followed through with his promise. Sure enough, he came out of the surgery room cross-eyed.

    The sound machine by my Mom's bed turns on a lot on its own. The sensor doll goes off without anyone passing by it. I feel his presence a lot. I dream about him often. He has made his rounds to everyone in their dreams and done the same thing with each of us. He hugs us, gives us a kiss on the cheek and tells us that he's okay. Except for my Mom. She is just heart broken. He hasn't come to her in a dream at all. As a matter a fact, she dreamt about her own Dad for the first time a week after Daddy passed. Grandpa passed in 1999.

    My question is: Am I just creating these things in my head? Or is he really trying to let us know that he's still here? I miss him so much. So, I can understand wanting to believe it so much that it shows up in my head. Oh, and when we take pictures, we see orbs. (not sure if that's how you spell orb.) Can anyone help me with this. For some reason, I am clouded with my own gifts when it pertains to me personally.

    Thanks in advance, and I apologize for the lengthy post.

    God bless you all.

  • Does anyone even sense his presence? Am I just yearning that badly?

    Please & Thank you.

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  • Hi, Yes your father is definitely making his presence felt amongst all of you. Your father is re-assuring you of his love and showing you that he is happy in the after-life. I believe that orbs are also evidence of the presence of spirits.

    My father passed away in 2006. His spirit visited me whilst he was in his final coma for eight days in hospital. There were sounds, including his voice and he would walk up the hallway and around the house after I had gone to bed - I could hear the floorboards of the house creaking frequently. There are also aromas manifesting which I associated with him.

    After his passing, my father's spirit manifested itself visually - I have seen him several times - and also he would often kiss me softly on my cheek and sit next to me while I was watching TV and I felt his arm around me. When I moved house, he moved with me. He is still living with me. He has left definite physical evidence he is here - fingerprints - he knocks on my bedroom window and wall early in the morning sometimes. He has also done some cheeky things like closing my toilet seat when I left it up !

    Also I wanted to add that my step-father, who passed away a year after my father, makes his presence felt very much to my mother. He moves objects around her apartment - opens and closes doors - he even re-arranges her cupboards and wardrobe. We always know when he is around because we feel the air chill around us as a first signal - it always gives us shivers down our spines - and he then makes the lights flicker. It is as if he never left.

    When we go to visit our resident psychic for regular readings, my father and step-father are always there waiting to greet us and communicate with us, with bells on.

    No, it most definitely is NOT just inside your head. Your father IS communicating with you. Feel comforted by his presence and love, not fearful, because he still cares for all of you very much.

    Peace and Love.

  • Amantim I think it's great that you are aware of the presence of your father. How reassuring that must be to feel him there looking out for you. I myself lost my mother many years ago and as much as I am very aware I felt like my mother never "came to see me". My brother would mention how he felt mom around the other night and I would get jealous. Then I had a psychic reading done and my mom was talking to the psychic, she mentioned a variety of things. Like have you ever noticed the scent of lavender? She is telling me that you have a picture of flowers that were hers. You just put them on display....... She went on and on, she rides with you in your car, well you knew that. And as I sat there with the tear rolling down my cheek I realized I had known she was there but I was wanting her to be there so badly that I was ignoring everything I saw and felt and did and knew. It's amazing how we can be so sensitive to such things and yet so blind at the same time. To feel your fathers love around you is a precious gift. You are blessed.

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