Hanswolfgang can you please give me a reading

  • missleolady27,

    you should neither continue staying away nor just be patient to see where all of this is going.

    How to accept what you are or who you are: Drop all your desires and just see what is and what is not. You can only start where you are. What is, is and what ain´t, ain´t.

    You don't have to follow a way to reach your nature because you cannot leave your nature, you cannot go anywhere else. Even if you wanted to, it is impossible. That's exactly the definition of nature: nature means that which cannot be left behind, that which cannot be renounced. But you can forget about it. You cannot lose it but it can be forgotten.

  • Hanswolfgang, Your last post kind of confused me, are you saying that I need to neither observe the past nor the future but focus on the present? Is there something in particular that I am supposed to be paying attention to? Also in a previous post, you stated that with my Leo things would be "unpleasant", is that due to the times that we spend apart or something different entirely? In regards to us having been mates in many lives before you also asked that we please make it better this time...Any suggestions on that? I feel this incredible love for him, like none other....stronger, more loyal and he professes the same. I feel that perhaps this intensity is due to the past lives we have shared. But I've also felt that these past lives have ended rather violently and sometimes fear this one will end the same. I have "flashes" of "scenes" in my head, not sure if these are past life memory flashes or if it is just "imagination". Any insight on that?

    Thank you again and be well...

  • I would really like to have a reading done for myself. My DOB is Jan 7 1966 @ 330ish in the afternoon. I have just started on a new path in my spiritual journey... I am finding that my feelings and views have taken on a whole knew meaning. If anyone can do this for me ... I would be very thankful.

  • Gypsy65

    I am not saying that you need to neither observe the past nor the future but focus on the present.

    There is something in particular that you are supposed to be paying attention to.

    Also in a previous post, I stated that with your Leo things would be "unpleasant", that is due to something different entirely.

    In regards to you having been mates in many lives before I also asked that you please make it better this time...Any suggestions on that: Do not isolate you as a pair. Be together with friends. Three is better than two.

    This intensity is not due to the past lives you have shared. These past lives have ended rather violently, this one will not end the same. Those "flashes" of "scenes" in your head, are neither past life memory flashes nor just "imagination".

    Become receptive, become a child again.

    If you look into it, you will find the sadness is there, the happiness is there, and you are neither. This is the innermost triangle of existence; this is the point of transcendence where opposites meet. You immediately transcend. You become the third, immediately. When you see happiness and sadness meeting, suddenly you are separate from both; all identity is broken. Then you know you are a witness. Now it is for you to be identified -- either, if you want, you can be identified with sadness or you can be identified with happiness. When you are identified with happiness, sadness is suppressed, when you are identified with sadness, happiness ist suppressed -- but both are two aspects of the same coin, and you are the master. The coin is in your hand; you are not the coin at all.

  • manecoon

    there is a SECRET of some kind, it represents the 'truth that lies behind the veil of illusion', indicating death, change and transformation. With this mystical influence in your life, it is certain that you will go through some sort of death and rebirth, or at the least, some important and powerful changes.

    Another facet is the desire for work and new beginnings, you are preparing to launch a new job or occupation.

    Be not guided by the expectations of others.

    The spiritual person belongs to no creed, to no dogma. He cannot belong to any church, Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan. It is impossible for him to belong to any. Spirituality is one, religions are many. Insist on inner transformation, not on religion, but on spirituality.

  • Hanswolfgang, Just want to thank you for your reply... THANKS... I understand that Spirituality is one, and I need to look inside myself to find it or rather nurture it. I find myself stuck (for lack of a better word) on how to do this. Earlier this summer I feel I had an awakening of sorts.... and I have been doing alot of soul searching since. Any advice would be appreciated. Once again Thank You.

  • You are reacting dutifully on social impulses. Inside you are totally dammed up, on the outside you seem to be flowing. Be aware of your ego trying to dominate others in an active way.

    You need not ask for help, just be ready to receive it; it is already available.

    Contemplate about Aham brahmasmi. It is perhaps the boldest statement ever made by any human being in any age in any part of the world, and I don´t think it can be improved upon in the future, ever. Its courage is so absolute and perfect that you cannot refine it, you cannot polish it. It is so fundamental that you cannot go deeper than this, neither can you go higher than this.

  • hanswolfgang: i have read your responses to others and wish that i could also recieve a reading... my birthdate is 12/25/66 at 8:00 am orlando florida... i am kind of in between things right now, like relationships, career... reality. 😉 really feeling the astrological gravity of the times invovlving pluto and saturn cramping my preferred easygoing style. just need some metaphysical focus when you have time, would be greatly appreciated.

  • TendrOPs,

    you need temperance, try to be balanced, reach for an inner equilibrium between yin and yang.

    There is harmony and stability in love and family. You are aware of the "law of love" and apply yourself to maintain stability in relationships. This stability can make for a satisfying life or one of monotony and boredom. It all depends upon how it is handled by you. You are somewhat fixed and dislike changes. Sometimes this can keep you in a relationship longer than necessary as you sort out your intentions and motives. You are usually successful and can apply your great mental power to most any area with success, in spite of occasional fears about not having enough. You are here to settle karmic love debts, to forgive and forget and you can rise to the heights of spiritual awareness by your actions. You never get away with injuries to others and are well aware of that. Your life is intended to be that of plenty and giving. It is here that you find happiness.

    Pluto is in conjunction with your Sun. This means facing the shadow.

    Until beginning of December 2010 is a time of great change in your life, when you will strive as never before to accomplish your ambitions. You will work harder than ever and not allow obstacles to prevent you from achieving your objectives. If you handle the energies of this influence skillfully, you should be able to go far with it, but you should be aware of certain pitfalls.

    During this time you can work to remove old outworn structures in your own life and in the lives of those around you, so that all of you can experience a new life. But you must observe two limitations. First, this influence gives tremendous drive and energy, but only for the elimination of the truly old and outworn, not for doing anything you want. And second, it is a transcendental influence. Therefore its energies are not easily harnessed to the purposes of unenlightened egotism. What you do with this influence should be for the eventual betterment of everyone around you, not just yourself. You are the steward of this energy, not the owner. If you use it for purely selfish ends, you will provoke such furious opposition that you will eventually be unable to do anything. Similarly, if you use this energy to remove structures that are not yet ready to pass away, you will be unable to make progress. This influence signifies the need to replace an old, inferior state of being with a new and truly superior state. It does not just arbitrarily replace one with another.

    The last point to remember is that you must do something now. You cannot simply sit back and let this time go by without making some changes. If you do not make them consciously, circumstances will take over for you, probably with unpleasant results. You may have to face some aspects of yourself that you do not like, but this is part of the process, and you will find that those aspects are not really so bad. They only looked bad because you have never given them a place in your conscious personality.

    The Uranus-influence at the age of forty or forty-one marks a period of major transition in your life. This is the crisis of middle age when you have to come to terms with a number of realizations that may not all be pleasant. For example, even though you are not very old, you are no longer young. Have you accomplished or begun to accomplish what you wanted when you were younger? If you have, was it an appropriate accomplishment for you? Are you happy with your close relationships, your marriage, your work?

    Many people encountering this influence discover that the answer to several of these questions is no. If this is your situation, you may become seized with a feeling of urgency that you have only a short time to correct the problem. Consequently you may begin to act rather disruptively and quickly. You may leave a marriage or an old job and take up a lifestyle quite different from your earlier one. Your friends are likely to be rather shocked at the change. You may spend more time with younger people, for their youth is a symbol of the opportunities you feel you have almost wasted. This seems to be your last chance to take advantage of those opportunities.

    It is also quite possible that you make none of these drastic changes. If you have taken advantage of opportunities right along and have not allowed your life to become prematurely old and rigid, this time will not be so upsetting or disturbing. You will experience the real meaning of this influence - a climax of the direction your life has taken since childhood and a shifting of direction toward the issues you must confront in old age.

    If you have been successful in your dealings with the outside world, you will continue to be, but now it will have to mean something in terms of your own life and perception. You will not be able to live for some external purpose, the purpose must come from within. If you don't reorient yourself, your life will become hollow and meaningless, regardless of what you accomplish from here on.

    Then there is Saturn square to your Sun. That means patience and perseverance until beginning of September 2010. This influence represents a time of critical developments. Various factors in the outside world will challenge you strongly, and it may seem difficult to maintain your freedom of action in whatever you are trying to do.

    You may feel unusually discouraged at this time, because your vitality is at a low point. It may be best not to struggle too hard against any adversity that comes into your life now. Patience and perseverance will carry you through until your energy level is up again.

    Authority figures, such as employers, government officials or parents, may prove difficult to deal with. You may find that they are not receptive to your plans or suggestions, that they resist your efforts. It is advisable to work patiently to bring them around to your point of view. Don't withdraw from the confrontation, but don't fight blindly. That would guarantee defeat.

    This period of your life is directly linked to a time seven years ago, a time of new beginnings for you. This time now is made especially difficult by the fact that many of these projects have been going quite well, and the current difficulties seem totally unexpected.

    However, this is a period of trial, which will demonstrate whether or not those new beginnings were valid. Anything invalid is likely to fall by the wayside. You will probably regard it as a failure. But you may not be aware right away that this is happening, especially if you are not paying close attention.

    Your ambitions may be thwarted now, but be patient and make sure you are on the right course. If you are, this period will be a trial rather than a defeat. Even if it is a defeat, you can still accomplish a great deal by transferring your energies to more productive areas.

    You asked only because you are not absolutely certain. But something in you is triggered, something in you starts growing.

  • Hanswolfgang Can I join the chorus and ask for a reading as well? Want to know what you think of a Scorpio/Scorpio match? He is like the male version of me. We push and pull at each other, yet each time we attempt a relationship we make it barely a month then one will say something that pricks the others ego and we won't talk for months or years. Birth details Me: 11/04/76 Port Jefferson, NY 7:53 pm, him: 11/05/77 El Paso, TX @ 4:30 am.

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