Hanswolfgang can you please give me a reading

  • I have been having these dreams where i feel like i am actually in the dream kind of like an outer body experience. the first one i was talking to this guy who i am friends with but he was talking to me like he wanted to be with me instead of where he is now. i do not have any types of attraction to him but he is the male version of who i am...weird because i never met anyone who was like me but the opposite ****. the second dream was of him again and he was talking to me agin. i could hear myself talk to him in my dream and woke up looking around. the third dream i had of my family getting together for thanksgiving and everyone crying because we were sharing the problems we were having in our lives and with each other. i woke up and looked around because once again i could feel myself crying and i could hear myslef talking to them. i am really confused about the first two dreams because i am not understanding what is going on. can someone please help me to understand what is going on and if i should feel confsed bad and every other negative emotion. i dont know how to act towards this person because i feel he was there too as i was...his bday is 8/12/88 and mines is 8/20'82....I am still having those dreams and it has made me feel weird about being around him and his girlfriend or whatever she is to him. i dont want to look at this as being something based on attraction like how i am feeling i want to know why he is still coming to my dreams.

  • You should feel confused. You are trying in your waking life too much to keep distance of everyone. In your dreams you balance this by coming nearer to those persons you feel attracted but at the same time fearing this attraction.

    Do not act towards this person, wait and see, watch yourself and try to understand your feelings.

    He is still coming to your dreams to remind you of your psychic gift, your intuitive understanding which you are not allowing in your waking time, so it has to manifest itself in your dreams.

    When you are awake you only look at the form, but in your dreams there you feel the energy which you neglected in your waking time.

    What you need is commitment to your intuition. When one is ready to be totally committed, then only is some transformation possible. But it brings infinite grace, it brings celebration to your life. Flowers start showering on you, the whole existence rejoices in your joy.

  • I want to thank you for the reading and enlightenment. I do not know how to connect with that side. I have always been told that reading up on things like this or even wanting to talk with someone about this is wrong so i fear alot of it. I want to know how to let go and let that side come to light. I want it and i want to know more about it can you tell me how to do that? or at leat how to start to do it

  • hanswolfgang can you please give me a reading? I have never posted in here before but read all your replys to everyone. As I can see you are what they call "Spot On"!

    I have a question that has been burning my heart for a long long time. I am a Scorpio 11/19/58 and had a relationship with a Leo 8/17/64 for a long time. We have been apart for almost 2 years and then all of the sudden he sends me an email out of the blue to wish me a Happy Thanksgiving??? When my boyfriend of 6 years who was a Scorpio too died, that is when I had started dating the Leo. By the way I still miss my Scorpio and it's been 9 years since his death.

    So please tell me what is going on? It's been 2 years of no contact. As you know a Scorpio and Leo are kinda a mix. lol I truly loved my leo and thought he was the One.

  • missleolady27,

    To connect with that side it has to be a hope for you, your goal you are collecting and directing your energy to.

    To let go do not remain an outsider and most of all do not let something in you go on keeping you from doing that what you would like to do.

    To let that side come to light you should not be afraid of your deep inner knowing. Until now you are therefore secretly a wanderer between two worlds.

    I want it and i want to know more about it can you tell me how to do that? Just let your energy flow, let it free, relax and follow your energy instead of forcing your energy to follow you.

    To start to do it achieve with the potential of this vibration an absolutely deep understanding for the coherencies of life and nature in this universe.

    It is not a desire for the distant, a curiosity for the faraway. It is an inquiry into your own being.

  • gnfishin,

    what is going on: you now have to drop the past. Change and transformation is coming for you, and you should receive it well. For that it is needed to live in the here and now, no more burdened by past experiences and expectations for the future.

    Trust your intuition. Now a time has come when your intuition will be stronger than usual. Reponsibility is needed in speech and communications and of making compromises to maintain a peaceful surrounding. Situations will arise that promote bringing your life into balance and stability. Whatever is out of balance will have to be adjusted so there may be karmic debts to pay.

    On a more universal level, it indicates a time when you can become aware of a special purpose in your life, something to do with sharing higher knowledge with others. Thus it can be a harbinger of an important mission for you, one which will lead you to a higher purpose and lifestyle in the spiritual sense.

  • Thank you so much Hans-Wolfgang!

  • Can I pose another question? Where is my Captain? I love to fish and have been searching for my Captain? Will I find him soon? I have been single way toooooo long.

  • Your Captain is in the world, happily dancing. Search him not through fishing but through studying.

    You will find him soon.

    Your experience of being single can be used for your growth.

  • Hanswolfgang, would you read for me please? My DOB is 07-12-65 I was born at 4:38 PM In Carlinville Illinois Macoupin County. I would like to know what you see for me in the very near future. Perhaps even over the next couple of months. I am in a relationship with a Leo DOB 08-12-66, Can you tell me what you see for he and I?

    I have really enjoyed reading what you have read for others, and seem to be right on the mark. I have had another from here to read for me, but I would really like your insight. My first post was actually meant for you, but was answered by another, which I take to mean that is was meant to be. Thank you so much for your time.

    Blessed Be

  • hanswolfgang....

    its me again and i would like to have a reading done on me again. my bday is 8-20-82. what do you see happening for me as far as love goes. i am tired of settling for the guys that have come into my life. i am a good person at heart but keep getting hurt. i want to know if i will ever find the guy who will love me the same as i love hm and treat me and my kids right....or should i leave the love game alone

  • Thank you so much. Happy Holidays Hans-Wolfgang.

  • Gypsy65,

    in this relationship with a Leo he is projecting his mother on you, which was realistic and down to earth.

    For you I see a relocation.

    A money partnership of some kind will be playing a role in your life. This could be a standard business partnership or something out of the ordinary, but it will certainly have something related to money as the end result. Whether this 'joining of financial interests' becomes an asset or a liability depends largely upon the surrounding circumstances.

    You often need the association of others in order to achieve your financial goals. Be encouraged to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial between yourself and others in your business and financial life. The most success comes when you adopt a Win-Win attitude towards all your business dealings.

    This is a time for expansion and growth in your innermost personal life, a time when you will seek security at home and with your immediate family. It may be necessary to reexamine your past life to find out what it can teach you about yourself. But this should not be a source of anxiety. In fact, you should feel quite good about what you learn at this time. Your parents may be able to assist you considerably in this process.

    You will incorporate more and more of the outer world into your innermost life. On the material level, you may buy a larger, more elegant or more spacious home. Certainly it would be good to improve your existing home and make it more comfortable.

    At this time you should do everything to ensure that your personal life is as comfortable and secure as possible. You need to have a feeling of inner peace and security in order to continue to move out in the world. In fact you should not think so much about outward success now as about the more personal and inward needs. And you should realize that your real need now is not land or a larger home, but a feeling of strength and inner growth.

    This is the time to tie up any loose ends in your personal life, straighten out any relationships that are not working well, any leftovers from your past life that are still affecting the present adversely. To do this you may have to speak to others very openly about yourself and your innermost thoughts.

    So this is a good time to settle and put down roots. The feeling of belonging to a place and a group of people is very important to you now. You don't have to do this in a way that limits your freedom of movement, and during this time it is very unlikely that you will do so. But you need a solid home base so that you can feel at peace in your other activities. If you don't make an effort to construct such a base now, you will have difficulty later when your principal concerns are turning elsewhere.

    You are always missing the train. Either you are too early or you are too late, but you are never at the exact time. Either you are running ahead or you are lagging behind. Either you are in the past or in the future. A few people live in their memories and a few people live in their imaginations.

    Unless you find a creative manifestation for your being you remain restless. At the most you can repress restlessness, console yourself, remain occupied with some nonsense; but that is not the right way. That is wasting such a precious energy that you cannot regain in any other way.

  • missleolady27,

    what do I see happening for you as far as love goes: There are relationships going down, instead of staring on that spilled milk you should turn around because new contacts are waiting for you.

    You will never find the guy who will love you the same as you love him and treat you and your kids right....but you should not leave the love game alone.

    You are psychic and it is surprising to see how little you are aware of your gift. You feel responsibility to truth. You must learn to find a system of truth that you can believe in and live your life by. Once attained, there is no limit to how much good you can do in the world. Before you have found your path you can be the biggest worrier and procrastinator. You have a responsibility to maintain inner balance and peaceful communications with those in your life. You can attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over your life. Love is important to you. You make a good wife and mother. Once you tap into your hidden reserves and your natural intuition is recognized, you find your life guided and protected from the highest sources possible.

    Much happens through your non-doing. That is the paradox of the existence.

    You cannot be one-dimensional, you have to be in tune with both the realities.

  • Hanswolfgang, thank you for reading for me, but that has led me to some questions. As far as my relationship with my Leo man, I don't understand the projecting his mother on me, Is that a good thing or a bad thing? You said that you see a relocation for me, is this in relationship with my Leo? Will the relocation be with him? Where do you see our relationship going?

    Also you spoke of past lives, I've always felt that I have been here multiple times, but have no idea how to figure that out, can you tell me anything about my past lives? I also feel that my Leo has been my mate many times before, and he has the same feeling. As for "missing the train"...I had to giggle on that one because that is such an accurate statement, can you guide me in the direction I need to go as far as "creative manifestation"?

    Thank you so much for your insight and your guidance. I truly appreciate your gift and the fact that you share it.

  • gnfishin,

    the first fallacy is that things are static, and then the second fallacy is that you are, that you have a static ego. They both go together. If you want to cling, you need a clinger. If you have no need to cling, there is no need for clinger. Go deep into it. If you don’t need to cling, the ego is not needed at all; it will be pointless. In fact, it cannot exist without clinging.

  • Gypsy65,

    unfortunately almost every man and woman due to his family becomes conditioned for seeking unconsciously his inner impact of his father or mother outwardly.

    Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It is good for you because he has stronger feelings for you because of his mother. It is bad for you because he tries to love his mother in you.

    I said that I see a relocation for you , this is in relationship with your Leo.

    Will the relocation be with him? No.

    Where do I see your relationship going? It will be an unpleasant situation for you, but if you can relax and adapt to it, you will learn and transform yourself.

    I cannot tell you anything about your past lives, but in this life as in your past lives you are trying to defend your space against others and your Leo has been your mate many times before, right, but in a rigid relationship oppressing one another with no freedom to grow individually. Please make it better in this life.

    To go as far as "creative manifestation": Look at that what you have and not at that, what others have and you don´t. Begin with right where you are and bring your creativity in your daily life and what will be your next step. There is always only the next step. For that you do need receptivity.

    Do you hear the distant call of the cuckoo? Do you hear the birds chirping? This is receptivity. It is an existential state of silence, utter silence; no movement, nothing stirs, and yet you are not asleep, and yet you are alert, and yet you are absolutely aware. When silence and awareness meet, mingle and become one, there is receptivity. Receptivity is the most important religious quality.

  • Thank you very much Hanswolfgang...your insight is very helpful and your words will stick with me for a long time to come.

  • Thanks hanswolfgang......

    I really appreciate the reading. I do have some idea of the abilities i have but I feel like I dont have anyone I can communicate with about it. I find myself on here really looking for omeone to trust about what I feel and how I feel. I have alot of questions as far as these abilities go but really dont know who to talk with or where to go. The people around me feel that this is from the devil and that its evil so I find myself retreating to my room alone talking to God and others around to see what answers I can get. Right now I am feeling confused and scared...........Thank you for shining a light on this for me....on to the next step for me......Oh I do have one more thing to ask you

    The guy that I told you about in my dreams..well I stopped going around him because I didnt want to keep picking up on anything from him since he is with someone( my neighbor). I went over today and kept picking up on the same feelings I have before and he would keep walking past the room I was in or he would come in the room....it feels awkward but at the same time I feel drawn to him and it.....should I continue staying away or just be patient to see where all of this is going.....Once again I am confused because I dont know how to accept what I am or who I am so it doesnt feel real....I am asking these things just to reassure myself....

  • Gypsy65,

    depth is spatial, it is part of space. If time is dropped... With observation, time stops. You cannot observe in the future, cannot observe in the past -- you can observe only that which is in the present.

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