Can some one give me a reading please

  • I have been working in a temp position for the last 13 months, will i be made permanent or will i get the other job i have applied for

  • Hi Curler,

    Has anyone helped you?

  • hi curler,

    I know this is the wrong place to post this,however i am learning to read tarot cards for other people. (still not brilliant)

    anyway i just tried a reading for you (i hope you don't mind)

    here's what the cards told me;

    They are somewhat contridictry in places, so I hope you casn make sense of this

    You need time to rest and recover from something and are worrying too much over things, it is time to gather your strength as new challenges lay ahead.

    At present you feel that nothing is going right and don't know which way to turn, however there will soon be some happy news probably of an emotional nature, but there will be a lot of hard work involved and it will take peserverance and determination.

    You must soon walk a different path, you feel dicontented with your life,yet you are afraid of change.

    Unfortunately there may be some that do not agree with the decisions you make,but you must be careful to keep your cool and stay calm, you may not get exactly what you want, but a dark haired man will come into your life soon ( you may already know him).

    listen to him ,he will help you to make up your mind.

    I hope this helps to give some insight.

    would appreciate any feedback .

    thanks crystal

  • I've had a reply from meandkids but i am still very unsure about my future.

  • thanks meandkids

    You are right about my life i do feel very dicontented with your life and am afraid of change and what people think of me. I have had a bad few years and really need to sort my life out.

  • Hi Cryatal

    Can you do another reading for me and see if it involves a new job, or relationship

    Thanks it is very much appreciated as i am very confused and worried lately


  • meandkids . A reading please Will my cancer fell contact me soon ?. My DOB 31-01-53. Thank you .

  • Meankids, I would like to know if I will here from my capricorn friend who works in law enforcement any time soon. Will he want to start a relationship with me. My birthday is

    2-18-58. Thank you in advance.

    Love and Light

  • Meankids, I am about to take up another position within my Job, Will it & I be successful & what does my Future hold for me, especialy in my Financial & Love Life. ( DoB 3rd Feb 1947 - time 04.07am ).

    Thank You & Blessings to You.

  • hi everyone,

    could I just ask that you now post over at the thread I WOULD LOVE A READING OF ANY KIND

    as I am doing alot of readings there.

    please leave your dob, name and rough whereabouts and I will add you to the waiting list.

    please be aware though that I only do a maximum of 3 reads a day as otherwise it drains me.

    Also sometimes it may be the cards do not answer your orriginal question as on occassions the spirits intervene and peresent me with the answer to a more important event in your life.

    I ask that you take time to read between the lines of your readings and what they may mean to you and situations in your lives.

    Thank you for your patience and I will get to all of you as soon as I can.

    love and light crystal.

    p.s please leave feedback whether positive or negative as it helps me to hone my skills, thank you

  • dear meandkids please help me > I am a 28 going crazy. i'm ready to have kids and start a family but i have to know, IS MY BOYFRIEND DOUG CHEATING ON ME? Should i take the plunge or should i leave him? Is another TRUE LOVE on the way? Help me! im stressed all the time, not eating NO sleep, my hair is coming out! / i just want to know once and for all. Thank you so much. My dob is 7-18-1981. PLEASE reply

  • I am sorry but I am not doing readings on this thread, please refer to my last post.

    I would be happy to add you to my waiting list on the other thread however, but w/o a reading obvoiusly I would need to look at the cards I would say listen to your heart and what that tells you, do not make hasty decisions that you will regret later.

    It seems obvoius you care for him, but I feel he does not wish to commit in the same way to this relationship as you do.

    I hope this helps somewhat, do try to get some rest then you can think clearer.

    Goddess protect


  • Can I get a readind

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