Parenting 20 year old

  • Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a pattern with children born in 1989 having varied social/family/academic -- just general life adjustment problems. I have a son (a cancer) that has given us great concern over the years with no respite in sight. I have also noticed that friends and family members with children born in this same timespan are undergoing their own issues -- quite a vast spectrum, but all troubling nonetheless. I've joke and said something was in the water that year -- but I'm curious if it wasn't something in the stars. I've always wanted to know if others have wondered the same thing. I have two other children close in age that do not exhibit any of the issues I have with my middle son. Let me know............

  • Sounds very familiar to my brother lucky. I dont know if it has to do with odd numbers or what. Its funny we were born on odd numbered years but our life path numbers are even. Ive also noticed for the both of us our rising signs, sun signs, and others are all different. Im everything from gemini/cancer to sag and a libra as well. So it might be wise to have a spread done for your family, it might help shed some light. Ive realized that those years produce indigo children and in the late 90's to early 00's produce to crystal kids. May be something to look into.

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