Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • Thank you LibrasLair. I need that energy more than ever lately. Thank you so much. Zaga did also tell me on the phone that my blood sugar was low. I was talking to a co-worker last night that has diabetes. She said I described hypoglycemia to a T. She told me that I need to see a nutritionist to find what I should be eating and not eating. I have to cut out the sugar. 😞 I so love my sugar. Maybe I'll try the Atkins diet again. It did so well for me b4. I just hate the extreme halitosis. (not sure if I spelled that correctly.)

    Now the left side of my face is swollen. I have a tooth ache so bad that it swelled my face. My Mom is making me schedule something for next week. She said an absess can actually kill me. So, I'm going to jump right on that. I'll get me fixed right up. All these ailments will be of the past very soon. I'm sure of it.

  • If your a diabetic you should be on a diet for a diabetic. They are suppose to eat several small meals during the day so their sugar level doesn't bottom out. Don't play doctor on yourself unless you are sure you know what your doing. But you not having energy and there is no telling what else from what that doctor has done. Ok kid I did forget to work on your energy yesterday I think I had a brain fa_t. But I will get on it right now so I don't have a chance to drop the ball. Ok Amanda have a good 4th.

  • LibrasLair -- You are so kind. I truly appreciate you. I had a bad instance this morning/early afternoon. I slept in because I was so "tired". Then I woke up and had 3 cups of coffee. I felt even worse. My son was trying to tell me something, and I couldn't truly make out what he was saying and I started "moving" again. My vision was getting wonky,. I started tearing up. My son started asking me if I was okay, and I tried desperately to snap out of it.

    So, I got online and checked out diets for people with hypoglycemia. All the symptoms that I had were in the definition. I also found out that alcohol and coffee are stimulants. I had about 4 glasses of wine last night (throughout the whole night). So, that would explain why I woke up funky. The coffee, I think extended it and made it worse.

    So, from that point on I have decided to cut out sugar, add complex carbohydrates, fiber and protein. If nothing else, I'll be eating healthier. I have to go get ready for work. Thank you for the healing energy. You may have saved me from a coma today. 🙂 It was really reallly bad this time.

    Take care,


  • Hi Amanda, I have a terrific recipe for you to make that will give you sustained energy. Take a very big bunch of flat leaf parsley and chop it very fine, also a med size red onion, very fine. Cook one and a half cups of brown rice with salt for about 50 minutes or until al dente. Grate two med size carrots. Boil four med size eggs for about seven and a half minutes, or until just hard boiled. Chop these into 1/8s and add to the warm rice and other ingredients. Add one 410gm (8oz) can of drained pink salmon and combine all gently with a fork. Add 1/3 C of flaxseed oil (then keep in fridge until next use). Delicious served with a mixed green salad, maybe with a bit of avocado, some cherry tomatoes etc.. Fantastic at giving you good blood sugar levels, lovely skin and preventing you from seeking out sugar hits. Tell me how you go with it. We swear by it. Good to take to work for your meal break too. Good to hear how you are doing. Mwah, Chenaya

  • Oh you are really scaring me Amanda. Please try this new recipe that Chenaya sent and see a different doctor. Sooner than later. I am sorry I haven't checked on here sooner. I had legal stuff yesterday and I had to mow my backyard this morning I will start to work on you again today but I can't keep kicking your energy into working unless you get some other help. Find out just what is going on. Hope your tooth ache is better I was working on it too. Maybe you got to the dentist but if you had an abscess most won't touch you till the infection is gone. Make sure you take all of the antibiotics. Wash your mouth out with warm salt water too. Oh and the dentist isn't going to help the other problem either. Take care and do what you would tell your child to do. Love and Light

  • Love that comment of LibrasLair regarding doing what you would tell your child to do. .....excellent advice. Or..... be a friend to yourself! Now I'll take my own advice and book in to see the Mole Scan doctor, which I've been procrastinating about for two years, eek. Love and peace to all.

  • Good girl Chenaya I have had some removed in my life time and they were ok. But you can't go by that cause the next one may not be. I am with you and they will be alright.. Peace and harmony.

  • LibrasLair &I Chenaya -- Thank you so much for your support and healing energy. I have gone to the doctor. I went on Thursday mornig. I have GREAT news! She said she doesn't think it's my blood sugar. She diagnosed me with Benign Positional Vertigo. She said it is when there is inflammation in the inner ear affecting the equilibrium. She said it is usually viral, but not always. It occurs when I make any sudden movements (especially with my head).

    She gave me a prescription for it called Antivert. The only problem is it knocks me right out. All I have to say is Thank God I am not stocking shelves anymore. My new job that I start tomorrow is sitting at a desk. What perfect timing.

    I believe it is caused from my tooth ache that is affecting my inner ear. I've been taking the antibiotics, but I think it has created some permanent damage, or damage that is going to be there for awhile. When I get the tooth fixed, I think it'll fade away too. Just what my gut's telling me. I have to make an appointment with a dental clinic or something that will take payments. I do not have dental insurance. I also have to work around my new schedule somehow. I'll work it out. I'm sure. I also still need to get my other infection fixed too. I guess one thing at a time.

    I truly want to thank you for being there for me and helping me out so much. It's not near as scary anymore now that I know what it is. It's a huge difference now that I know. Not knowing can scare the crud out of anyone.

    Chenaya I will pray that you get quick healing. 🙂

    I would have been on here sooner, but I have been entertaining guests that stayed all weekend. I do apologize. All but my sister and nephew has left. Now, I have to go get a shower and go to my nephew's open house. He graduated from high school this summer. It's terrible, but I just don't want to go. I will in respect to my sister, but he's turned into a little brat. It's amazing how the children these days talk to people with no respect. I'm fortunate that my son does not do that. I always nip it right in the bud when he starts up even a little bit. No way will I allow him to talk to me that way. (or anyone)

    Oh, on another note, I allowed him to try to contact his brother and sister. He's been yearning for quite some time. I just hope it doesn't lead to heart break for him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I had my child support hearing on Friday morning. Mike didn't show up and just sent his tax forms in from 2005, 2006, and 2007. In all three of them they were less than $6,000 a year each. The judge asked if I would be okay with accepting that, and I told him No. I had proof that Mike boasts about his House, his convertible Mustang, Harley Davidson, and all his wonderful vacations. Then I asked the judge how he does all that on less than $6,000 a year. He said to bring the proof into the court and he will reassign the hearing date.

    What scum, huh?

  • Well someone is employing him under the table aren't they?And I am so glad that your problems from the neck up aren't sever. And my daughter says they are seeing a lot of people with ear infections right now. Some inner ear and some swimmers ear. I get swimmers ear because when I sweat it sometimes runs into my ears so I have medicine that I keep for that. And good that you have some antibiotics for your tooth as well. Do you have a dental school near by where you might be able to get your teeth fixed for less? And what about below your waste problems? Did you get checked for your problems?Good that your starting your new job and hope you really enjoy it. And at least your taking care of yourself one at a time. Keeping you on my list to send energy. Happy new job.

  • He owns his own billards tour and magazine. Plus, he gets sponsored by different companies. He has no "out of pocket expenses" with all his sponsors and all. He has guaranteed $5,000 winngins with the sponsors adding that money. He has raffles and sells items during the tournaments, etc that he doesn't have to pay for either. He gets to keep all the profit.

    I'm putting together a disc with all his bragadocious pictures of his house, his Harley Davidson, his convertible mustang, vacations, etc. all on his meager less than $6k a year income. He's a waste. Zaga told me he would never be happy because he's so self-centered.

    Yeah, it was more freaky not knowing what it was that was wrong with me. Now that I'm aware of what it is, it's not as scary. It's scary still in the sense that I don't always have control of myself, but it's not near as bad. 🙂

    Yeah, inner ear infections can be a pain in more than just physical pain kind of way. It can cause (obviously) many other issues as well. I'm just glad I'm getting it taken care of.

    I made an appointment for July 21st @ 8am for my tooth at the Dental Clinic. It is like what you said about the school (cuz there aren't any around here). It is less, and they are willing to take payments.

    So, vertigo - check! Tooth -- check! Now, I just need to take care of the last one. Like you said, one thing at a time. Working on it. 🙂

    I do like the new job. I haven't been able to delve into it yet though. I only had orientation today. So, I got to read all the contracts such as HIPPA and such. Then I had to take a test on them. I did okay. I think I'm really going to like this job....a lot.

    I have to tell you LibrasLair, you are super wonderful. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. I hope some day I can repay you in a way that you need me to.

  • I am really happy that your on a higher frequency now days I like the difference I feel from you now. Very positive and ready for the world. It is tough when you can't really put your finger on what is causing what. Teeth and ears all connected because of allergies too. So you do need to find out if they are related. I myself have to keep my sinus dried up cause if they drain too much I will get infected throat and ears. I have fought with this since I was a kid. Your doing much better but not all things are taken care of yet are they? You don't owe me anything this is what I do. Try to guide and or help when I can. We are just glad your better. Have a great week and we will be checking in to see how things are going. Peace and harmony.

  • Geez......can I be corny and say, "I love you, LibrasLair!" You are so super cool and just an all around awesome person! Thank you for so much.

    Yes, I still have some other details to work out, but one thing at a time. At my new job, they are teaching us to create action plans (through everything....not just work). I'm really excited about this because it's something I've seriously struggled with in the past. Time to conquer! 🙂

    Another fear I'm trying to conquer is giving more readings. I started a thread where I offered a 1 question reading to the first 10 people. Get my feet wet, ya know? It's turning into a success....and I'm so excited!

    Gosh! I just LOVE helping people! It's when I'm the happiest. 🙂

    Thank you again LibrasLair. You are so friggin' awesome!

  • Well your venturing out. That's great for you and gives you more confidence. But remember all the people who have offered and were overwhelmed by the responses and they had to stop doing them. You have free will so you can handle the thread your way or you can allow the thread to run your life. Be very careful of what you ask for. Don't forget your health first either! It's good to help others but be careful not to get drained make sure to surround yourself with the white light to put up a shield and don't let any negative energy penetrate it when your helping people. Have a great weekend and will catch you soon.

  • LibrasLair -- Thank you for the advice. I wish I would have read that before I did that last reading. I will definitely remember the next time now. 🙂 Someone asked me about their health and being an empath, I actually felt their pain. It wasn't pleasant, that's for sure.

    Note to self : Use the shield of white light before doing readings. Check!

    Yep, I'm still working on my health too. How have you been doing? I hope well. YOU deserve it!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Amantim you might want to check a site for empaths as there are some suggestions there which could come in handy for you in your daily travels. Physically and otherwise. Look at Empath Community. I don't have your addy or you mine so I can't really do to much on here. But you can find me at sherrieleec48 and say ya hoo I found her. Then you will get some more help from not only me but some others that we talk to. You might see if you can find black tourmaline also to repel negativity. And there are other stone that do that too. Just be careful and remember to shield yourself.

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