Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • Chenaya19 now you know that you were there checking out the cats for a reason. And it isn't always just out of curiosity. You were suppose to find this cat. So I always have an animal come to me even if it is circumstance like this. You need this one as much as it needs you. You just aren't aware of it yet. And much love and healing sent to you.

  • Thanks LibrasLair - you're a gem (pun intended). Can't find the malachite as a lot of our stuff is still packed, awaiting us building our strawbale family home in a year or so. Am at present brewing up fenugreek tea, which I'd forgotten to do previously this sinus season. It works really well, but oh boy, the pungent smell comes out of my pores after the second cup. Mwah.

  • Wow strawbale house I have seen those. They look great. How big do you plan yours to be? Maybe you can locate some malachite at a store in the mean time. I will try sending healing to you. I would love to see a picture of that house when you get it finished. But your going to have to watch out for the wolves. LOL

  • Oh yeah LibrasLair; we'd better get used to those jokes. The strawbale has over an inch of render on each side you know 😉 Every other blighter of a predator here in Australia, but no wolves, heh heh. As we are now empty nesters the house won't need to be bigger than about 1500sq.ft. The yoga/meditation/music room might even be a separate pavillion. Anton is a musician, not professional, but it's his 'raison d'etre' nonetheless. Hey, Coco sends her greetings to you. She just hopped up on my lap when I pulled up this blog and stared straight into my eyes with her beautiful blue ones and we had a nice cuddle, like she knows I'm communicating with another cat lover. So, there you go.......blessings from us both. p.s. Yes, will buy a bit of tumbled malachite at the market this Sunday, thanks. And thank you warmly for the healing. I woke up feeling quite a bit better this morning.

  • Well that is wonderful. For all of you to be getting on so well. You could see my babies if you went to my facebook and also you know that my addy in on All Things Libra. I think it's the 25th page in March I think. I was talking to a 17 yr. old who like most think they have all the answers. I should be so smart! But yes I would love to see that lovely feline. They are my weakness. I like dogs but I can live without them. But I can only go about 6 months without a cat in the house. I will keep working on sending healing energy to you. I worked on you twice yesterday so I was hoping you would feel better. Talk soon.

  • Chenaya! Long time no hear! Happy belated B-day! I also could use colder weather. But gotta bear with the heat a few months more before it starts getting cold again. Yuck! I like colder weather much better. Sorry to hear you have not been feeling too well, especially spirits being low. I know what ya mean though, for some reason I have also been feeling low this week. Yuck! I hope you have bene feeling better since then. Miss ya all!!!!

    Hi Libraslair!!!!!!!

    Well short and sweet, just thought I would pop in a minute.

    Keep yur chin up!


  • Oh hey you got back in here. Well people are doing a lot more things outside now that the weather is heating things up. So you don't catch them on as often. Well you must be getting closer to heading east. So hope you get to do all the things that you have on your list. Talk with ya later, Peace and harmony.

  • Hi Artbird,

    I've been wondering how you're getting on. Aren't you a June birthday person from memory? Many happy returns to you also if that's the case. Yes, this cooler weather is quite agreeable.... fewer hot flashes too. I've discovered horseradish/garlic tablets help a little with the sinusitis and don't leave one smelling of fenugreek, like my usual self treatment, heh heh. I've been working quite hard on developing a small business idea - cooking for folks in their own homes, as in five dinners, a big soup and a pudding, all in one afternoon, to set them up for the next Mon-Friday. Just messing around with the computer trying to figure out how to print up a flyer, then I can do some letterbox drops in the town. Meanwhile I've got a brand new, tax free wee job at the local highschool, collecting the futsel players fees on a Thursday evening. That's $80 a week which will help our family budget. Amazing how one little blessing makes one feel blessed and more confident. Hope you're all experiencing your own blessings too. xx

  • Hello everyone. Let me first apologize to everyone for being gone so long. I never meant to make anyone worry. I guess it started when I was coming on here every day about 5 or more times a day, and realized nothing new nor nothing that pertained to me, or where I could help seemed to pop up anymore. I lot of people went rogue I guess. So, I figured I'd wait a bit b4 jumping back on, and guess what? I waited too long, way longer than first planned. I do sincerely apologize to EVERYONE.

    I have been doing a lot better. Only recently (Thursday night) I started bleeding a bit again. That's just odd since my surgery was SIX MONTHS AGO! I'm not suppoed to be bleeding AT ALL. I'm noticing pain in one particular spot deep under the incision. I almost passed out at work on Thursday night. I ended up going home early.

    Speaking of work: I finally did it! I am finally leaving that dreadful, awful prison. My shackles are coming off, and very soon! I just have to wait until the final paperwork goes through (background check, finger printing, reference calling). I will be a customer service representative at a local medical supply company. They sell medical supplies like hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, diapers, etc. to physician ordered customers. It'll be from 8am - 5pm Monday thru Friday. How can u beat that? & get this, during my interview with the vice president, I "fist pumped" him cuz he is not only a BROWNS fan, but a season ticket holder!!!! Whoop whoop! Totally cool.

    Oh, I did a cleanse. It's called "The Master Cleanse". I did it for 36 days trying to get healthy. I did lose 32lbs. in the mean time. The grossest part (DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVE A SQUEEMISH TUMMY) I passed several tape worms and a round worm or two. It is the GROSSEST thing in the world!!!! I feel so much healthier. Well, I'm starting to feel sluggish again, and some old symptoms are creeping back up on me, but I feel a lot better. After Wednesday, I'm going to go back on it again. I just want to get healthier. I have to wait til after Wednesday though, cuz I canNOT pass up my own ice cream cake! (My Mom gets me one every year for my birthday....hehehe).

    May 20th was extremely hard for me. I quite literally relived all those feelings over again, as if I was losing my Dad all over. Like it wasn't hard enough the first time, huh? I lost control while at work even. I think it's getting better though....I do. Father's Day weekend was rough. We lit Daddy's candle together and just acknowledged him, spoke to him, loved him, and embraced his wonderful memory. My niece continues to see him. She speaks to him like he's right next to her. I'm honestly jealous it's not me. I'm happy for her though. She's only 4. And my nephew (who is only 3 now) picked up a family picture (of everyone in it), and pointed at my Dad and said, "I miss Papa. He died. I didn't want him to die." It made all of us just bawl. It was a rough weekend.

    We went to the OuterBanks in North Carolina the week of June 5th. I actually had a blast. I desperately needed the time to get away and clear my head. I discovered that I REALLY like raquetball. I went deep sea fishing, and caught only one fish. It was okay though. I really enjoyed the mysticsm of the sea. It was so beautiful. I cannot even describe how much more and more everyday that I appreciate and LOVE nature. it is so beautiful, and such a gift. So many people take it for granted. I know I did. It's a shame.

    Oh, and about a week or so ago, I was sitting in my friend's car at lunch time. & For some reason I was getting really short of breath. It was starting to alarm me, but I kept telling myself that I wasn't afraid. Then the familiar feeling in my chest came (that nervouse feeling). It started escalating higher and higher. I was starting to have a panic attack. (I didn't realize it at the time what it was, but that's what it was). But then, even worse, my arms were away from my body but bent, and raised about two inches from anything. They were stiff as boards. I REALLY started to hyperventilate. It was REALLY freaking me out. I couldn't move my own arms! My friend said very calmly, "Hold my hand. Grab hold of my hand." I told her (with my teeth chattering like I was freezing, but I wasn't) that I couldn't because I couldn't move my arms or hands. So she grabbed my hand for me. She maintained a calm tone and said, "Focus on my hand. Focus on my hand. Just focus on my hand. Focus on the Lord. Focus on the Lord. Picture the Lord." As I continued to focus on her hand and the warmth coming from it...the energy just flowing through mine from hers, I started to calm, slowly. After my breathing became more normal, it got a bit easier. Finally, I was calm enough to where she could let go and explain to me what had just happened. She recognized it because she witnessed it in church before. She said that Satan was taking control over my body. He was instilling fear into me and her. She then told me that the hand I was holding was Jesus' hand through HER. It gave me goosebumps. I have NEVER had anything have control over my body like that. It was the scariest thing ever. I'm just so grateful that my friend was there to help me. I'm grateful that Jesus sent her there to help me. The entire event that transpired made me realize that I am on the right path and Satan is nervous about it. He's in high-attack mode and those of us that choose to fight him have quite the battle ahead. Thank God good outweighs evil! 🙂

    On another note: I have REALLY REALLY good news too! I am going to see this renowned psychic/healer. She only sees people on Tuesdays as she is so booked for her other assignments/appointments. She is on tv and very famous in her home country (Greece). She only charges $10 for the first visit (and the visits can last anywhere from an hour to 10 hours, depending on how much she feels she needs to share with you, or how many questions you have) then free from then on. I spoke to her on the phone to set up the appointment, and she just jumped right in. She asked me what I truly wanted to do, what is my dream. & I told her (embarrassingly) that I always wanted to be a singer/songwriter. She said that is what I needed to do then. She asked me my birthdate, and after I told her, she said I was intelligent, very intelligent. She said she doesn't sugar coat anything either. She is very straight from the hip. She also said I was psychic and gifted with music. I asked her if she could teach me to do what she does, and she said yes. She said I will come there every week to learn. She wants to teach me numerology and beans. I am going to ask her about astral projection as well.

    Anyway, as I learn more from her, I want to come on here and help others the way they have helped me and to also pay it forward. That's all I really ever wanted to do is help. Even with singing: singing can be inspirational and it can help people. I know it helps me... A LOT.

    One more thing, before I take up the whole entire page (sorry about that), but a new friend of mine paid me a real compliment and it felt so good that I have to share (not to brag, but just to share goodness instead of grief). She had to work with me in my departments one night. & I apologized to her over and over again for breaking out in song over simple phrases or words. (See my Dad and I did this all my life....we hear a phrase or a word and it remindes us of a song, and we just start singing it. It's almost uncontrollable.) My sisters have always told me that it was annoying, hence why I always apologize for doing it. She finally told me to stop apologizing. She thought it was a gift. She thinks it's amazing that I can remember so many songs, let alone think of them on the fly when I only hear a word or phrase. It gave me a new perspective on how to appreciate even those things that many others think are flaws. Our flaws help make who we are. I am going to start appreciating that.

    I sincerely miss each and every one of you. I again, am sorry for my absence. I wish I hadn't been gone as long as I had. I had a lot going on as you can see, and then some. Oh, and my Mom just got the travel nursing job that she wanted in LA. So, she will be gone for 13 weeks. A LOT has been going on. I could easily write a book about it all. 🙂

    Thank you so much for all your prayers and thoughts. I truly appreciate it. I love the story about the atheist Artbird. That warmed my heart. I think you are right about the hot flashes too. Speaking of which, I had better go take my estrogen. Those hot flashes suck patunas.

    Please forgive me for my absence. I cannot wait to catch up with everyone again.

    With Love -- Amanda

  • Good to hear from you Amanda and you don't have to apologize for not being on here. We are all off and on for long periods of time. But some of use talk on Facebook or have each others addy's. I have Artbirds and she is on FB. And Chenaya19 on FB and email each other. But even then we go long periods without some contact. I am fighting with my computer freezing up and my shockwave is crashing when I am on FB. So I am getting aggravated with this stupid thing. And that new job sounds really great. Glad your health is getting better also. Well you are sure doing much more now that the weather is better. Your doing very well now and so good to hear from you. I will mail the others to come on and read your update. Peace

  • Ah, Amantim, so good to hear all your news and a very mixed bunch it was. Life is strange isn't it? I can hear in your 'voice' that you're stronger. Don't neglect that weird bit of bleeding and pain though. Well I'm now up to about 15 months since my hysterectomy and that one spot, deep on the left hurt still quite recently. Now I know why Mum said it takes 18mths or so to heal. But.... it does. Great about the new job. Re-engergising isn't it? Am chasing down a couple of new things here too. Can't decorate the couch with my presence for much longer. LibrasLair is a boon companion of the airwaves and keeps me laughing and interested in life. Are you a Cancerian then? No wonder you loved your day out on the water. It's becoming a rare treat to be able to catch even one fish. I saw the Outer Banks on a movie once - LOVED it, very beautiful and serene. Your spiritual sisters are all proud of you... rock on! Nicola xx

  • Thank you for your compassion and understanding. I just returned from my FIVE-HOUR reading! Wow! I actually had to cut it short from HER, cuz I had to go pick up my son and make dinner. I leave home to go to work at 9:20pm. Crunch time. Can't stay on long. I just wanted to check and see if anyone had caught my post. I thank you so much ladies. I feel more "at home" here in this forum than I do with my own family. Zaga (the psychic) explained to me why I find more comfort in friends than my own family. She reads numerology and beans. With my sisters' birthdates, I just don't mesh well with them. Too many sixes I guess.

    Anyway, I asked her about my bleeding, pain and dizziness. She said the doctor that performed my hysterectomy did a terrible job. She is getting me a name of another doctor to get a second opinion, and also a name of a particular lawyer. She says I need to sue him. He only cares about money and not people and their well-being. She read the beans and over and over again it told her to tell me to sue him. & That I will. Oh, and she also said that I need to stop taking the estrogen pills. They are doing more harm than good. Funny, that's what my Mom said to the doctor that day that he explained the surgery to us. Momma knows best. 🙂

    She also told me that I'm allergic to peanut butter and maple syrup. Isn't THAT funny! The Master Cleanse that I did consisted of lemons, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. She said my digestive system is messed up and that the syrup and peanut butter aggrevate it even more causing chest pains. So, I guess I have to exlude those from my diet. 😞

    I will share more later. I have to go check on dinner and get ready for work.

    I love you guys. You truly do make me feel like part of a "family".

  • Wow the chest pain from the peanut butter! You know there are children that miss out on the old standby of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that most of us grew up eating. So you will be smart to check other foods that may have peanut oil in it. Well I hope your following up with what this woman told you about another doctor. If I remember and of course I can't depend on my memory since chemo, didn't you have problems with this doctor prior to surgery or was that someone else on the forum? Well I will have to work on some energy in your direction again and maybe you'll find another doctor to help this. Artbird said she didn't get the email I sent her but I contacted her on FB too and she said she would come to see what you had to say. She is having some new things going on with her health also. Can hardly wait to hear what else you learned while you were with this woman. Very interest. Take care until you can get an appointment with a new Dr. Healing light around you until then.

  • Thank you LibrasLair. I really need it. I am so very drained and tired. I had a hard time getting my work done last night. I actually had to go sit down at one point because I was just unable to stand. I'm really tired right now and need to get some sleep. Hopefully, I can get back on later today. If not, it will definitely be within the next couple of days. It was my birthday yesterday and the family is coming over to celebrate tomorrow. So, we'll see as time clears up.

    Yes, your memory is fine. He is the same doctor that has given me trouble since the get-go. Even the last time that I had an infection (the one that I had three weeks after I went back to work), he said to me (after examining me) "You usually are pretty whimpy, but this time you have a legitimate compalint." He's just a jerk all around. Zaga said he's just greedy. All he cares about is money.

    I am going to catch some z's. Thank you again so much LibrasLair. I really truly appreciate it.



  • Oh well Happy Late Birthday. And I hope you feel better.

  • Many happy returns Amantim! Wimpy you certainly are not. I think you've been very long-suffering, literally and figuratively. I really want to tell all you friends out there that chest pains have now been proven to be a hypoallergenic reaction to something we cannot tolerate. In my case, after $1000s of heart tests, a neuropathy specialtist told me what was happening to me was caused by my taking an antibiotic called Cephalexen back in February and that if I were to take an antihistamine tablet every day, the chest pains would go away. He was perfectly correct and if I miss a couple of days of the antihistamine (Claratyne), then the dreadful chest pains return. Don't know how long this will go on for and I regret the $20 per month extra cost, buy hey, at least I know for sure that it's not the family problem of heart disease smiting me. Amantim, continue being brave and pro-active regarding your health. As Marcus Aurelius was wont to say - "And this too shall pass". Hugs xx

  • LibrasLair -- Thank you SO much. My birthday used to be my favorite day of the year. It's just not the same without Daddy here. We just had someone come and look at his Harley Davidson today. I lost control as I saw him drive down the driveway and down the road. I had to excuse myself so I wasn't so embarrassed and/or rude. Those triggers are still so effective. I have been getting stronger though. It's a work in progress.

    Chenaya19 -- That is one of my favorite quotes! I usually repeat it to myself whenever I'm in a position that I don't want to be in anymore. It reminds me that I can get through it, because it's not going to be that way forever. Amazing about the antibiotic allergic reaction. I hear you completely. Do you have to have the Claratyne? See, I have gone to generic versions of the same drug to save money. I would not want to spend $20 a month on pills.

    I have been in pain most of the day, and have had my dizzy spells off and on....more off than on today (which is good). The only thing is when it was "on", I had the hardest time just keeping my eyes open. I did eventually fall asleep for about 5 - 10 minutes. I forced myself to wake up and fight falling asleep....hence why I'm still awake at 2:00 in the morning! 🙂 The pain is in one specific location too, and it does alter. I know it's one particualr location because that's where the doc screwed up. I just know it.

    I have yet to call Zaga back and get the name of the second opinion doctor and lawyer. I'll try to call her tomorrow. I have so many people coming over tomorrow and the next few days though since my Mom is leaving Saturday. Everyone wants to get their "good-byes" in b4 she leaves. I'm going to need to contact her soon though.

  • Amanda don't put this off too long. You shouldn't have to keep dealing with pain.

  • Yeah, I'm tired too much too. I slept ALL day yesterday. My son woke me up at 8:20pm to tell me what time it was. I had a hard time getting up at that point even. I felt so drugged. (and I hadn't taken ANYTHING) I did wake up at 2:40pm to eat and turned on the tube, but couldn't stay awake. Of course, it was my first night back to work the night before, but I NEVER had to sleep THAT much after the first night back. (I had had 4 nights off.)

    The problem with sleeping during the day is it prevents me from calling the doctors. They are all closed by the time I'm awake. Hopefully, tomorrow, I can wake up early enough. I can never seem to stay awake long enough in the mornings to catch them either. Ugh! I NEED to get this looked at and taken care of. I hope to GOD they don't have to open me up again. I can't afford it....especially with my new job and all.

  • Ok get in touch with the lady who gave you that reading as soon as possible. And then call the doctor even if they are closed and leave a message that you need to make and appt. Drink something with a lot of caffeine so you can talk to them in person or have a family member to call and set up an appt. I know it's hard to turn your days into your nights when you first go back but I think your iron is very low. I can tell you but I can't make the call and take you. So sooner than later. Take care and I am sending energy.

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