Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • Ahliya!!!!!!!Oh my gosh! Thank you!!!!!!! You covered a lot of what I have been wondering! Many, many blessings to you! I will email you later and would love to talk further. It might be a few days, as I gotta focus a bit on the physical world (LOL) this afternoon, but I will definitely be in touch!

    Stuff you mention is all NEW to me, I feel like an absolute infant trying to learn to walk and talk and do everything.

    I wondered about if and how to have any control what is happening and hope I can have the ability to turn it off or on, but wil try the things you suggest, and hopefully, that will happen.

    The angel stuff you talk about is very new to me. I know these angels are mentioned in the bible and i believe in them, I just never thought these angels you specifically mentioned actually are around to help us in any way. How do you know it is those angels you mention and not some demon or something evil? I am afraid to open any doors I cannot them close like that.

    I actually do have a book on chakras I picked up a few years ago but never read fully, so I'll have to get that out.

    Thanks again for yet another precious soul taking the time to respond and share their own experiences and insights.

    Many, many blessings to you, too!

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  • Hi Artbird, you're very welcome. Yes, the Archangels are available to all who call to them, to all who request their assistance. As you gather more information and learn more about the subjects that interest or affect you, it won't feel so strange anymore. And once you are working with the angels you'll be able to discern better and better which is which simply by how they feel when they come. I love Richard Webster's books: Uriel is one, Raphael, Michael, etc.

    You may like to pick one up.

    When you learn to use the light you'll likely begin using it for personal protection first. Not to worry; begin your new opening process by calling upon the Archangels any time you need something, be it protection from Michael, improving communication with Gabrielle, etc.

    You can begin by seeing divine gold-white light coming from the cosmos. As it descends over you in a bubble it fills you inside and out. I recommend that you also practice igniting the gold white violet flame in your heart. Gold core inside, surrounded by white, surrounded by a violet mist. Let that expand through your body, and see it merge with the gold white light from the cosmos.

    Michael will be teaching you more while you sleep. You're already very advanced, but not as a physical being yet. You'll get there too. You will bring through the knowledge you already have, but into your daily consciousness : )

    We each of us have experiences with entities or beings we're not very fond of remembering. With the exception of rare teaching purposes I don't speak of it, and haven't been bothered in about a decade. If you'd like to have positive experience, don't spend your thoughts on demons etc. Keep your thoughts on divine assistance and your own divinity.

    Do send me an email when you can. I'm around and will be happy to give you whatever insight you need.

    Much love and light,


  • Dear Artbird,

    my goodness, there is just so much support, encouragement and blessings out there, waiting for you my dear. Ahliyah couldn't have said it better. Invoke the divine in ALL your dealings, both physical and spiritual and all will be well. Here is my invocation used for many years to help centre and protect me, particularly as I go into a meditative state:- "I invoke the Light of Christ within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light (or Christ) is my guide."

    The archangel Raphael stands with and beside you in your artistic endeavours and awaits the opportunity to chanel divine inspiration through you and your paintings/drawings. You will bless many with your art, with your depictions of their soul journey, showing perspective from their distant past lives, through to the current incarnation and even to the future.

    May the divine Light guide you always. Accept your grandfather's presence as a kind of guide and gatekeeper to you. The gift was great in him also and he has powerful spiritual allies, whose protection he extends to you. "Image, ordain, manifest" is another very great spiritual maxim I learned in spiritual circles. As you train your mind, heart and spirit to dwell always on the positive, you will grow stronger at every level. Prepare to cast off the idea you have of yourself as being 'disabled', for indeed perfection is yours for the asking. What a lovely, loving and beloved soul you are Artbird. Be not afraid, for I am with you, sayeth the Lord. From a spiritual sister in far away Queensland, Australia, love, Chenaya

  • Amantim!

    Wow! How interesting and tremendously gifted, Amantim!!!! But I am sad to hear of your father's passing and that it has not been so long ago, either. That is a difficult thing to deal with, especially when it is a parent, and hard to move on from. How are you doing with this? I hope there is some comfort knowing he is just next door in a different room for awhile. He has probably communicated in other ways as well as in dreams to you. Do you remember much when you wake up at all? What you've discussed? Anything? Tell me more, please.

    When my first adoptive father passed (I have been adopted twice, have two adoptive fathers and one is still living, and now am locating my birth father, who I am pretty sure has also passed too, but it is taking a little longer because he was not American and was in switzerland), this was incredibly devastating. (okay-too much rambling, I know) The pain of that was phenomenal. It took a long time for that pain to even begin to lessen. You know the kind? It;s a very, very deep kind of pain that can well up and then out, and you gotta let it out or it will not lessen.

    I knew he was going to pass soon but my sister was not ready for this. As me and my mother drove back from the hospital day from our daily excursions there, I brought it up with my mother (my other mother), and she agreed, someone needed to talk with my sister so that once he had passed, it would not completely devastate her, as we knew she would not be able to handle it. SHe had a particularly close relationship with him. My mother choose to be the one to bring up the notion that he probably won't make it. And she freaked, was angry at us for even considering he might not make it, which we knew would happen, and she accused us of not having faith and giving up on him. Then few days later, she was able to accept the fact this was possible, and then he passed away not much longer later. He was in a car accident, and that night I was actually supposed to be in the car with him, but I would not be here today if it weren't for the promptings that came from............I don't know where? I was 15 at the time, he was on his way to pick me up, and when he called beforehand, I told him I didn't want to go at the last minute and was going to ride with my sister the next day instead.. Something stopped me for about 10 minutes from going. I got a call from my sister and others, scolding me for hurting his feelings. I called him back to tell him I would go, but he had legt already and was unreachable at that point. After being scolded by everyone about not going with my dad that night up to the cabin, while everyone else was coming up the next day so we could celebrate Thanksgiving with our dad a week afterwards, who had recently divorced our mother, shortly after I spoke to him, he got in the car wreck, where another lady, who coincidentally happened to be the mother of a student that was in the class our mother taught at school (she was a teacher), this woman had gotten into a fight with her husband and raced off in her car running through a stop sign at nearly 75 mph crashing into our father's car, smashing all the way from the passenger side to the driver's side, rolling over, flying through the air, catching on fire, without even an inch to spare for another person in that passnger seat, where I would have been sitting............ if it weren't for some spur of the moment prompting to NOT go. I am not someone who does not like hurting others feelings, so deciding at the last minute not to go and to come up the next day instead was out of character for me. Crazy thing was I decided not to go for 10 minutes, then wanted to go, but it was too late by that time. FUnny how fate intervenes automatically sometimes to steer us somewhere. He was in fact lucky to survive for four more months in ICU but was paralyzed. When the time came, I knew he was going to pass, and when he did, after that inital feeling of peace that he was now free, as I believe he came visiting us and I felt him and a brief moment of an incredible light feeling joy for but a few moments when he did, being glad he was released from his suffering. Well then came the heart wrenching pain after he was gone. He had his faults, so our relationship was not perfect, but he seems to be making up for lost time and continues to take care of me some 24 years later in some very odd ways. There is much to that, but I won't bore you. I bet you have your own story, so please tell it, if you feel you are able to now. If not, it's okay.

    Is this book Many Lives, Many Masters on past lives?

    I, too, have a difficult time with people being condescending to others or experiencing it myself, and it is "like a lightswitch" as well. I cannot stand anyone being mistreated, that really sets off a lightswitch more than anything.

    What I also found fascinating is when you mentioned that you remember current people in your life now were also there in your past lives. That's interesting! That book I spoke about, Courageous Souls, also speaks of this. But one time you might be your father's dad in one life, and the next one your brother, and so on. In this one photo where I was in front of the fireplace, one person there, including the aboriginal or caveman, the Mayan/Aztec, etc., there was what appeared to be a man who was a slave but he was also dressed in somewhat of an old prison uniform or a striped black and white uniform like he was a prisoner and a slave, both, and also very close to him was another African tribal man I believe that was part of the Asante or related tribe standing next to him, with full head dress, which made me think he is from the asante or related tribe because oif the headress and other attire and ornamentals he was wearing. When you mentioned the possibility of images maybe being related to past lives, I have to admit this also crossed my mind at least for this one particular photo of me in front of the fireplace with these people surrounding me. Not so much that these people were me, personally, in past lives, but perhaps people I had known in some distant past as there was a familiarity to some of the faces, particularly the Mayan. It was as if whatever time period they were from didn't matter and that it could have been today even. It was if I were standing with them peaking into a moment in time that was familiar in the past, as if some sort of snapshot in the past was happening all at once at the moment of the present in the middle of some sort of quantum leap moment. With the aboriginal/caveman guy, caked in mud, wiht the stranest shag over his lower legs and feet in some kin dof covering/makeshift boot of sorts, and what looks like ostrich lg/foot over that, scragly beard also caked with mud, but a very, very friendly face!, well it is as if we were sharing the same fire with me and my fireplace, roosting marshmallow (LOL) and he in the past, doing his shamanistic thing round his own fire, and maybe he was in a dreaming, hit a loophole in the fabric of timeand space from the past, was then enjoying some peyote vision around some campfire, where at that moment our paths crossed, enjoying the same fire. Perhaps HE had a bit of a fright having some vision of the future, and maybe he saw me, and was startled, who knows. IHe does look a little wide eyed.I don't know still what to make of it all, but perhaps in time things will become more clear as I learn more .

    The feelings you have in the back of your mind that somehow you don't deserve anything or deserve less than you are worth? Maybe there is a sort of karmic debt, where there is guilt lingering from some past time over something or at some time, perhaps in a past life or even this one, where maybe you didn't pay someone what they were worth, and so you now punish yourself, not allowing yourself to be paid your worth and feel you don't deserve much of anything, or maybe at one time you were the opressor, and therefore, in one life you chose to be a slave to learn the opposite, as a form of punishing yourself, after enslaving others and you have carried over both guilt and bellittlement into this life that is still lingering from some past or past life expereince, and though you have "paid the price" already, you still can't let such go, after you experienced firsthand how horrific it felt to be that person who was opressed inhumanely but at some point you must let go having gained the knowledge and now are to teach those not quite having learned those lessons yet, as we are all on a different university class schedule, where this semester, I take home economics class and next semester advanced physics, but for you, your taking advanced physics now and next semester you take the other class. We all get to take the same classes, the opportunity to learn the same lessons, just at different times. Perhaps you have already paid the price and punished yourself enough for past events, but haven't realized it yet and so this has carried over, preventing and impeding you from realizing and feeling the capacity of your own value and worth. The truth is, your value is actually PRICELESS. No one has any less value than another. Something that slavery in the time of the civil war did not acknowledge at all, rather quite the opposite. And the truth is, humanity still isn't quite there yet on the same issue everywhere, either, right? Not even in this country. There is still much work left to do, and you play a part in that today, as a healer and teacher perhaps of those still affected by this. You can feel the pain and therefore have the ability to empathize other feelit it and can assist with the healing process. YOu can also teach against the unimaginable in hopes history never repeats itself.

    There may be different gifts, but if we all had the same gifts, what good would this be? But none has more value than another's. I know you know this but to feel this is a different story, I know. Our life experiences, particularly the bad ones, teach us if anything, what not to do and the harm this causes to others and offers to us the opportunity and the ability to teach what we have learned about this to others and advance everyones knowledge and growth in the process. SOmetimes, we just remind each other what we already know to be true, and this jolts or jiggles us back onto our path again that we were already on. Sometimes we stop on the side of the road for a potty break or try to take a shortcut and get lost along the way. We might see someone also tsking a pit stop, who has stopped to pick the flowers in the forest, and you think they ought to leave them where they are so others can enjoy them and you share this notion. SO can we help each ither along the way. Yes. Tha twould be fabulous.

    There is a very ancient teaching and belief called "Tikkum Olam" meaning "To fix what is broken" in the world. It is the belief that the world is broken and each person plays a role in this "Tikkum Olam" in fixing what is wrong with it on a universal scale and along each person's personal path of progression on a smaller scale and that we help each other in this process. Like finding and putting back together broken shards of a a shattered ceramic vase.That everyone's purpose in some way is tied into the fixing of the world through their special gifts and talents where they not only progress personally but help the world also progress on a larger scale. It takes searching for those precious shards like puzzle pieces and putting them back together again. Those shards are scattered all over the place and represent what is really true and real and meaningful and they are worth both searchin for and finding of, and once we find all those scattered shards and put them back together again, we will be whole.

    I can't remember if it was the movie, "Miracle of 34th Street" that shows this time of year or not, maybe it is a different one, but its about a man who wonders what life would be like if he never existed and he is shown what things would be like, and it was not good. "Each action of our lives strikes a cord that will vibrate into eternity" and this is very true. One smile or a kind word can change the course of not only a person' day but even beyond that. Even the smallest pebble tossed into a lake will cause a ripple effect . Each person has both something to teach and something to learn from the other.

    The hardships and pain experienced in both past lives and this one, have motivated and taught you not only to be empathetic, to relate to others experiencing the same kind of pain, but its equipped you with the ability to teach others. And that's a very, very special gift, and you should keep sharing it.

  • SOapmaker!!!

    What an amazing ability you have! WHat happens or how does this information come to you when you look into people's eyes? WHen did you first notice this gift? DId you freak out at first, like me? LOL

    I want to hear more about this gift you have and your others and how this seems to work for you.

    Thanks for the ecouragement, too. I am amazed at the glowing light of the people responding here and what precious people you all are.

    We should talk more.

    Many blessings to you and many more!

  • Yes Artbird Many Lives, Many Masters is about past lives. Dr. Weiss was working with a woman who had phobias and was trying to help her. He had helped her with several but she still was not able to shake a few. He had asked her on a few occasions if he could hypnotize her and she didn't want it but since there was not ridding her of the last ones she agreed. He said to her while she was under go back to when you first felt this. And he regressed her back to another life. In which she told him how she was dressed an recognized people she was with there as some that she was with in this life. She talked about how she died and I believe if I remember right the next time she came in she had lost one of her phobias and so he regressed her again. He waited awhile before publishing about this for fear of loosing his job at a University and after talking to at least one of the his fellow Professors had had experiences also and believed in past lives. But he was also afraid of talking about it.

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  • Thanks soapmaker!

    I'd like to hear more about your experience and experiences and we'll have to keep in touch too.

    Many, many blessings to you!

  • CHenaya!

    Thanks for such encouraging words and advice! First, I have a dear friend also in Australia! She grew up in Adelaide. Can't remeber the town she lives currently but it is not far from Adelaide where her parents and some other family are. Her husband is a Lutheran Preacher and they were my neighbors several years ago when he got his first preacher job and his boss was ironically a client, and they ironically just happened to move, ....right next door to me. Totally weird. Good freinds they are, but they moved to Australia when he got a transfer there. She was real happy and missed home, so I am glad she was able. She is competely tunred off to anything astrology, etc. I tried to explain the Magi were astrologers seeing an important birth through oserving the stars and actually Judaic mysticism that founded such is also rooted in a great deal of astrology at its roots but she thinks that is not true, that they were "astronomers" and not "astrologers", instead and this is a very cucial distinction. LOL. Bless her heart, but she's the grearest, dearest of friends, I just integrate several beliefs cohesively and don;t see any contradiction in this, as I feel they are all part of the picture. Each is on their own path but I find it amazing looking at history and ancient cultures.

    I have felt that my birth grandfather and birth mother have been around, and this became stronger some months before actually finding out who they were or confirming that they actually were on the other side of the veil of the physical. I tried to attach a photo of my grandfather, also the archaelogist, since you mention him.Interesting also is that him, me and the brother I have oldest other than me as far as my birth mothers children she had, all are left handed, which is often associated with art and creative ability and being right-hemisphere brain use dominant, the creative side. If it shows, he is here with my younger brother on his lap as a baby/toddler. Quite a few years after my birth, my birth mother started having more children. She married a Tongan, so my siblings I have found so far on that side are part Tongan and are all gorgeous! My grandfather's hair had already turned gray, as premature gray hair runs in the family, and well my mother had gray patches and a gray patch streak in the front since she was 10 and my hair suddenly started turning gray quickly this past six months too.

    With my art, funny you should mention, I have started series of paintings similar to what you describe. I am in the process of putting up a new website for my art but this got delayed this autumn when I had a surgery a few months ago and recovery being slow and complicated., but when I finish and get it up, you'll be able to see some of it. Things are beginning to move again, and I am also in the middle of reorganizing and rearranging my art studio here at my home. I got the coolest art studio fand at home for winter particularly, as it is freezing outside, which has nothign but windows from the ceiling to nearly the floor as I love to be able to see the outdoors and feel like I am outside, as I do my arts. Since that is a bit hard when it is feeezing outside, I feel blessed and this suits me well and aids inspiration being able to see the gorgeous snow and sunlight and trees, etc. and for sunlight to be able to come in also. YOu know, like being outside but inside at the same time.

    I'll let you know if interested when my new site is even halfway up, health willing and cooperative, of course. I rarely do realistic renditions in art anymore, although I do a lot still specifically when doing portraits of people or illustrating, of course. My first love in art is more contemporary styles of works, wanting to combine and relay the spiritual in this or communicate a message, along those lines, while also experimenting and the combination of mediums and techniques and applications, color psychology, all that fun stuff.

    Anyway, yuo have some gifted insights there. WOw!

    many,. Many blessings to you sister!!!!!

  • Oops! Here's my grandfather photo CHenaya I spoke about in the last post!

  • Oops! GUess that didn';t work either.

  • Artbird -- I apologize for not responding sooner. I had no chance of getting on the net yesterday. It was pretty busy. Since I work the night shift, it takes a lot of rearranging my sleep to get any sleep when I have any appointments or occasions. Yesterday, I went in for my second sonogram. They are measuring 2 ovarian cysts that I have. One is only an inch in diameter, and the other was 2 inches. I have yet to find out if they have grown or shrunk or whatnot. So, I got a about 3 1/2 hrs sleep before I went, and later on before going back to work I got about 2 1/2. Since I've been home from work, I have not yet gone to sleep. This is not normal, as I usually head straight to bed as soon as I get home. For some reason, I had a nagging feeling to get online and check out this site. I'm glad that I did.

    I really truly connect with you, Artbird. The experience that you had with your father hit home with me; I mean a home run. It was spot on. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the immediate relief that he was out of pain, but then my pain was unbareable. I cannot put into words my angst. There's not a day that goes by that I don't just bawl my eyes out. I put on a happy face throughout the day, and then out of nowhere, it hits me like a knife in the gut. I miss him terribly.

    Yes, I dream about him rather often. I don't talk about it much around home though, because I hate making my Mom upset. She begs to hear of anyone having ANY dream of him, but then her extreme sadness kicks in. She hasn't had a dream about him yet. She keeps thinking it's because he didn't truly love her, or he's mad at her, etc. On the contrary, if you knew my Dad, you would know that my Mom was the center of his universe. My son was his mini-me, and I was somewhere after that. But my Mom was the only person he wanted at the hospital with him when he went for his checkup. He left her little notes. It was almost as if he knew she wouldn't find them until after he passed. I wish she could dream of him. I really really do. I've asked him to show up in her dreams, but nothing yet. I asked her if she thought it might be possible that she HAS dreamt of him, but just doesn't recollect. Of course, she doesn't think so. It's so very sad. They were definte soul mates, or twin souls, or whatever the correct term is.

    My heart just absolutely aches. It doesn't take much these days for tears to just stream down my face. There are many times that I "feel" that he is with me, and trying to put his arm around me. I just wish I could actually "see" him. I miss him so much. I want him back so bad. Superman is not supposed to die, and he was my Superman. I was incredibly close to him. I want to know the REAL reason why HE CHOSE ME and my son to be the ones there to witness his passing. He knew I couldn't save him. Why not my Mom? Why not one of my other sisters? Why me? Why my son? That night is like a broken record in my head. His last breath, his body collapsing in my arms. When he seized up, or the angina attack just 10 - 15 minutes beforehand.

    When we had the private family viewing the day before the funeral, it actually helped. Since I was there when he really passed, I knew that wasn't him. That was just his shell that house him for 58 years. 58 tortured years. I have never experienced a pain such as this. This is the worst pain I have EVER experienced in this lifetime.

    On another note, I cannot believe what insight you gave me. I will be forever grateful. You are so educated, and have such a vast knowledge of the spiritual world, and a quick study. I like your analogy of the shards and pieces. I believe we are definitely two of the many pieces in this thread, let alone the whole site, let alone the WHOLE WORLD. I can see a very long and deep connected friendship between us. It feels as if I have known you before. Given the discussion, I guess it's very possible. I think of you almost as if you were my sister. You found your biological family, sounds like you're finding your spiritual family as well. 🙂 I'm glad that you did.

  • Artbird I know you said you were out west and I thought you are in Calif. but if you see snow I think I guessed wrong. It must be further north.

  • Welcome Artbird, I see your are getting all the help and guidance you need. Good Luck!

  • My goodness artbird, you really are a sister in spirit! I was an art major at teachers' college in the 70's and have just relinquished my teaching career, spasmodic as it was, as my recuperation from a total hysterectomy 31st March is ongoing and slower than I might have expected. Are you going whoo woo yet? I spent the first part of my life in New Zealand.

    Laughed about your outlook on the magi. ....I too believe them to have been astrologers, but there is a little astronomy in all astrology, lol. Don't try to convince anybody of anything....just say your truth and leave it to stand on its own feet.

    Expressing your psychic and spiritual gifts through your art will tax and scare you less, I feel, artbird. I have a 'spiritual artist' friend, successful here, called Peter Harvoe and I know he blesses a great many who seek him out for his 'soul journey' pastel paintings. My goodness that boy can channel. As he is 63 now he'd laugh at that, but he is fairly new to art and spirituality both. It was like a tap got turned on one day. The dear, brave boy ran with it and now enjoys a great following. Google him and see. I would just say - take a photo of every one of your works before it leaves your house. You will be able to map great progress. I would love you to pass on your web address to all of us, your new friends. I have a blockage with my art and simply don't attempt any these days, but Peter told me that Raphael would work with me when I know it is time to start again.

    There is a little nut of truth and worth in each one of us that just needs someone like you and Peter (and maybe one day me too?) to expose to the light of day and the Light of God and to gently encourage. How splendid a gift it is to be able to do that for hurting souls. Lift them up and show them a brighter future, assured of their own innate beauty. The world evolves with us I believe and you my dear can help many evolve also. If you lexigram the word 'earth' you will get - ' hear her heart, heal the earth'. I feel you are both 'hearer' and 'healer' artbird.

    Many blessings, Chenaya

  • LibrasLair,

    Funny you should mention up North. Although I do not live there now, it has been much in my thought to actually move up near Portland, Oregon or Seattle area. LOL! One of my newly found brothers and his family and me were all considering moving up there. Right now, though, I live in colorado. Have lived here the past 20 years since moving here for art school way back then. SO that is where the snow is and boy is it freezing the past few days. Our weather shifts pretty dramatically back and forth even int he winter, so it is not like the midwest or perhaps back easgt where it might be freezing all winter long. I love the snow, but onlyl when it is snowing outside if it is going to be cold.

    Chenaya and Amantim!

    Wow! I have so many thoughts to share on your last posts! but I;ll have to come back later, ax the sandman is calling me and i just woke up briefly and glad I did to read your posts. I will have to come back later after some more good shut eye. You know that good ol' narcolepsy kicks in and I am lucky if I can tpye or let alone what I do type to then make sense with my eyes refusisng to sta yopen LOL! But wow! I feel soooo blessed right now and feel it was meant for to come across all of your paths! I do feel connected to all of you in some way, and yes, like a spiritual family I have known already for quite some time, strangely, but hold those thoughts, I'll write more later today.

    Many, many blessings!

  • Yes Artbird I'm right here in Texas and we got snow yesterday in parts. But here in Austin slight flurries is all. Got a hard freeze last night and to tell you the truth I am glad I'm not still in Mo. I was not too far from the Mo. Ar. state line so we didn't get as much there as the rest of the state but I did my share of shoveling and throwing the salt out. I really miss the weather where I grew up in Calif. but I don't miss the crowded freeways and the chaos of all the people. Also it is too hard to make enough money there anymore to survive. Well since your in Colorado I will suggest a writer to you who lives there. She goes by Mary Summer Rain and her first book was Spirit Song. She wrote many of the first ones in the 80's. They are true storys about her life and in that book she tells about meeting a blind Indian woman in the forest who she had never met and the woman calls to her and knows her name. No Eyes is the Indian womans name and she becomes her teacher. It's not a very thick book so its a quick read. When you finish it you will want the second one which is Phoenix Rising. I love reading her books. You can find them in good condition on www dot abe books dot com and many others. Stay warm and I think you just may like the other state you mentioned. I have never been that far north when living in CA. Peace and harmony

  • Just came into this thread today Artbird, nobody seems to have asked but do your photos have reflective glass ? You see, scrying can be done in a bowl of water , a crystal or gemstone ball, or a mirror , I have done so in all of these with varying degrees of success so I definitely would say that you may be seeing either your past lives or maybe into the history of the place which the photo depicts, I have been outside and seen water in places where today there is none, but I found that in the past, that there was water where I had seen it

    Love and Light to you

    Blessed Be

  • Artbird -- That's funny that you mention Washington/Oregon area. I have always wanted to go there, maybe even live there. I have a lot of family here in Ohio, so it has held me back. Very interesting though. I look forward to hearing from you again. I have to work tonight though, because I am taking tomorrow off. I am going to the Browns/Chargers game tomorrow. My poor Brownies are probably going to lose again, but there's something magical about being at the stadium watching the game. (Freezing our butts off!) I'm taking my son. It should be lots of fun!

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