Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • EeK, and I've only read the bits on sample yet. Our library is a bit slow in getting books so I have it on my wish list with all the other books she has written that Amazon has, and so far they look as if the postage will cost more than the books!! I think I will look on e-bay the postage might be cheaper, that or our local Waterstones, mindyou when I go down to London with Allan for his Marsden appointment, I might find them cheaper there as there are a lot of bookshops near the station

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  • Amantim! Hello! I can't believe you would be up and about at all yet. It can take a long time to heal from this type of surgery, so give your body time to heal. I didn't see a note anywhere about it, but you metnioned having staples removed. So did you end up with an open laparotomy, one of those about 8 inch incisions at the bottom of your abdomen or pelvis abut at the hip line or I think it is called a pfanastiel (spelling is way, way off) type incision? If so, gosh that takes even longer to recover from, as they cur through some muscles there, etc. Your body needs rest to restore and heal itself. It is not like getting your tonsils or your appendix out ---there's much more to it to recover from. I ended up having an abcess above the cuff after ym hysterectomy that was found some weeks after surgery so they ended up draining that. Just go easy on yourself, so you heal properly.


  • Libraslair:

    That's neat you've got some Scots/Irish, English, and wow even Cherokee! I evidently also have some Cherokee on my mums side, as well as French. We're probabyl distant cousins!!! WHo knows! The Scottish line is my maternal grandfather side, who evidently grew up in Texas, go figure. Him and my grandmother got married in....of all places...Roswell, New Mexico. LOLOf course, when you go back far enough, we are all related. But it is interesting just how many here got some sort of Scots or Irish or Danish/Dutch/Netherlandish background. My birth father purportedly spoke French primarily but French and Dutch, as most do in that area of the planet, the Switzerland/Belgium/Netherlands region.

    CHrissicat: Where exactly are you at, what city over there? When my mum was over there in Switzerland, she had a friend in ENgland she would oft go visit. I might even have the adress of her friend. I'll se eif I can find it.


  • I'm in a place called Sutton, in Surrey it is on Google earth, I think you could actually walk down my road on it

    I also had that type of incision,hip to hip, they gave me a running stitch though, not staples, both with my caesarian and the cyst removal, since I had that though, the part below it is nice and flat, and there's a fleshy bit on top, which won't flatten however much I exercise, must admit I was out of the hospital in four days the first time and three days the next I can't stand hospitals though, and was supposed to be in longer

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  • With Phoenix Rising, I'm noticing a lot that has transpired, but I am also seeing that what is to come has not quite yet. I'm wondering what time table it is. Pretty darn interesting. I have a few pages left. I was reading it when my son came home from school. I put it down to be with him. I'm sure I'll finish it tonight. Then I'll have to get back on here to order the next one. CAN'T WAIT! 🙂 On the price: It was only a penny, and the S/H was $3.99 USD. So, in total it only cost me $4.00. Not bad, and it was in very good condition.

    Yes, I had the incision from hip to hip basically. I had a drain from it the first three days while in the hospital. That was so weird when he took that out. The memory of it makes my skin crawl. I feel so much better today. Plus, my Mom is letting me use her meds for pain. They are the non-addicting kind. I was only in the hospital for three days, well, the third day I left at 11:00 in the morning. I was the one pushing to leave. I hate hospitals too. I have not had too many good memories of hospitals.

    I was walking up and down the stairs the day I got home from the hospital. (The bathroom is upstairs and the recliner is down in the living room.) I have to be on the recliner because it is so much harder to get out of a bed. The recliner helps me lift out. It's a nice perk.

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    I did a fair bit of bumping myself last week as I couldn't get on because hubby was catching up with the homework from his course, I think I may have slightly overdone it though

  • I finally finished Phoenix Rising yesterday. Wow! What a powerful read. I really wonder the time table of what is to come though. I know that she said she intentionally did not put that information in there for own good, but I still can't help but wonder. Ya know?

  • I do it is so much better to face things with an idea of what you are getting into I do not like to go into a situation blind at all

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  • Hi Artbird,

    Sorry it took so long for a response to your last post. I really had to search this topic to find our conversation. You asked what has been happening with me, well where do I start? I guess the first extremely noticeable thing that happened to let me know that my abilities were no longer blocked was a dream and what a dream it was. It was in December of 2007. I lived in Southern California at the time but was born and raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. I had a very vivid dream, one that had me horrified upon awakening. I was back in Michigan in my old house which in my old neighborhood my mom lived on the corner of the street, and my aunt across the street so our homes formed a triangle if you were to connect them. I heard my one son yelling outside, I ran to the door and went outside, he was screaming that my oldest son had been shot and he thought he was dead. I could see my son laying in the driveway across the street, I saw only his legs and feet, the rest of him was behind shrubs, I ran in the house and got my other 2 kids and told them to run to my moms house. I was standing in the street with my husband screaming and started to run to my moms as well. I made sure my son that found my oldest one was running right along side of me. We all made it to my moms and that's when I woke up. I was crying when I woke because the dream was so, so real. I told my kids and husband what happened in my dream and my son ( the one that found my oldest one shot ) said to me " well don't worry mom cause what are the chances of all of us being in Michigan at Nanas house at the same time", meaning that it was highly unlikly. At the end of January we received a call that my grandma had taken a turn for the worse and hospice had asked the whole family to come so I got us the airline tickets and off we were, the whole family, to Michigan. The minute we stepped off the plane my son came up to me and said " Mom, your dream, I didn't think that we would ever all be here at the same time". I had told him that I had already thought about that and for him not to worry. When we made it to my mom's house my one son ( the same one that found my oldest and the one who recongnized that we were all in the same place that my dream took place) begged me to please let him go to his dads to spend the night, it felt like the right thing to do so I let him go, by the time we went to sleep it was around 3am. My husband and I slept in the guest room and my other 3 kids in the family room, the 2 smaller ones on an air mattress between the couch and the doorwall and my other son slept in the reclyner. At around 8am I woke to hearing someone open our bedroom door and close it, I woke my husband and told him that I thought the kids were up, we lisened for a minute and it sounded like people were arguing outside. Within 5 minutes of us being up my oldest son came running into our bedroom telling me that he had just been held at gun point and that they used a cattle prod on him and that my mom's boyfriend got beat up with the handle of they're gun. 3 guy's had come to the door with a story that they're car broke down, my mom's boyfriend let 1 in to use the phone but the other 2 bursted in and beat him up and when my son got up to run to get the gun from the garage one of the other guys cattle prodded him and held him at gunpoint until they were done with my mothers boyfriend, they wanted money so he gave them what he had and they left. The reason the door in my room opened and closed was because my moms boyfriend told the guys that we were back there and if they woke us up there would be more problems, he also begged them to be quiet so my other 2 kids wouldnt wake up to what was going on. It was them that looked into our room to see if there were others in the house. Now, had my other son had been there he would have made it back to us and it would have caused a lot more trouble, I'm sure my son would have been shot. That is when I first noticed that it was coming back strong. From then on it's been one thing after another. Now I'm at the point where I have contact with spirits, I can see some things before they happen and I can do readings. My home is always active, we have had things go missing and then when I ask for them back they appear out of no where, we have had sounds of someone banging on our front door but no one was there, of course always waking us up in the middle of the night. We have had sounds like things falling, breakings and voices when no one was there. I do believe that we are all suppose to be doing something, we are all getting super sensitive and an awakening has occured and what I mean about awakening is those of us with abilities, even the ones like me that have tried to block them, are now being hit with all sorts of strange occurances. We are all becoming more aware of our abilities and finding out what we are suppose to do with them. I'm not sure why as of yet that this is going on but there is no denying it.

    You seem like a wonderful, loving person and I would love to keep in touch. If there's anything that you need please don't hesitate to get a hold of me. Sorry that this was so long but I felt that I had to give certain details so you could understand how the dream played out in life. Sometimes it's not at the exact location but close enough and I knew that if I had not let my other son go with they're dad things would have turned out much worse. Remember when dreaming, if you have vivid dreams or dreams in color pay attention to how you feel when you wake and follow your instincts.

    Love and Blessings,


  • Has anyone read " The Celestine Prophecy "? Very good book and was suggested to me by Chip Coffey's assistant. It sure does explain why certain things are happening to us. It explains the awakening that we are going through. I highly recommend reading this book.

    Love and Blessings

  • will get it from the library, as strange coincidences have been happening in my life too, if I ignore things I am supposed to do I get comeback in the form of things happening to me, for example, if I ignore making my jewellery I lose pieces that I bought that I could have made myself

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Alisa922!

    Wow! That was quite an experience with your dream! I completely relate and am so glad that you were willing to share this. My gosh! That is an amazing expereince you've had. It is all amazing, isn't it? When you get confirmation like that from your dreams. I am still not completely sure what to make of everything as it seems like more and more things seems to be happening. The dreams have always been confirming to me and I have been thankful for them and ---it was what has occurred this past year and particularly what I see now in pictures and stuff that has thrown me out of the water because I just never thought it possible. I could handle the "knowings" of stuff, the dreams that came true, the intuitive stuff, the sensing things or feelings and experiencing stuff. That all seemed natural. But this stuff? All I can say is I am so glad I found this forum board and all those here who know what I mean and know what I am talking about. SO I am very thankful for you and others here.

    We should keep in touch! Thanks for sharing what you have been through.


  • Artbird! I miss you. Sounds funny, but I do. 🙂

    I had a dream about a week ago. It was about this fella that I had had a crush on in the elementary years. I had a long time crush on him, straight after meeting him. I had wondered after waking from my dream if he had meant something more to me in a past life or something. I would have never even let this thought pass through my ears had I not had been given so much intriguing and thought provoking information from this forum.

    I did though. I sat there and wondered, "Why was I so taken with him? He certainly didn't return the favor. Could it have been something that I was 'open to' because I may have been 'more sensative' than he was?" These sorts of thoughts popped into my head, and I mulled over them a bit. I never got any answer, just more questions.

    Oddly enough, I got an e-mail from him tonight requesting to be a friend on facebook. I'm not a big facebooker, but I find it funny who requests to be my friend, when they never took a second glance at me in school or in my past in general. Now, I haven't spoken to this fella since we were in high school. I am 35 years old! I thought it was pretty cool to have the dream, and then he popped up.

    I am really starting to feel that my senses are opening up again, like I did when I was little. I think I just took it for granted back then, like it was normal for everyone. It feels like I'm gaining ground. I like this.

    To everyone here: Thank you. You have helped and encouraged me so much. I am so very appreciative. Thank you.

  • Amantim, I thank you for helping me with my aura, I am beginning to think I have some sort of empathy thing coming through which attracts people to me, which I discussed in what kind of energy am I putting out thread, and definitely some other things are starting to happen which I will have to relearn how to control

    Alisa that must have been one heck of a scary time for you but thankyou for sharing that with us

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Chrissicat --- That is so cool that I could help you with that. I am amazed and so excited. Thank you for verifying. That is so helpful to me so I can help others in the future.

    Alisa -- I am so happy that your dream benefitted you and your family. Did your dreams start little by little, or have you had them all along? I'm finding mine have been coming more since my Daddy passed last May, from coming here, and from reading the Mary Summer Rain books. I just ordered several more of them. It's hard for me to even put them down. It's like I was meant to read them. I know this sounds corny, but it feels like she's speaking directly to me, when I read her words. It's amazing.

  • Amantim,

    I know what you mean, I am being "led"? to books since I started this,even found Osho books in our library (except the one Soapmaker recommended) which is usually very thin on meditation and that kind of book, though I found the Mary Summer Rain book under American history, the one I have is the Tao of Nature, it's a different publisher apparently fron the no-eyes series, but I agree that it seems that she speaks directly to you she is not so "fluffy" as a lot of similar books can be,. I also think Ted Andrews a good author, though I am struggling with his "how to meet and work with your spirit guides".even though it's a small book, maybe I'm not quite ready for it yet?

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • This post is deleted!

  • One little note: When I posted about the fella that contacted me, I do not have any interest in him romantically or even otherwise. I know it probably seems stupid for me to add this littel note, but for me, it's important. I am not interested in anyone. I find being single is extremely rewarding and pleasant. I think I'll know when I'm really ready to jump into the dating pool again. It has been about five years, and I've gone longer than that before. I don't want to just jump into anything unprepared again. I want it to be about me for once...even though that sounds selfish, that's how it has never been. I want my turn. Wow! Okay...rambling....sorry.

    Soapmaker -- The soaps arrived quickly, and my sisters were so excited to use them. They were really touched that I had gotten them for them. I was surprised really. I hope that they decide to re-order after they use your soaps. I also explained to them that using the soaps over time increases that silky soft feeling without the use of lotions. 🙂 I think your breakthrough is not very far around the corner. I notice a lot of July predictions are coming out around this forum, but I see June/July to especially well for you too (financially). On another note: How is your brother? How are you? You are still in my prayers.

    Chrissicat -- That's very interesting about how you say YOU are not ready for it yet. That's exactly how I felt about the Osho book. I was tryng to read it, and it was a lot to consume. I think the Mary Summer Rain books are easier for me to read because I feel like I can relate on different levels. A lot of what she speaks of, I can see myself in those shoes. I have just ordered 6 more of her books. I cannot wait until they arrive! 🙂

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