Sudden Onset of New Abilities? Things that run in families?

  • virgogirl out of 19 books I didn't find the spelling you gave. But I found in Love is in the Earth by Melody something about them. And in another of her books I only got picture of the different colors and nothing else. If you give me your e-mail address I will scan and copy it to my computer and send it to you.

  • Virgogirl! I actually saw some hermimprphite today and it was the first tiem I came across it and there was something neat about it.

    LibrasLair: Thanks----the only quartz I have actually gotten was this blue quartz for myself as I feel drawn to it and it is absolutely gorgeous---I was super careful not to get anything dyed myself. When I can I'll take a pic of these ones and send you -of course these are just blue but mixed blue/white/light greenish quartz-each stone/bead is slightly different than the next.

    I was asking about the crystal in general just for info since I knew you know that gem/rok stuff well, but I am looking stuff up online too. The other thing was I got a geod, (rock cut in half that has crystals inside it? Oddly enough it is blue crystals. I was wondering about them because when I realized I had this geod up on the shelf from my travels momentos, I noticed something strange with it, literally. I can feel heat or something off of it for quite some time after picking it up and noticed some other things. SO I was curious. I have had stomach problems for quite a long time, and I looked at it half jokingly and put it on my stomach lying there and said, "DO your magic" and went to watching tv. I wasn;t serious really, but something happened--I have had so many corrective surgeries on my abdomen and have a lot of adhesions and scar tissue as a result and this causes some problems with the small bowel literally getting partially restricted and painful with these adhesions , that sort of thing, well I don't know how long after I laid there with some rock right at the worst recurrent spot right there at above my belly button (lol) but either it was my imagination or coincidence or I got a cool geode crystal rock in the rough. I felt something flip (like a release of adhesions freeing up in that area as it does) and this has happened before, so I recognized what it was, and the got real nauseous but then it actually felt better about an hour later. It was probably coincidence, I mean what can some geode rock /crystals do, right? SO It hught, well maybe there's something to these rocks and gems. It wouldn't be so far fetched as our bodies are made up of minerals and elements too and so on that most these stones have elements of, right? Especailyl our bones, which I have the worst problems with having had osteoporosis since my 20s. Well what's bizarre is that I was drawn to this blue quartz when i first saw it, and then all this time I've had this geode and what color crystals are inside, this same blue crystal, but the geode inside actually the crystals are more clear and the layer between the clear crystals and the exterior part of the geode rock that's is in half so you can see the inside, looks more like what my quartz beads I got look like. Like they took it from the layer of a geode like what I have--a middle layer. Anyway I am sure that is all totally boring (lol) but so I am fiding this gem rock stuff really interesting after feeling like I had almost a gem/rock epiphany of sorts. LOL

    When I was growing up my first adoptive father was really into rocks and I wasn't as much, except for collecting them when out in nature and always picking them up to look for "quartz". In arizona, by all the copper mines, where as kids we frequently looked for fools gold or pyrite (especially looked for peacock pyrite! our favorite with all the colorful pyrite!), you can find a lot of quartz and my adoptive father always looked for and pointed out and collected what he called rose quartz. He was always picking up rocks and telling us what it was , but I guess I only picked up on a few only from our desert and forest rock hike lectures: white quartz, rose quartz, turqoise, fool's gold (pyrite), peacock rock--the most prized of all! Oh, some sandstone, as we found little fossils in that, etc. He loved rose quartz so much, in Arizona, where almost everybody doesn't have grass in the lawn but rock and gravel landscaped yards instead in the desert, what color do you think our yard rock gravel was? The pink granite/rock, literally. May sound weird now but at the time quite a few yards on the street actually had this same color granite rock-popular at time.

    But anyway, ......the geode rock/crystasl gives off a slight heat to it, more like reflects heat or something for a long time and can feel it an inch away from it . There is probabyl some sort of scientific explanation to it and the littel I read just now on quartz crystal is it is evidently used in computers and other technology as some kind of good energy conductor. Oh, and of coursr what just came on tv right now is a science show on Indiana Jones and the crystal skull--talking about some real skulls. How coincidental, right?

    Many blessings! ANd thank you gals!

  • Artbird I am glad you found the hermimorphite. But I don't have anything on that spelling at all. So I can't tell her anything. So you had a healing. Crystals come in different colors and the different colors are each healer for something. If you feel something from a stone it's because you need it. Here is what my book the Crystal Bible says about blue quartz. Assists in reaching out to other and assuages fear. Calming the mind, it aids in understanding your spiritual nature and inspires hope in healing.,it is beneficial for the organs in the upper body. Blue Quartz purifies the bloodstream and strengthen the immune system. If you go to Fire Mountain Gems they buy stone from all over the world so you will even see yellow tourmaline on their site. Yellow sapphires and other stones that you didn't realize came in different colors. Check out the jades even. But you really need the book. As much as you handle stones you will benefit more than you will realize.

  • Not unusual to feel heat, cold, tingling or shooting up your arm or fingers when holding a stone. It doesn't matter how large, tumbled or raw it will have the same amount of healing power. Find out from the book the healing powers of different stones.

  • Thanks Librasair for the info!

    I think it is supposed to be hemimorphite and not hermimorphite for the spelling. Gosh you got a lot books on the subject. Well I wasn't healed permanently but it did do something and I am not kidding. Interesting stuff.


  • I do cross reference not all books have the same stones and some with elaborate on them more. I have bought them over the last 6 yrs. And I have them for different things. Some are for healing, the zodiac and jewelry. You kind of get obsessed when you have people asking and you need to be able to help. When I am given a message of stones to take and give to someone I like to know why. I sometimes know cause I am learning why but others I have no idea. Until I am there. Keep using the stone and it will relieve your discomfort.

  • I know what you mean Libraslair I have got quite a few books on crystal healing as I did a two day course on it but the teacher taught me one thing and my books another, also some of the books disagree, especially about methods used to clean the stones, I have the Crystal Bible vol 1, and the bonewitz one, plus some gemmological ones that list the stones properties too and a huge folder of stuff I copied or downloaded from online sites, as a while ago everyone wanted Power Beads and I had to get the info for them to put with the beads, yet I was told by a woman working in one of our "New Age" shops that my instinct was the best guide, not books.....I don't know, I certainly wouldn't risk it with herbs I was once told use nettle as a supplement...I got mouth ulcers as I am allergic to it...LOL, not that I could laugh at the time it hurt

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • chrissicat I was putting together bracelets for a while a couple of years ago and I did just that, let my instincts or guides show me what to put together. I had a lady at a crystal shop say to me. This is an extremely strong bracelet. I told I knew it and thanked her. I can't remember exactly what I had put together but I think I had bloodstone and ruby zoisite and hematite. Or it may have had Malachite on it too. It was an intense bracelet. I have several books on herbs also and I can understand what your talking about. But you couldn't have known you would have a reaction to nettle. I took it too a year or so ago but I don't remember now what I was taking it for. But I want to be prepared for what ever if you understand what I am saying.

  • No, you're right. It is hemimorphite. I had come across an incorrect spelling earlier.

  • Hemimorphite is a pretty minty-sky blue stone/crystal almost resembling peruvian blue opal. It is associated with the sign of Libra and appears to be a wonderful healer, conteracting negativity with positivity.

  • Okay, I found something on this stone from the internet... unfortunately not in any of the books I have.

    Hemimorphite is a mineral, which can be used to decrease ‘self-centredness’ and to encourage the state of egoless-ness while facilitating the staying power of the self. It allows you to take responsibility for happiness or unhappiness, for crating your own personal reality, and for recognising and utilising the powers of self-concept. It can further enhance your self-esteem helping to maintain the honesty of your own relationship with reality. It is an excellent stone to assist in growing towards an egoless self-confidence and self-respect. It assists with relieving feelings of hostility and anger and smoothing emotional irritations. It also reinforces understanding of the origin of the aggravations so that future situations can be deterred. Hemimorphite is said to bring good luck, a discerning mind and a charming manner. It also provides symmetry between the physical plane and the other planes of existence (including emotional, intellectual, astral) allowing you to grow simultaneously on all planes. It also assists in self-transformation, personal evolution and maintaining or regaining health. It also emits an energy, which encourages you to develop inner strengths and resources, to live a joyous and creative life, and to contribute to the well-being of the social structure of all humanity. Hemimorphite can help you to understand and to utilise the powerful ancient techniques of healing. It is useful for treatment of disorders of the blood and cellular composition, soothes ulcers and reduces pain. It has also been used to provide support during dieting, body maintenance, shaping and agility.

    "a stone for an evolved sense of self. It improves self-confidence, self esteem, and self- respect, but discourages egocentric behavior. It helps one realize one's own role in creating a satisfying life. Hemimorphite calms negative reactions, and helps one to understand what provokes them in order to avoid them in the future. It can help in the process of transformation to evolve to your fullest ability. Hemimorphite helps treat diseases of the blood or the cells, and relieves pain and ulcers. It soothes away heat built up as a result of anger and the frustration of not accomplishing everything you think you need to accomplish, and encourages mental balance, paving the way for good judgment. It helps one face difficult situations more constructively and creatively." - Greenlee's Forest.

  • Chrissi I am so sorry you are allergic to Nettle. I use it in teas to help boost my immunity. I mex it with spearmint and stevia. Astragulus is a member of the pea family and can help boost your immune system. Mix it with other great flavored herbs for a healthy tea. I teach non credot courses at the community college about herbs. Anything you want to know, I can find out for you if it is not one I am teaching about.

    Libra's Lair I love the sound of your bracelet hon. Wow! I have stones here that need to be unpacked that correspond to the chakras. I want to use them in meditation.

    Virgogirl thank you for sharing about the hemimorphite. My husband is a Libra and could use it. I am not so versed in the stones but gain info when needed.

    Love & Light to all

  • HEMIMORPHITE [Astrological Sign of Libra]


    Hemimorphite crystallizes in the form of fan-shaped aggregates, masses, stalactites,

    thin tabular striated crystals, and botryoidal configurations. The colour range includes

    colourless, white, blue, green, and grey.

    This mineral can be used to decrease "self-centeredness" and to encourage the state

    of ego less-ness while facilitating the staying power of the self.

    It allows one to take responsibility for happiness or unhappiness, for creating ones

    personal reality, and for recognizing and utilizing the powers of self-concept.

    It can further enhance ones self-esteem when one maintains the honesty of ones

    relationship to reality. It is an excellent stone to assist one in growing toward an

    egoless self-confidence and self-respect.

    It provides for the manifestation of practicality and sensibility, relieving feelings of

    hostility and anger. It assists in smoothing emotional irritations and reinforces ones

    understanding of the origin of these provocations or aggravations such that one may

    easily deter future exposure to like-situations.

    It is said to bring one "luck", a discerning mind, and a charming manner; allowing

    one to actualize the beneficial character traits.

    Hemimorphite provides a symmetry between the physical plane and the other planes

    of existence [including emotional, intellectual, astral, etc.], allowing one to grow

    simultaneously on all planes.

    It assists one in self-transformation, personal evolution, and maintaining and/or

    regaining health.

    It helps one to recognize methods which will enable one to fully "know thyself' and

    to, subsequently, reach ones highest human potential; it also emits an energy to

  • encourage one to develop inner strengths and resources, to live a joyous and creative

    life, and to contribute to the well-being of the social structure of all of humanity.

    Hemimorphite can help one to understand and to utilize the powerful ancient

    techniques of healing. It was used in ancient times to ward-off poisoning and malice.

    It can be used in the treatment of disorders of the blood and cellular composition, to

    soothe ulcers, to reduce pain, and to act as an emetic. It has been used to treat

    genital dis-eases, including herpes. It can also be used to provide support for dieting,

    body maintenance and shaping, and agility.

    Vibrates to the number 4. This I found in Love Is In The Earth by Melody. And it comes in other colors according to the other book by her that is all pictures.

  • so do you think using instinct is bettter than using the books libraslair ?

  • Chrissicat that would depend. I think if your making something specific for someone. I usually have people pick their own bracelet. I tell them to see if there is something that they are drawn to and then I ask them to hold it and if they feel something I will give them my book to read about all of the stones. They usually look at me in dismay because it is right on with what is going on with them. I may tag them if I am leaving them at a store. That way if they see something that catches their eye they may have an idea what the stones are for. When I say instinct I just leave out that I am being told what to put together. I have no way of knowing who it is for. So the answer is yes. I learn all the time when I pick up a book why I have put certain stones together I just don't know who will want it. I am constantly amazed when I am told what stones to take when I am going to visit people. I have learned that if I am told to take rose quartz that someone in the house is a cancer. It is their mineral totem on the medicine wheel for their clan. You know that.

  • Hi friends,

    hmmm, Soapmaker, you managed to say just the right thing at the right time as to immune health and support by way of herbs. So, thank you very much. I'm struggling with fighting off viruses and still getting more hot flashes than I can cope with comfortably. I was nearly 53 when I had my hysterectomy, and not yet in menopause. I'll turn 54 on May 24th. My abdominal incision was eight inches long! Can't say I approve, personally of synthetic hormones etc. I take a bio-identical Progesterone by the late American doctor Dr John Lee, from his website, 1tsp, twice a day, which is vital to balance my hormones, plus the FemiNan and other vitamins of course.

    Amantim, the thing about sugar is quite right as you will discover if you try it. Sugar is such an unnatural addition to our diet (only the last 100 years or so) and it upsets our systems in so very many ways. Now, more than ever, it will be to your advantage to avoid additives, colourings and sugar. Try spelt instead of wheat products and flour. I'll even give you my closely guarded secret recipe for shortbread, if you must have something sweet. I went on a three week homeopathic detox to rid my system of oestrogens and felt better after that. I paint two drops of Lugol's Iodine on my arm every day to support my thyroid. Have you had your thyroid tested? I'm 83kg instead of 60 odd I should be, ever since developing Hashimoto's Thyroiditis about 9yrs ago. After a life time of being slender, it was a shock. Good eating and cooking from scratch, using many pulses, beans, fresh fruit and vegies all help to maximise my health.

    God, you're an invaluable lot of folk and good at blogging. Is that what you call it? Namaste all.

  • Sorry Amantim, I forgot to respond to your query about D3 drops. If you log on to you can access the most brilliant naturopathic/medical doctor and his twice weekly newsletters for free. Gosh, the things Joseph Mercola teaches us about are amazing. He is a famous author too. He says most of us are deficient in Vit D3 and that it is vital for us to supplement with it, especially for those of you living in very cold climates, in winter or if you have dark skin. I'm fair (0f Danish/Scottish extraction) and living in sunny Queensland, but I still seem to need D3 as my immune function if fairly compromised by asthma/allergies, hypo-thryroidism etc..

    Yes, I have a family full of strokes and heart attacks too, and my cholesterol is 6.5, rather than below 4; all a worry and I had a month of heart troubles from the surgery (tachycardia), but it seems that my heart is sound, having had lots of tests. Keeping a positive outlook and a spiritual perspective helps us all and a little regular exercise is good too.

    We are all thinking of you Amantim and sending you lots of love and healing. Namaste

  • Chenaya19 like soapmaker said she uses stevia for a sweetner. A lot of people here are starting to use this. It's made from cactus. And I never heard of anyone using iodine that way. I myself found out when I was in my teens that I was allergic to it in medicine. Yet I can use iodine salt. I am no longer having to be careful with it for surgery but I wouldn't take it orally in any meds anymore. Anyone who even lives in a sunny place could have low amounts of D. I know a few women who do and they are outside but not for 15 minutes a day like they say we need to be. I take flaxseed oil and or fishoil and of course garlic for my arteries to be happy.

  • Chenaya I am post menopausal too, it's not only sugar that sets off my hot flushes, I cant figure out why yet but if I drink Carlsberg beer that sets them off at night, really hot ones too, yet I seem to be able to drink other beers I am also from a family which has high cholesterol, heart attacks and stroke in both my maternal and paternal lines, one of my uncles even had a stroke when competing in a karate match, my cholesterol was 6.8 (UK) and they are threatening me with statins, I don't want to have anything to do with them so any suggestions would be welcome, as I apparently eat the right stuff to avoid it, my only treat is a beer every so often, and I mostly drink real ales to avoid the chemicals in lagers and some ciders


    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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